Pisces New Moon, March 2022: Your Higher Calling


Are you ready to open yourself up to the planetary energies and to let them guide you towards your highest potential?

If so, I will support you in actively engaging with the Pisces new moon on March 2nd, 2022. Each new moon signals a new surge of energy entering our life, this could be in the form of a person, a developing situation or an idea. Through understanding the dominant themes at play at the new moon, and employing meditative and reflective journaling techniques, we can begin to connect with this energy. In doing so we can begin to better align our mindsets towards psychological growth and spiritual wellbeing.

Pisces New Moon, March 2022 – what this energy stimulates in our psyche.

As we edge into Spring make way for this humanitarian new moon brings expansion and fresh opportunities our way. Limitations will begin to ease as fresh possibilities present themselves and life feels like it is ‘flowing’ once again. Remain open and receptive, and listen closely to your intuition. If you’re not currently on the right track expect alterations to your plans. Trust that these changes are happening for a reason and are leading you towards a more gratifying outcome. This new moon is benevolent and growth-orientated by nature, it’s on our side, urging us to make progress.

Also coming to the fore is the notion of spiritual expansion and relationship development. You may find yourself considering your actions in relation to how they serve your personal development, and those around you. You’re better able to gauge situations and understand them from different perspectives at this time. Welcome this opportunity for honest reflection and tune in to your conscience. If we’re able to realign our actions going forward with a better version of ourselves then our future is bright!

This Pisces new moon also highlights creative inspiration, experimentation and flow-states. With Uranus providing a beautiful sextile expect innovative ideas that may change the course of your life, projects or thinking. Pisces teaches us the danger of trying to overly control situations. Instead focus on learning to adapt to situations as they unfold and not to fixate on outcome of solutions. As any artist know, this mindset is the key to creative expression.

Jupiter in Pisces – What History Teaches Us!

Jupiter rules over philosophy, politics and the justice system, whilst Pisces relates to the arts, a sense of community, spiritual and creative practices. With this aspect we see people seeking to expand knowledge by delving into subjects such as spirituality and metaphysics in an effort to find universal truths (that unite us all.) We also see people taking principled stands as they abide by their conscience and their own inner sense of justice. Yes, this is the energy of the martyr and ‘the greater good’, though of course that term is highly subjective.

Let’s have a look at what happened when Jupiter travelled through Pisces in the early 1960s. In the west this took place amid the backdrop of the Vietnam War, Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement. (The conjoining of Pluto and Uranus reflects the archetypal nature of the threat and upheaval felt during this time.) Both Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandala were imprisoned for taking principled stands on issues pertaining to liberty and justice. We also saw a surge in people partaking in anti-war protests, action in the name of peace and unification. Music, poetry and art were also used as creative outlets for political commentary. People tend to feel very inspired under this influence, they feel deeply and speak from a viewpoint of moral conviction. Expect to feel these themes manifest in an area of your life under this new moon.

If you’ve been following my work for a while you may have heard me refer to Jupiter in Pisces as the ‘Spiritual classroom’. You can read the full article on this placement, complete with lots of practical tips, here:

Jupiter in Pisces: The Spiritual Classroom

Pisces New Moon Warnings for March 2022

With the full moon in Virgo on March 18th, 2022. We must take these themes and principles and work towards a practical application. We must work to ground our ideas and spiritual practices in the physical reality in which we find ourselves. Be mindful of making judgements before knowing all of the facts, or conceiving of ideas that won’t work in reality. Remember, beliefs will always differ and moral standpoints can lead to further conflict when our ego claims the upper hand. Pisces helps us to separate our sense of self from the ego. This enables us to connect with others in a deep and authentic way regardless of our differences.

Pisces New Moon Journaling Exercise for March 2022

Technique: Free Writing or Art Journal

Consider: if I were to tell you that your thoughts were the key to manifesting whatever it was that you want in life, how would you alter your mindset to bring about a better future?

Task: Imagine yourself as nothing but a manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. You have no job, you have no hobbies – all of these external identity factors are striped away from you for the purpose of this exercise. Describe yourself through drawing or free writing (don’t overthink just writing or draw as characteristics come to mind)

An example to get you started:

So, the handsome and charming salesman whom everybody thinks is the bees-knees is not the most appealing character when these external factors are striped away. He is motivated by greed and his aims in life are largely superficial. His ambition is strong and over dominates his morality, he will manipulate and swindle customers into buying products that they don’t need because it leads to greater financial gain for himself. Even in romance he chooses partners based on what he will gain from the union and how good they will look on his arm. He therefore builds few meaningful connections. However, when it comes to animals he is an absolute softy, he can’t abide by animal cruelty and travels to foreign countries to work voluntarily in sanctuaries dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating wildlife.

It is evident that to bring about a more fulfilling career and romantic life the salesman must learn navigate these facets of his life towards a higher calling. It is evident from his charity work and his fondness for animals that he is capable of much love and compassion.


Find a moment where you can be quiet and present. Focus on calming your nervous system. Release any tension in your muscles, and let your thoughts come and go as you slow your breathing. Consider the many people in this world, their different backgrounds, beliefs and loyalties, and repeat the following mantra:

What unites us is greater than what divides us

Pisces new moon daily mantra


As I finish up my articles I like to close by drawing a tarot card. By reinforcing the message, or providing another perspective, tarot is a wonderful way to expand even further.

X Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. When I see this card it reminds me to trust in the cycle and accept that things don’t stay the same for very long. With any Pisces new moon there’s a sense of surrender, that to grow we must first let go of control and be prepared to adapt to situations as they unfold.

I sense that the wheel is indeed turning for the better on a personal and global level with Jupiter and Uranus prevalent in this lunar configuration. Growth opportunities are presenting themselves but if we’re too fixated on how things ‘should be’, or how we ‘want them to be’ then we may miss them.

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