Mars Transits Taurus – Disciple of Discipline

Welcome! Join us for a conversation around the current transit of Mars through the sign of Taurus.

Is this really the energy of the bull in the china shop?

Don’t worry, we’ll touch upon what this means for you as well as some of the key things that you need to be aware of so that you don’t send the china crashing! Now let’s get started, first question…

What does Mars in Taurus mean on a really basic level?

Mars’ transit through Taurus has some incredible lessons to teach us. It helps us learn how to temper our passions. We begin to realise that hot headedness and overtly emotional reactions don’t always get us what we want, or to where we want to go. Instead we begin to view our energy as a limited resource and we become more conscious of where we channel our energy in light of what is most likely to deliver real results.

Mars in Taurus control your primal self.

You see, It’s concerned with the practical application of personal energy/power. It helps us to learn the benefits of self discipline and self-directed action. At its core our natures are wild and powerful, an incredible resource of personal energy and creativity. With Mars in Taurus we try to put reigns on our will and direct our potential in a meaningful way. This combination always makes me think of the Chariot in the Tarot deck.

I get the feeling that if used positively a lot can be achieved during this time?

Absolutely! This combination manifests the drive within us to be our own masters. It tells that if we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions then we can gain results that aren’t arbitrary (let’s see where the cards fall) but of real value not just to us but our friends, family and society.

But, what if I’m pretty laid back and this all sound like a lot of hard work?

Haha! This is exactly why we have transits. Transit allow us to experience energies that may not be easily expressed through the natal chart. So at this time, dependent on where it falls in your chart, you will have an increased appreciation of discipline and hard work. You may see something that you really want and Mars’ transit through Taurus says ‘Yes! You can have this thing you’re dreaming of but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort.’ Mars through Aries birthed much inspiration, now in Taurus it asks you to make a commitment, to accept delayed gratification and begin moving towards our long term goals. If you want it enough, then being laid-back won’t get in your way.

Mars in Taurus - Start working towards long term goals

Ok, so honestly now, what are the drawbacks likely to be?

What you need to understand about Taurus is that it’s so grounded, with individuals it’s as if roots run through their feet tethering them to the earth itself! It takes a lot to rattle or unnerve a Taurus. They are steadfast yet stubborn, whilst being both loyal and dedicated. So on one hand we’re encouraged to take our time and be patient with Mars in this sign, but this approach doesn’t always sit well with the impatient and impulsive nature of Mars. In many ways they contradict each other. As such, friction can result. Our lust for life and creative flow can feel stifled at times, whilst we may struggle with feeling rushed, flustered and slightly out of control at others.

Sounds a lot more nuanced than Mars’ transit through Aries

Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that’s true. Mars, God of War, in Taurus manifests itself in a different manner than when it transited Aries. Activism and unbridled passion give way to a more strategic approach. Mars in Taurus is territorial and incredibly defensive and will respond physically if threatened. Also, with Taurus being the second sign of the zodiac it gives ground to ‘the other’. So we have to be mindful that at it’s lower polarity this combination can breed an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality, which may lead to tribalism and conflict.

Taurus can be rather tribal and concerned with ownership of territory

Sounds concerning, anything else that we should be mindful of?

Taurus in Mars is more than able to play the long game, and is resolute in pursuit of long term goals. You see, at this time we are capable of overcoming many obstacles through the force of our own will but when we begin thinking in terms of ‘the ends justifying the means’ it’s easy to see how this combination can be viewed as inconsiderate, if not ruthless in more extreme cases.

One other thing I will say is that Mars in Taurus is capable of withstanding pressure like no other combination. Under this energy people’s natural disposition is to cling devoutly to their principles, beliefs and even possessions. They are like a rock that will not be moved and are capable of weathering incredible opposition.

Taurus can be stubborn

I see where you’re going with this. What if people are clinging to flawed principles, or are clinging to the material at the expense of the spiritual?

Yep you got it, this will undoubtedly lead to impaired growth and actions based on flawed logic. People may become obstinate, unwilling to take advice and break ties with anybody who differs in their approach. If this spirals out of control it can lead to people being overtly controlling, if not out-right tyrannical.

What should we see this tendency in others or feel it arising in ourselves?

Take responsibility. Conflict resolution if difficult under this energy there’s no denying that, but we must all try our best to encourage dialogue and to be considerate towards other people’s perspectives. Seek the nuance in situations and steer clear of absolutist judgements against others.

And to finish on a positive?

I’d say that whatever it is that you want to achieve, this energy really can help you make major strides in that direction. You know it’s not all serious either, just play, put your ideas to the test. If they don’t take root or stand the test then learn from it and move on. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger right? I really think the realisation that we have mastery over ourselves is huge and the potential underlying this realisation is incredibly empowering.

And to anybody who want to learn more?

I think the key to understanding how Mars’ transit through Taurus is likely to function is to read generally around the two archetypal energies at play. I cover them in the following two articles:

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Thanks for reading everyone!

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