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This could be the most life changing decision you ever make

As humans we have an outstanding capacity for self-awareness and self-directed growth, though even the best of us feel like we’re fumbling in the dark sometimes. This is where I feel astrology plays a vital role. By mapping out the natural potential available to us in our birth charts and giving us an overview of the upcoming energies coming into our life we can use it to navigate life’s waters and work with the currents to become the best version of ourselves.

If you’re open to experience, trust in yourself and are willing to continue growing then I’d love to work with you. I offer a large selection of readings, from personality analysis’, to romantic compatibility and predictive readings. Also, don’t forget to check out my FREE meditative and reflective journaling exercises above, as these are a great place to start!

“Thank you and know that you’ve unlocked a huge pathway to my living my best life possible, and for that I’m forever grateful!”

Bernadette S.

Your Guide to Working with the Lunar Cycles

The lunation cycle teaches us that impermanence is a way of life. It is a cyclical opportunity for us to transcend aspects of the self and grow into our potential. It asks us to be humble, to admit that we are all flawed, to be honest with ourselves about the least pleasant aspects of our personalities and to believe in ourselves and in all that we could be.