Pluto Trine North Node Transit and Natal Aspect


Are you ready to open yourself up to the planetary energies for the day and to let them guide you towards your highest potential?

If so, I will support you in actively engaging with the energy of Pluto trine North Node, whether you have this configuration in your birth chart or are experiencing it by transit. Through employing meditative and reflective journaling techniques we can begin to connect with this energy and use it to align our mindsets towards psychological growth and spiritual wellbeing.

Pluto trine North Node – what this energy stimulates in our psyche.

The engines of change are revving up my friends. Pluto, representative of our deepest desires and capacity for personal transformation is forming a harmonious aspect to the North Node in Taurus. Whenever the north node is involved in a configuration we can be sure that the energies are on our side and will support us in moving towards a future self that, in the case of this Pluto trine, is more resilient, self-aware and in control of one self and one’s life path.

If you’ve been tussling with moving in a new direction or considering making some significant changes then this aspect can signify a significant breakthrough. It’s not unusual for the matter in question to have caused a certain amount of trepidation or even fear but this aspect infuses us with the strength, confidence and stamina to think “You know what, I can do this!” A beautiful Pluto trine to the North Node helps us to move towards new chapters without hesitation. If you’ve experienced difficulties until now then that was but part of a necessary adaption process, like anything sometimes we need to ‘train’ and whilst Pluto is a hard master, you can be sure if he will get you into the best shape of your life!

Pluto represents our unconscious and so this aspect often manifests in very subtle ways. Psychological breakthroughs, such as change in mindset, have the power to set us on a different life course.

Pluto trine North Node Journaling Exercise

Technique: Plan Your Week Journaling

Consider: What changes have you been considering making in your life and what steps could you make this week to move towards achieving them? (Pluto – North Node loves a strategy!)

Task: Start by writing down the positive changes that you would like to see happen in your life. Be clear and concise with your wording. These might not be achievable in a week, or even a month, but don’t worry. Now, write down three steps that you could take this week that would help you to move towards your desired outcome. If you can make two steps easily achievable, but the final one should stretch you slightly out of your comfort zone. Pluto makes us braver – you can do it! Remember the aim here is to finish off the week knowing that you’ve made progress!

An example to get you started:

I set so many good intentions in the new year, including setting up a little side venture alongside my day-job, but I lost my momentum come the end of the month. I’m still thinking about it a lot so I know it’s something that I really do want to do, but there’s just so much that needs doing it’s overwhelming!

I want to get this design venture off the ground by the summer so this week I am going to:

  • Sit down for one hour and go over what I’ve done so far to get myself back in the right headspace.
  • I am going to going to set up an Etsy account and attempt to list my first item
  • I don’t like talking on the phone but I am going to call the web designed to see if they could help me get a website set up.


Find a moment where you can be quiet and present. Focus on calming your nervous system. Release any tension in your muscles, and let your thoughts come and go as you slow your breathing. Consider the area of your life where you would most like to see progress and repeat the following mantra:

I will no longer be the person that stands in my way.



As I finish up my articles I like to close by drawing a tarot card. By reinforcing the message, or providing another perspective, tarot is a wonderful way to expand even further.

XIII Death

Not joking, this is genuinely the card I overturned – The Death card is ruled by Pluto and reinforces today’s themes of rebirth, transition and new chapters.

The Death card speaks of situations beyond our control that enter our life and change our course. As humans we naturally form very strong attachments and like life to be somewhat predictable, this is why we often view this card with a degree of apprehension. The Death card represents impermanence, it teaches us that change is part of the natural order and again asks us to trust in process. It reminds us that we must be prepared to let go of elements of our life that have run their course and be willing to release parts of ourselves that no longer serve our future orientation. Do you see the King pleading for mercy? This indicates that none of us, no matter how powerful, are exempt from this truth.

With a beautiful Pluto trine to the North Node you are moving into new chapters without hesitation. Obstacles are easily overcome and major breakthroughs are possible. Note the sun rising through the columns, it’s the new dawn that follows all upheaval and today you are taking giant, confident strides towards it.

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