Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘strawberry’ moon in Sagittarius, June 5th 2020.

Position: 15.33 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini

Aspects: Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini (orb 3 degrees) Sun/Moon square Neptune (orb 5 degrees) and Mars (orb 0 degrees) in Pisces

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the May-June lunar cycle

Balancing the drawbacks of a Gemini new moon

The Gemini new moon brought with it a sharp upsurge in momentum and a desire to learn and stay abreast of developments. This full moon is an opportunity to bring balance and context to this motivation.

It’s necessary to introduce a balancing factor through the full moon as the Gemini pace is not easily maintained. It would lead to excessive nervous tension and eventual mental fatigue. The single-minded drive to learn and manage external dynamics may also result in one feeling untethered from their sense of self. Sufficient opportunity is necessary in order to integrate the information we’ve garnered. Without this we would not identify with any of it personally, and our sense of an authentic self would suffer.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Gemini New Moon, please refer to my article Upsurge of Momentum

Sagittarius full ‘strawberry’ moon

A quote reading "let your intuition guide you. You are what you've been looking for."

This full moon is coloured by a desire for personal freedom, self expression and pleasure. We will feel the limitations of our daily lives acutely, even to the point of begrudging our routine and responsibilities. However, what we’re really searching for is meaning. We’re seeking to bring congruence to our sense of self and our place in the world. This ensures that we may live authentically and fully.

In order to do this there is a need to ‘know ourselves’. We must become centred and grounded through our philosophies, values and ethics. This permits us to enter into the societal maelstrom, represented by Gemini archetype, without being adversely affected by the fluctuating rhythms . We can become the eye of the storm so to speak, able to engage in learning without threat of losing oneself.

The ability to immerse oneself fully in life whilst maintaining inner integrity is evident in people who are fully centred in themselves. This ensures we transcend the need to constantly adapt in order to maintain a place within society. Rather we are able to make meaningful contribution. You could say that through this full moon we continue to evolve; we move from being the student who is eager to please, to the wise teacher.

The challenge of unification – mutable T-square

Full moon square Neptune and Mars in Pisces

People embracing illustrating human connection

A great deal of emphasis is placed on Mars this month. As the pinnacle of a mutable t-square we can understand this full moon as a struggle with adaptation. This configuration highlights the difficulties we feel on an individual level to harmonise with collective principles or incentives. This discord is made more prominent through the Mars-Venus square.

The realisation that we are governed by higher forces leaves the individual beset with the notion of their own personal limitations. An example of ‘higher forces may be the power of nature, the cosmic dynamics of astrology or the agenda of governments. This configuration therefore has the potential to render a feeling of powerlessness. Being separate is considered by Mars as synonymous with being free and this is now conceded as an illusion. We acknowledge that we must adapt to be strong in truth. This can bring disillusionment but also valuable insight. We are unable to achieve what we would like to alone. In fact our personal well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of others and our lives to the mechanism of society and nature.

Top Tip for this full Moon in Sagittarius

Get creative!

A quote reading creativity doesn't need limits

A mutable full moon that combines the elements of fire and air naturally brings with it the stimulation of creative impulses. Inspiration is high and ideas come rapidly. This is a wonderful time for artistic breakthroughs. Maintain an innovative approach and your efforts will generate reward. It may be difficult to ground your ideas at this time, so instead make the most of this energy to generating a bank of ideas.

The Sagittarius full moon and the natal chart

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically.

You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall. The house that the moon falls in will show where we need to establish greater freedom and meaning. This house inhabited by the sun shows where we are set to benefit from aligning our inner needs with our outward intent.

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Mars and Neptune are in too. This will indicate where in your life you may be struggling to release control and where you may now need to build strength through a process of adaptation.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

  • Think on how separateness is an illusion. How our actions have a ripple effect and how we must learn to live authentically in preformed cultures whose structures and rules we are governed by
  • Learn more about you! Make a list of your key beliefs, whether they be based in organised religion or you find yourself truly believing in life after death. How can take them one step further? Is there a book that explores this concept or a person who is open to discussing it with you?
  • Have fun and innovate. Generate ideas for projects or enjoy something just for the sake of it. Play!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively.

The new moon in Cancer on June 21st is arguably the most POWERFUL new moon of the year and one of the most SIGNIFICANT SOLAR ECLIPSES we’ve seen in a very long time!  I can’t wait to bring you all more information on this one. Pop your details below and I’ll let you know when it’s done:

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