A Guide to the New Moon and Spiritual Growth

On this page I will guide you through:

  • What a new moon configuration is
  • About the powerful psychological affects of this phase
  • Whether or not we should think of the new moon as a ‘new beginning’
  • How you might personally experience a new moon

If you find some of the concepts on this page difficult to understand, I recommend glancing throughAn Introduction to the Lunar Cyclefirst.

The new moon is the first of the lunar phases, this occurs when the sun, moon and earth are all on the same longitudinal line. We cannot see the moon in the night sky at this time as the suns light is entirely blocked from view.

In the astrological chart this is a sun-moon conjunction, and this will be in a different sign each month as the sun progresses around the chart and the moon comes to join it every 28 days.

The New Moon and the Subconscious Connection Explained

With the new moon the key turns and we feel the first vibrations of the engine turning over. It’s time to move forward.

This perfect alignment opens up a channel between our conscious (sun) and subconscious (moon). The way is cleared for a process of communication to commence. Our subconscious is a vast reservoir of creative potential that’s beneath our awareness. It consists of all automated behaviours, but also repressed memories, unacknowledged desires and hidden fears. It maps our entire subjective experience of life.

At the new moon we instinctively evoke an awakening of subconscious material through moving towards situations that serve our evolutionary growth. We will be unconsciously driven towards scenarios, ideas or people that challenge us to grow. This drive is incredibly powerful and can be experienced as excited anticipation or as a deep emotional disturbance. We are being urged toward an opportunity to transcend an aspect of the self, but this isn’t always easy.

Does the new moon indicate a new beginning?

New moons are considered to signify new beginnings. This is true but we must not lose sight of the cyclical connection underpinning our experiences from month-to-month. What we really experience at the mew moon is the nature of cause and effect. A new beginning, is actually a culmination of prior events or efforts. Equally, at this time often ‘old’ emotional material comes into focus. This can be a ‘new’ opportunity to address past experience. This will not always considered a new beginning by the subject, certainly not the typical one often hoped for anyway!

The new moon is an opportunity for us to begin to become acquainted with that which is already in existence, but not in awareness.

Astrology denotes that we are born with set archetypal potential, as seen in the natal chart, and that life is a process through which one comes to realise it. A new moon is an opportunity to further yourself along this process. You could equally consider the new moon in terms of an:





How Might You Experience a New Moon

At the new moon the emotions take the reigns and we ‘feel’ life more acutely though our heightened receptivity. Our emotional natures are brought to the fore and influence our thoughts, behaviour and interactions. As if a gate had been opened our emotional connection to ourselves and others flows with greater ease. On one hand, we experience a increased empathy and compassion, but it can also make us reactive and prone to outbursts.

It is made more difficult to control the emotions at the new moon. You will experience inner tension as you instinctively prepare to bring a matter to your conscious awareness. This compulsion to move forward may manifest as:

  • Inspiration
  • Eagerness and excitement
  • Anxiety and neuroticism
  • Apprehension
  • Moodiness
  • Anger

All these sensations tell us not to get too comfortable, we are about to embark on a journey.

In Summary

The new moon can be defined as a compulsion to explore an aspect of the self through whatever means best encourages and serves us to do so. External events can provide triggers, but this isn’t always necessary. It could be a dream or period of reflection that serves the same purpose. Ultimately the lunar cycle instigates this process each month so that gradually we can learn to be more conscious individuals through bridging the opposing aspects of the psyche.

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