Full Flower Moon in Scorpio May 2020

Flower Moon, a beautiful and highly appropriate name for the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This Full Moon focuses on removing obstacles to spiritual growth so that we can move forward and flower into our potential.

A new growth cycle started with the new moon on the 23rd April. Every new moon delivers a small seed of potential and this potential sits quietly at first, unconscious. Think of it as a little seed beneath the soil or a small flicker of light in the darkness. The first half of the lunation-cycle prepares us for the conscious manifestation of this potential which we will experience at the full moon a fortnight later.

Quick Recap – Taurus New Moon in April

A seed of desire to bring about controlled change was planted at the New Moon. We have been encouraged to acknowledge sources of tension in ourselves and in our lives. Planted in our subconscious was an impulse toward freedom, an urge to be free of constraint and attachment that limits our development.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Taurus New Moon, please refer to my article “Cautious Reform.”

What to expect from the Scorpio Full Flower Moon in May

Through the waxing period we have now fully embodied the New Moon, the themes are fully available to our conscious mind.

I know it’s hard but dig deep and let go, this full moon tells us. Many of you will feel a deep conviction and determination at this time, an inner courage to face sources of internal tension and release unnecessary attachments. Where in your life are you stagnating for fear of what change may bring? Are you walking around with a sack full of emotional baggage, living so much in the past that you barely dip a toe into the potential of your future?

This Full Moon brings the revelation that life could be so much more! It also urges you to look inwards because true change starts with an honest appraisal of the self and a willingness to overcome personal limitations. Only after you have done this will you bring about the desired changes in the external world.

The flower must grow into it’s potential before it can make the world a brighter place.

What do the other aspects bring to this Full Moon?

We have some beautiful supporting influences this Full Moon. A conjunction between the Sun and Mercury and a sextile to Neptune assist with the conscious processing of psychological information. It paves the way for open and non-judgemental conversations. You may find that at this time your defences come down and you’re able ‘open up’. A wonderful sensation of spiritual cleansing is available to you, to release a weight that has been holding you back.

What happens if we choose not to engage in this cycle?

If you are unwilling to engage in this process of growth then the Uranus conjunction present at the New Moon could bring some shocking changes to propel you forward. It is time to let go, clean the slate and build it again, stronger! Taurus is concerned with physical security and Scorpio with emotional resilience, but neither are interested in superficiality. If you, or aspects of your life aren’t strong enough to withstand the tides, then it’s time to make some improvements

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