An Introduction to the Philosophy of Astrology

Astrology as a concept has the capacity to affect the way people understand the nature of reality and the fundamental structure of the personality. It can strongly impact and influence individuals, and so those seeking guidance place a great deal of trust in the astrologer. I feel this responsibility keenly and always aspire to place you, my readers, at the centre of my work.

This is why I feel that you, as a recipient of astrological guidance, have a right to know exactly what principles the advice you receive are grounded in. 

This is why I invite you to read about the philosophy and core principles underpinning The Astrology Studio.

A Cosmic Intelligence

Through astrology we can see that symbolically charged correlations exist between human experience, wider world events and cosmic patterns. Many of us intuitively sense a greater interconnectivity but astrology gives us a unique means of seeing this cosmic pattern charted and made measurable. Ultimately it assures us that we are in fact connected to the world around us and not alone in a vast and indifferent universe. Instead the world that we live in is filled with inherent meaning and an underlying archetypal order.

An Archetypal Language

Astrology shows us that individual human consciousness and experience is synchronised with planetary patterns. The language used to give form to these patterns is what we refer to as an archetypal language. An archetype can be a difficult concept to understand but think of it as a universal theme. A specific archetype will link the symbolic meaning of a planet and sign with the corresponding nature of certain events and human experiences here on Earth. Astrology shows us that there is a significant correlations between personal and collective experience. This infers a universe that’s not random and devoid of purpose but rather one that is conscious, interconnected and filled with meaning.

Living Authentically

In the past astrology has been criticised for its deterministic world view. True, it can be used in an attempt to avoid accountability and explain events and behaviours as being fated or as out of our control. This is not what I believe, and I want to encourage people through the work of The Astrology Studio, to take more responsibility for themselves and their lives, not less.

It is my understanding that the planets modify, regulate and stimulate behaviour patterns. Think of your inherent nature as a seed, the potential of what you could be is established already. However, it is your level of self-awareness and the choices that you make going forward that really determines your growth success. We are not born a finished product and we aren’t guaranteed success; we must work hard to move towards higher principles of being. By mapping out the inherent potential available to us in our birth charts we can co-create with the universe the best version of ourselves.