An Astrological Guide to the Full Moon

On this page I will guide you through the four key aspects of the full moon:

  • Revelations
  • Decisions and Responsibility
  • Awakenings and Opportunities
  • Integration

If you find some of the concepts on this page difficult to understand, I recommend reading:

The full moon is the first of the lunar phases, this occurs when the moon appears fully illuminated from our perspective on Earth. This occurs when the Earth is located between the sun and the moon,

In the astrological chart this is a sun-moon opposition, when the ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180°. This occurs approximately 14 days after the new moon.

Revelations – The A’ha Moment!

The full moon indicates a climatic point marking the transition from the waxing period to the waning period. It’s high tide! In the light of the full moon, that which has been developing throughout the waxing phase, reveals itself. Matters that has been manifesting are now available (sometimes suddenly!) to the conscious mind. which will. The challenge now is to develop coherence, to process and utilise the information. This is why we experience the full moon as a revelation.

Decisions and Responsibility

There is an aura of responsibility at this point in the lunar cycle. The moon (your subconscious) has worked hard to drive you towards an awakening. It is now the turn of the sun (your conscious self) to decide what you’re going to do with what’s been made available to you. Therefore, at the full moon people tend to find themselves presented with a choice, and decisions come with responsibility. This can be a testing time. Often there is a desire to crawl back towards blissful naivety, or one feels motivated to follow the lunar growth cycle through to its conclusion. Therefore, the new moon is either a limiting or liberating force.

Awakenings and Opportunities in Different Guises.

At the full moon, the apex of the cycle, we reach a turning point. It marks a dramatic shift in energy and a change in direction. It is making way for a new order. This is a time when situations or ways of being reach a natural culmination.

This can be a time when the efforts that have been exerted behind the scenes are rewarded. This could be with regards to a project or an aspect of self development. Either way events reach fruition and visions take shape. This good fortune is not luck, the opportunities that open up for you at this time are of your own making. If you’ve aligned your mentality and your behaviour with the highest good that you can imagine then the cyclical nature of experience reinforces and rewards. The full moon delivers truth.

On the flip side the truth that the full moon brings is not always welcomed.We all know that the truth can be difficult to bare. It demands that people are honest with themselves, and take responsibility for their lives. Many choose to face away from the the truth, the light of the full moon, and stay in the dark where life may be limiting or even destructive. Security is sought in familiarity, and at the expense of personal growth.

Change is daunting, but impermanence is a way of life. Thus, the full moon can bring sharp awakenings and painful realisations. It encourages to wake up to yourself.

Time to Bring Harmony to the Two Versions of You

In essence what’s happening here is that you are being presented with two versions of yourself. The you that you were at the beginning of the cycle and the you that you could be if you follow it through to its natural conclusion. It’s no surprise that many people feel torn in two at this time.

Strength comes from recognising that the two opposing factors that you’re presented with, aren’t opposing at all. They’re both aspects of you. You are the unifying principle that brings harmony to your past and your future, as well as to your subconscious and conscious mind. It’s not a matter of making a choice but of committing to the unification of conflicting aspects of yourself. The remedy of their manifestation in your life will follow naturally. The message at the full moon is that there is strength in integration. Harmonise and grow!