Jupiter transits Pisces, May 2021 – The Spiritual Classroom

When Jupiter enters Pisces in May 2021 we step into the spiritual classroom and are asked politely to leave our ego at the door. Don’t expect to walk out of this one the same person as you went in. When Jupiter enters Pisces on 14th May 2021 we’re all presented with an opportunity for growth on the highest level.

If we accept that we don’t know everything and remain open to learning, then this can be quite the adventure! This isn’t about keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground, this is about testing our beliefs and philosophies. In many ways it’s an opportunity to turn our worlds upside down to see what can withstand the flux. This combination is associated with altered mental states and creative flow, as it encourages us to be adaptable, to let in new ideas and be open to new possibilities of being.

Stick around to the end and I’ll give you 10 examples of how this might manifest in your life.

Enter the Spiritual Classroom.

When Jupiter is in Pisces events occur in our life that prompt a shift in perspective. Confronted by learning opportunities we’re encouraged to adopt a more spiritual and less materialistic lifestyle. These learning opportunities differ in how they manifest for each of us depending on how much of a wake-up call we need to get us on the right path.

As mutable signs/planets they bring the notion of connectivity and interrelation to the fore. Phrases like “It’s not my problem” no longer wash as we’re forced to consider our small role in contribution to the larger whole – humanity.

“What you mean I’m not the centre of the world?”

True, this can hit our ego pretty hard and Jupiter in Pisces can be humbling to say they least. However, by acknowledging this connection we also accept our ability to affect the bigger picture. This can be pretty empowering too! When Jupiter is in Pisces we acknowledge the impact of our actions, and the affect that they have on others. In this sense we become aware of our capacity to sow love and hate, positivity or negativity – Jupiter in particular asks us to be discerning and make good choices.

Meet your Spiritual Judge

Don’t forget Jupiter rules over the justice system for a reason, when Jupiter is in Pisces we meet our spiritual judge, aka our conscience or moral compass. Not daunting at all! Our soul pays the price for our actions, what we do in the outer world impacts directly on our inner world. Remember the story of Dorian Gray?

This also plays out on the larger stays and as governments, education and justice systems and considered in terms of their service to humanity.

10 Examples of how this transit could manifest for you:

  1. When confronted with another’s suffering you consider how you might ease it through selfless action.
  2. You meet a person whose philosophies differ considerably from your own, they open your eyes to different possibilities.
  3. You have a great job, lovely home and want for nothing – but life feels empty. You begin searching within for an answer.
  4. You commence a new art project, you lose track of time as you explore creative ideas and experiment with new techniques.
  5. You experience an altered mental state, reality is not what it seems.
  6. You fall in love or have a child and suddenly find yourself wanting more than anything to make another happy, putting them before yourself.
  7. You don’t want to accept a situation, it can’t be true! Acceptance and letting go of control can sometimes be the best option. Learn to surrender to the lessons that come your way.
  8. You did something and now you feel awful about it. Listen to your conscience and let it inform how you act in the future.
  9. You acknowledge that you have free time and decide to volunteer for a local charity. Every little bit helps!
  10. You begin to question whether the powers that be are really serving the people, and where society itself still has room to grow.

The houses ruled by Pisces and Sagittarius will give a large indication of how this will manifest in your life, but at least now you know what themes to look out for!

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