Capricorn New Moon, January 2021 Darkness before the Dawn

Welcome to this astrological insight for the new moon in Capricorn, January 13th 2021.

Position: 23.13 degrees of Capricorn

Aspects: Conjunct Pluto

Are you ready for what is likely to be the most action packed time in 2021?

Pressure is building at this new moon, and with the added dose of Aquarius/Uranus energy, many will feel a sense of foreboding, anticipation or even excitement. If you listen carefully you can hear the creaks of old foundations as they begin to give way. When Pluto is conjunct a new moon we must all work to master our emotions so that we are no longer ruled by them. When the will has mastery over our emotions we can use them to propel us forward. On the contrary, if they possess us then they will always pull us backwards. If you find yourself in navigating through dark times then remember that your personal dawn is just around the corner.

Forward motion and change are the only constants and circumstances will bring an end to that which no longer serves a purpose in our evolutionary growth. Try and let go of rigid thought patterns and cultivate hope for this turning point and the direction it’s taking you in. Future realisations are now trying to take root and we must make room by letting go of obsolete and detrimental factors in our lives. Set positive intentions and stretch your hand out to meet them.

Pluto serves to expose dishonest motives or flawed logic. Therefore any structures built on such flawed principles will begin to disintegrate. It may be a business, a relationship or even a mindset, but if it’s necessary to dismantle it in order to build it stronger then Pluto in Capricorn will see it done. In this sense try and see passed any losses to the opportunities that are becoming available as a result. Look forward to new practical beginnings that are more likely to draw meaning and genuine prosperity towards you.

There is no half way measures with this new moon and without exercising sufficient constraint many may succumb to emotional outbursts, fits of temper and rash actions. This is going to be even more pronounced with Mars’ square to Jupiter and tightening conjunction to Uranus. When Pluto comes to play there’s no hiding our true colours. People will be fuelled primarily by their instincts and heated feelings will take to the driver’s seat. Use the new energy available through Mars in Taurus, find practical outlets for your emotions instead of giving way to restlessness and mood-swings.

We may experience what seems like a night of storms but just around the corner is a new dawn. Fix your eyes on the future and leap confidently into the the unknown of tomorrow. But beware, fixate solely on the past and you risk being buried beneath yesterday’s rubble.

Don’t forget to…

The energy at this new moon is intense, people may well see things in extremes, black and white, future or past, life and death. Temperance is going to be our greatest ally in the coming days. If you can use it in your own life and have some to spare please reach out to others. Many may be finding it difficult to manage difficult situations and strong emotions this month. Let’s all keep an eye out for those struggling with mental health issues too, as this time may be quite triggering.

If you find yourself struggling you may be able to find some good sources of support here.

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2 thoughts on “Capricorn New Moon, January 2021 Darkness before the Dawn

  1. Lindsay Hodder Reply

    The energy certainly does feel intense at the moment. Personally and in a global scale. I’m certain it’s just shaking things up to see how they fall. Everything is a little to stale to move forward without it.
    Thank you. Very insightful article.

    1. Carrie Anne Reply

      Thanks for reading and I agree, sometimes we needs these big shifts to get us moving in the right direction. What a kick start to 2021!

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