Mars Conjunct Uranus – A Bolt from the Blue

Mars conjunct Uranus becomes exact on Wednesday 20th January 2021. Whilst Uranus is associated with the crown chakra and the intellect, Mars is associated with our root chakra, and the more primal aspect of our natures. In many ways these energies really do exist at two very different ends of the spectrum and neither is better nor worse than the other.

Striking a balance

If we swing too far towards cerebral Uranus we may become aloof, disconnected, and somewhat neurotic. Though, if we swing too far towards the fire of Mars we may become too reactive fueled entirely by our instincts. Nobody exists entirely at one end or the other, nobody’s birth chart is that simple. It is our mission to unite the two and live from our heart chakra, balancing the two energies within ourselves.

Mars conjunct Uranus

I want you to Imagine this transit as bolt of lightning, it’s sudden, sharp and bright. I really like this analogy because it describes a shock, an unforeseen event. Though through the generation of light it also implies knowledge and truth. This transit it a sudden realisation, an awakening or epiphany. It can both beautiful and destructive.

Also, the way it manifests in people’s lives can differ tremendously. It can be a creative breakthrough or it could be a walking in on your partner having an affair. It’s hard to imagine how one transit could differ so widely! By its nature it is extreme, but in both instances the archetypal symbolism is the same.

Two sides of the same coin

Ok, let me explain what i mean by that. Say you’re an artist and you’ve been pushing and pushing, trying to get your ideas to come together but at each and every attempt you were just come up against a brick wall. Something isn’t quite right, a piece of the puzzle is missing, there is something you just aren’t seeing. and then ‘Ta-da!’, under this transit it all becomes clear. As if from nowhere you just get it, a bolt from the blue. You know exactly what you have to do and you’re excited, you can barely sit down and are eager to get to work.

This transit really does lend itself to breakthroughs and innovation, it’s brilliant for anyone wanting to progress projects. Though be prepared to let ideas go if at their core they’re not the right ones. Mars conjunct Uranus is like a damn sniffer dog, it can smell weakness a mile off and is prepared to knock the towers of cards down over and over again until you finally realise that it’s a better idea to build one out of bricks.

Mars conjunct Uranus lightning and fire

Anyway on that note lets look at the affair. Perhaps there’s been issues for a while but neither party has wanted to address them. The foundations are wobbly but it’s been easier to pretend that everything’s just fine. Evolutionary wise this isn’t helping either person, both are existing in a state of deception. Then this transit comes and ‘Ta-da!’, it’s ‘Wake up, this isn’t working!’ This is a revelation of a different kind, but again is a bolt from the blue to get you back on track.

Like the artist the couple are fired up and can barely sit down, though this is more anxiety than excitement.  Can you see how in both instances all the body experiences is adrenaline, the physical response is not so different. This aspect is also largely associated with risk, many people may seem braver at this time and willing to take a chance in life.

jump risk

Potential of humankind

Mars is a spring of energy. It’s raw human potential, and this aspect is encouraging us to raise this energy and manifest it consciously. This can be done through projects, sports, meaningful sexual relations and creativity. However, if you’ve been blocking this channel, repressing emotions or urges then this transit will pull the plug. Holding down anger or resentment? Then circumstances may well provoke a sudden and disruptive release. Be mindful of flash tempers at this time, and try not to lash out either physically or verbally. You see there’s a strong chance that people may do something that they will later regret because the nature of this transit is explosive and does not care for moderation .’

I want to make one thing crystal clear…

I want to make one thing crystal clear, Mars conjunct Uranus isn’t purposeless or malicious, however it manifests in your life it does so with meaning. A lot of things that get us to where we need to go and that help us to become the best that we can be, hurt a little bit. If events at this time make you feel uncomfortable perhaps it’s because you’re not where you’re meant to be. It might be time for you to move on, or move forward, in some aspect of your life.

If this is turning out to be a difficult transit for you ask yourself this: Would you rather the discomfort be dragged out over months or would you rather condense it and just get it out of the way with? Either way the purpose is to get you to a better place, this is just the fast train!

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