The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – 10 Top Tips

Growth often isn’t always easy, but one thing’s for sure, it is always necessary. Whether you embrace the opportunity to work hard to improve yourself or whether you wriggle in discomfort as life nudges you out of your comfort zone, my 10 top tips will help you to make the most of The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st.

1. Don’t sell yourself short

This transit is all about recognising limitations and finding the will to overcome them. When Jupiter meets Saturn we realise that time is short, all of a sudden our excuses don’t fly anymore and through a sense of our own suppressed potential we begin to muster the courage to take action! It’s common to feel a level of frustration under this influence and a sense of not being sufficiently recognised or appreciated. These unfavorable sensations inspire us to bring about necessary and often overdue change, in doing so we pave the way towards attaining greater levels of freedom and success.

2. Be willing to work for what you want

Willpower will be strong under this conjunction but this energy isn’t reckless, (Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius after all, which in turn rules over the higher mind) so this transit is about consciously directing the will and reigning in the urge towards impulsiveness. When used constructively alongside the Saturn energy we see growth through productivity, the physical realisation of ideas and the enthusiastic execution of best-laid plans.

3. Lay claim to the new you

It could be time to close the book on the old you. Under this conjunction we are encouraged to take our rightful place, just as Zeus (Jupiter) overthrew his father Kronos (Saturn) and claimed the throne on Mount Olympus. This signifies a significant turning point that demands a shift in power or status, it can often feel like destiny is intervening. For example, a promotion might demand you take on greater responsibility in work, a marriage or birth might bring about a change in status or even the sad death of loved one could cause you stand as the new head of the household.

4. Listen out for your calling

When these planets come together they produce a sense of ‘fated events’ or of ‘getting our just deserts’. It is not unusual for people to find their calling under this influence, to be confronted with something that is both inspirational and which one is prepared to work hard for. At this time we reap the benefits of the work we’ve put in over recent years and set goals for the future. The karmic cycle continues to turn as we feel propelled forward on our path.

5. Wait for the opportune moment

Jupiter conjunct Saturn is all about waiting for the opportune moment to make your move. When the planet of luck and the planet ruling over time come together in Aquarius we’re encouraged to gain a greater perspective and use our sharp intellect in order to achieve our goals. Just as a bird of prey tracks a rodent from a height, so must you watch and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

6. Break out of your comfort zone

Don’t be surprised if the limitations you place on yourself, and that others place upon you, begin to chaff. As the son took the place of the father so must you dethrone the old you and lay claim to the you that you want to be. Be ready to seize the opportunity to move forward and fulfil your potential. Events may arise whereby your skills and abilities are put to the test and you are encouraged to stretch forward out of your comfort zone. It’s at these times that we surprise ourselves and realise that we’re capable of achieving so much more than we thought.

7. Don’t be afraid of conflict

Conflicts of egos and challenges to authority are common under this conjunction. There is a sense of no longer being at ease with your current situation, like young stags people may well feel an eagerness to put their abilities to the test and to stake their skills against others’. This urge to develop ourselves makes us more likely to enter into conflict if we consider it as a necessary means to overcoming limitations and inducing growth. If somebody says ‘you can’t do that,’ then the Saturn/Jupiter retort is ‘wanna bet’.

8. Avoid setting yourself up for a fall

Our sense of self and our faith in our own abilities often need a boost but Jupiter can inflate matters so much and we may aim so high that we are ultimately setting ourselves up for a fall. Many of us are capable of much more than we think but Saturn can inject a healthy realism. After all, we’re unlikely to enter a medical examination with no prior knowledge and achieve top marks. This transit isn’t about purely wishful thinking or blind faith. It’s about bringing our dreams down to earth and honing them so that we can make them a reality. This is not about a quick fix, this is being willing to put in the work, gruelling hours if necessary, in order to reach your goals.

9. Stop trying to control everything

If throughout the last cycle you have exercised excessive levels of control in your life and over others, you may well feel a sense of impending disaster. This is why this transit can invoke feelings of paranoia and fear. If you have not treated others with respect and kindness then you may begin to feel the first drips of push-back arising. This is felt when people are trying to sustain a way of being that is restricting their growth and that of others. In stories we see this scenario portrayed as the tyrant who is inevitably overthrown by those he has been oppressing. Jupiter and Saturn lend a karmic tone to events and proceedings are considered in terms of being just or unjust.

10. Be brave

Of course many of us may hear the call of Jupiter/Saturn but not all of us will have the courage to pursue it. In this case I encourage you to take small steps towards your larger goals, something manageable and less daunting. If we forever ignore the call to outgrow our limitations not only do we stagnate but our outlook can become bitter and we can even come to begrudge other people’s joy and progress

Remember, we grow through discomfort, struggle often precedes success and responsibility can be synonymous with joy. Work with this transit and trust you’ll be moving towards greater heights.

3 thoughts on “The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – 10 Top Tips

  1. Huluppu Reply

    I loved this. The presentation is great in bullet points. It makes it hit home and easy to remember. Thank you! I’m off to get my life rolling.

    1. Carrie Anne Reply

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it and I enjoyed experimenting with the bullet point format, thought it would be good for people who may not have much time. Happy Great Conjunction!

  2. Judith Reply

    I’m so grateful for this article. Year 2020 was one big crumbling tower moment. Planning and manifesting to build a stronger tower this 2021. Especially that this energy is on our side. 🥰❤️🙏

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