Mars Square Chiron Transit and Natal Aspect

The Wounded Warrior

Are you ready to open yourself up to this planetary energy and let them guide you towards your highest potential?

If so, I will support you in actively engaging with the energy of Mars square Chiron, whether you have this configuration in your birth chart or are experiencing it by transit. Through employing meditative and reflective journaling techniques we can begin to connect with this energy and use it to align our mindsets towards psychological growth and spiritual wellbeing.

Mars square Chiron – what this energy stimulates in our psyche.

Birth Chart

When Mars is square Chiron, the Wounded Healer is in a state of tension with the God of War. As such it raises issues around one’s ability to assert themselves and go after what they want in life. People with this aspect natally often struggle with self-confidence and prefer to keep a very low profile rather than risk discomfort or failure. There’s a feeling of ‘life happening to them’ rather then them taking charge of their destiny. A victim mentality is at risk of developing if one doesn’t learn to express their assertive energy positively. The challenge with Mars square Chiron in the birth chart lies in learning to act in your own best interests, even if it risks a degree of confrontation. Believe in yourself and understand that you want and what you have to say is both valid and valuable.

Mars square Chiron Transits

Mars square Chiron experienced by transit primes us to work through insecurities and fears that have been holding us back in our life. The location of Chiron in our charts indicates where we are prone to feelings of hesitation, doubt and anxiety. These can paralyses us and blocks our progress if we don’t work through them. Consider where in your life you feel ineffective or unfulfilled, or where you’re not able to express your desires openly, this is where you need to focus at this time. This dynamic transit will help us to find resolutions to our internal struggles and turn vulnerabilities into strengths. We all have an Achilles Heel that needs addressing and now is a good time to begin working with yours.

Mars square Chiron also speaks of pain and tension that we hold in our physical bodies. Yogic practice, dynamic stretching or massage are a wonderful wat of using movement as a form of release and relaxation.

Mars square Chiron Journaling Exercise

Technique: Reflection Journaling

Consider: In what area of life you experience the greatest feelings of insecurity and how do they manifest?

Task: Reflect on your internal dialogue, some of the phrases that flicker through your mind, even if it’s only momentary or sounds absolutely mad – be honest. Now, go deeper. Read the phrase again and consider how this mindset affects you and your decision making. Perhaps there’s a sub-narrative here.

An example to get you started:

I feel the greatest levels of insecurity in romantic relationships, I recently found myself thinking “If I lose weight and take up cycling then he will fancy me”

On reflection this thought process was reaffirming the idea that I need to be something or somebody else in order to be loved. It’s telling me that I am unlovable as I am and that I need to be more. I can see how my self-worth is tied up with receiving approval from others.


Find a moment where you can be quiet and present. Focus on calming your nervous system. Release any tension in your muscles, and let your thoughts come and go as you slow your breathing. Consider the area of your life where you feel vulnerable and insecure and repeat the following mantra:

I am stronger than I think. I am braver than I think. I am ready to begin moving past my insecurities.

Mars square chiron daily mantra


As I finish up my articles I like to close by drawing a tarot card. By reinforcing the message, or providing another perspective, tarot is a wonderful way to expand even further.

VII The Chariot

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I overturned this card for Mars Square Chiron. To me this speaks of all that can be achieved by working through our fears and insecurities and learning to assert ourselves in a healthy and compassionate manner.

The Emperor in this card is being pulled along by two sphinxes, but notice that he holds no reigns. He is directing the chariot purely through the concentrated power of his will. To me this speaks of a healthy, unafflicted Mars that has so much drive, ambition and passion that it wills it’s way to victory. A Mars in difficult aspect to Chiron is weakened, it’s doubtful and doesn’t have the confidence or conviction to really put it’s stamp on the world.

This card is asking us to step up and master ourselves. It speaks of all the successes that will come our way if we’re able to work through our fears and align our energies wholeheartedly towards our goals. There is the potential for great progress today.

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