Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, July 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘buck’ moon in Capricorn, July 5th 2020.

Position: 13.37 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer

Aspects: Sun sextile Uranus in Taurus, Moon trine Uranus (orb 3 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the June-July lunar cycle

Bringing balance to the Cancer new moon

With the Cancer full moon in June we were encouraged to draw our attention back towards the self and to tend to our personal needs and relationships. For many this came as a welcome respite following a frantic Gemini season. We entered the second half of June feeling like we’d been whipped around in a hurricane to a point where we could barely remember what it felt like to have solid ground beneath our feet. What a relief when the Cancer new moon helped to draw our awareness back from the matrix of information, people and events in the outside world. It felt like a strong arm had reached forward to shelter us from the wind only to ask ‘So how do you think you handled that?’ Thus commenced a season of introspection and self-development.

Cancer understands that it’s often not enough to just be a part of an immediate, societal or even global network. Instead we must dedicate time and effort to cultivating our connections with others and building meaningful relationships. In fact all new and full moons in water signs encourage us to look at the interconnectedness of reality and the personal role that we play.

The recent new moon’s square to Mars urged us to turn our attention towards sources of conflict, both within our psyche and as they manifest in our outer world (and let’s be honest there’s rarely a distinction to be made between the two!) What ways of being are we overly attached to that inhibit our progress?

We know that Mars doesn’t tread gently, in fact realisations that aren’t arrived at naturally will be sent our way in the form of hard truths and enforced awakenings, as I explained on my social media channels:

Capricorn full ‘Buck’ moon explained

The Cancer new moon encouraged us to reflect on our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and to consider our fractured relationships and how we might work to restore harmony. Capricorn, whilst appreciative of the efforts invested into building strong foundations, says enough! It’s time to put your introspective work to the test. Under this influence our strength of character and the extent of our efforts is both tested and rewarded. If you go through all of that discomfort in order to grow it’s now that you discover the benefits that your efforts have sown, like the beautiful new life that’s born following the ‘not so pleasant’ experience of labour.

In many ways I consider this one of the more karmic full moons. It reminds us that our actions have a ripple effect, and this is why we may experience past actions coming back to haunt, or reward us. In a similar vein we are encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves, to bear our cross so to speak, because what we do now will affect our future, without exception. We do not exist in disconnect but as active participants of a wider network of interrelated events and human connections. Everything we do has consequences.

Under this influence people feel compelled to develop their levels of competence, their ability to cope and manage in life so that they can better contribute to the wider collective. It is not unusual for people to be met with opportunities to take on increased responsibility during this time (work promotions or pregnancies for example. You may even be at the receiving end of a disclosure of some kind. In the same way you are being trusted with something important, and this is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re mature and strong enough shoulder matter at hand.)

Capricorn responsibility

As I just alluded to this full moon is about maturation, but also wisdom. Through Cancer we learn that we are stronger than we think, whilst through Capricorn we strive to utilise our strengths to the benefit of society. This is about steady progress, we progress by climbing one step at a time and you must be patient with yourself. Capricorn is always in it for the long haul. This is a humbling influence that reminds us that one must learn to walk before one can run.

In terms of contributing to wider society, with the rising conflict and overwhelming frustrations currently at play, you might ask ‘How might I meaningfully contribute to bringing some semblance of peace to the world?’ In response the Capricorn full moon states, if not a little sternly for that is Capricorn’s way, ‘If you can’t first resolve the conflict between yourself and your own family… or friends, or colleagues, then you are not yet strong enough to contribute in the meaningful way that you would like to.’ In effect, if you resolve conflict in yourself then through raising your own vibration you will automatically raise the vibration of those around you.

To reiterate learn to walk before you can run, it’s all about timing. From there you can endeavour to bring about supportive conditions (Cancer) to foster societal growth and reformation (Capricorn).

A Helping Hand from Uranus

How wonderful to see some Uranus energy factor into this full moon. It seems like an age since the master of innovation and freedom lent us his hand. If we can summarise this full moon as a need to transcend outworn conditions, to reform ourselves and the structures in our lives into something that serves us now and into the future – then Uranus helps us in two ways.

It grants us perspective and helps us to identify a better path, a better version of ourselves that we want to aspire to, and conditions that we may want to bring about in support of our growth as well as that of others. Secondly, it lessens our desire to cling to personal traits and things that we have formed attachments to. This energy lets us know what we are enough in and of ourselves and so letting go of certain things will in no way diminish our integrity. If we are to work hard then we will do so filled with inspiration and a dream of bringing about better conditions.

The Capricorn full moon in the natal chart

Capricorn strength

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically. You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall.

The house that the moon falls in will show where you are being encouraged to take on greater responsibility, you’re being sent a reassuring nudge in a certain direction, you’re ready. Through discipline and concerted effort you can make great progress in this domain at this time – but be prepared to work for it.

The house inhabited by the sun shows where you are set to benefit and grow from aligning your inner needs with your outward intent. This house shows where you may experience the commencement of new cycles, and likewise endings and culminations of old ways of being. You may well receive recognition and success in this domain too, these are the gifts that come from the hard work you’ve been doing.

For example, if this full moon occupies the 1st-7th axis, with the sun falling in the 1st and the moon in the 7th, then through accepting responsibility for ourselves and the part we play in relationship dynamics we will establish more supportive networks. This will in turn feed our self-esteem and we will thus naturally become a more outwardly confident and secure in our expression, a new you!

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Uranus is in. It is likely that you’ve felt a degree of upheaval in this domain in recent months. For some this may have been an area of heightened stimulation and excitement, whilst others may have experienced this as the source of upheaval and sharp truths. The truth is it was (and still is) necessary for you to make changes in this area. This full moon is bringing some wonderfully supportive energy your way to help you progress with these matters so that you may transcend and grow in this area.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

Image: Let your intuition guide you- you are what you've been looking for
  • I don’t often say this but look to the past. Reflect honestly on how past behaviours and actions are now manifesting in the present and ask yourself honestly ‘In what way am I responsible for the way things are panning out?’ Taking responsibility is a big part reaping the benefits of the Capricorn influence and will reveal the path that you need to take to make progress.
  • Are you content with your lot? In what way could things be better? – write it down, draw it in pictures – make your vision concrete in some way. Then, go on to outline a first few steps you could take to move towards towards your goals.
  • Capricorn is about valuing your time. Are you currently putting your energy into people and projects that pay reward with a sense of personal fulfilment? If yes, then now is the time to give it your all! If no, then I encourage you to continue to direct your awareness inwards. If your able to inwardly structure what you value then the outward expression of meaning will naturally follow.
  • Use the inspiration that this full moon brings to drive your projects forward. Do you have an idea? Now is a great time to plan on how to implement it – bring it down to earth and make it real!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively. Join me on social media for more or pop your details below and I’ll send you links to future lunar articles via my newsletter.

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    All Zodiac signs feel the full Moon in their way.

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