Harvest Full Moon in Aries, October 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘harvest’ moon in Aries, October 1st 2020.

Position: 9 degrees of Aries/Libra

Aspects: Moon conjunct Chiron (orb 2 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

Finding the best route forward

A full moon in a cardinal sign really can tear the covers off us and give us a firm kick out of bed and out the front door. This full moon has a wonderful propelling energy, but it is encouraging us to act from a place of consideration and forethought. So wipe those bleary eyes, gather your thoughts and be ready for action.

Both Libra and Aries toy with extremes, whilst the Aries energy is impulsive and passionate, Libra seeks to experience polarities and in doing so discern the optimal balance and the ideal solution. So, if you find yourself in the grips of strong desires, embrace the Libran energy that will lend you objectivity and perspective. Know that it is important to feel these emotions as they present themselves naturally to you, but acknowledge that they may need to be tempered by rational thought if you are to make the most of them.

Alternatively, if you’re the type of person who is more considerate and who, when presented with a choice, is often wracked with indecision and paralysed by doubt, then this full moon will bring conviction and courage. There’s such a lot of potential for productive action at this time! Remember to look to the houses that are highlighted in your chart to see what area of your life will take to centre stage.

Work with this full moon and you will come out the other side with a much broader and balanced perspective which in turn will give you the fortitude and courage to persevere. Take this opportunity to adjust your approach in a given field or sphere of life, tweak your trajectory so that you’re heading in the optimal direction to meet your goals.

Creatives pay attention, this a a wonderful full moon for experimentation and progression with creative projects. Use this energy well and you’ll have the ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to boot!

Relationships – things are getting hot!

Wow, in the relationship field passions and attractions will be high, perhaps you’ve been thinking about moving forward with somebody for a while, and now with an injection of Aries energy it is finally time to make your move. You may even find yourself spontaneously attracted to someone, in this situation I urge you to consider what it is you want from to gain from this situation, and are you going about it the best way? Cross-wires are possible and arguments may well ensue; this may be with partners, friends or colleagues. Don’t fret, just find your inner peace, take a deep breath and act from a place of firm principle but consideration for others. This is all about tempering emotions, it may be that your role (especially if Aries falls on your 7th house cusp) is too support others in finding their own path, so be mindful of how you can support others through this phase.

Chiron conjunct the moon – turbo growth

A quick note on Chiron in Aries conjunct the moon. We all know Chiron can be painful and when it’s around we’re prone to feeling a little sensitive and vulnerable but if you’re interested in truly capitalising on your self development then you should always look to Chiron as your ally.

When Chiron is involved with a new moon it’s like having a turbo-boost on your evolutionary journey. You may find your insecurities triggered but if you recognise them for what they are and endeavor to understand their root then you can begin to take control. Under this full moon Chiron can help us to move towards a state where our insecurities no longer have such tremendous power over us.

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  1. Lindsay Hodder Reply

    Oh no! Full moon on my Chiron AND aspecting Chiron. What’s that House of Pain song? Here’s hoping I have my first helping guru moment instead.
    Great article. Very clear and forward thinking .
    Thank you. X

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