Full ‘Cold’ Moon in Gemini, 19th December 2021

Welcome to this astrological insight for the full moon in Gemini, December 19th 2021, also known as the ‘Cold Moon’.

Position: 27.29 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius

Aspects: Trine/Sextile Jupiter (orb 0.42′)

Intentions that were planted around the time of the new moon earlier in the month are now coming to fruition. This may come in the form of a realisation, a rude awakening or even as a decision that needs to be made. At the time of a full moon people tend to find themselves torn in two directions as if they’re presented with two versions of themselves, the them that they were and the them that could be if they continue to work with the lunar cycle, and follow it through to it’s natural conclusion.

This buoyant full moon is both spirited and mischievous, and whilst it brings some deep learning opportunities it’s also a wonderful placement for bringing people together where they may derive pleasure from shared conversation and being in the company of others. It’s suggestive of good fortune and positive news, and an opening or surge in momentum signified by houses in which it falls.

Find your superpower and become the eye of the storm

A Gemini Full Moon is an opportunity to ask questions, to dig a little deeper and get to know the ‘real us’. By doing so we learn to anchor ourselves, not in a material sense, but through our philosophies, values and ethics. This enables us to discover what it is that we stand for, what we find true meaning in and how we may best invest our energy moving forward. The essence of a Gemini Full Moon is that of taking another step in the journey from student to teacher. If we work with it then we come out the other end a little wiser, a little more secure and with even more to offer others.

A person that masters this energy exudes a magnetic self confidence and truly does become the eye of the storm, able to withstand the chaos that life and other people often bring, without having it overtly affect their wellbeing. They also organise their time is such a way that brings them genuine pleasure, knowing what it is that they need to be contented and in turn sharing that joy with others.

Your guide to working with full moons

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