An Introduction to The Lunar Cycle

On this page you will learn:

What is a lunar cycle?

The lunation cycle is the cyclical relationship between the sun and moon. We‘re all familiar with this cycle even if we don’t yet grasp the astrological implications of it. We can witness this cycle in transit from our front-door steps. Over the course of a month we see the waxing and waning of the moon; its gradual growth to a full, bright orb and its consequent decline in luminosity back to the darkness of the new moon. Where the cycle starts over!

Of course, the moon doesn’t really change! What we’re observing is the relation of these two luminaries from the fixed perspective of earth. What’s necessary to understand is that this cycle can be broken down into various phases and these phases can be understood in terms of psychological stimuli that propel us forward in our spiritual development. We will cover this all in more depth don’t worry!

The key to understanding the lunation cycle is to grasp the symbolic meaning behind the sun and moon in terms of how they relate to one another. We need to understand their symbolism in terms of a process that aids us in our spiritual evolution. This means letting go of what you understand the sun and moon to be in certain signs and houses. Yes this can be difficult.

How to conceptualise the Sun and Moon as key factors of the lunar “process”

The moon is our ability to experience and our sun is our ability to make sense of those experiences.

Our Sun and Moon in the context of the lunar cycle should be considered in terms of a learning process. The moon serves as our link to explore the potential that lies outside of our current domain of experience. I want you to think of the moon as a scout that ventures into the world and brings back new information and possibilities for self-improvement. The moon is instinctual and processes information very quickly through emotions, intuition and recognition of patterns. The moon gathers this abstract information that ‘we’ (our sun) in turn will need time to interpret and make use of.

The goal of the sun is to self-actualise, to master this new information in order to reach it’s fullest potential. The sun however does not relate, so without the aid of the moon it cannot directly experience life. Thus, the moon acts as an intermediary between the external and the internal. The sun gradually makes sense of the experiences made available through the moon by identifying, differentiating and finally mastering the information.

It is necessary for the moon to drip feed the sun information. Why? Because the moon often delivers messages that we may not want to hear. Information that challenges our current understanding of the way things are and who we are. Our sun is our structured sense of what is and what works, that we’ve built up over the years. If the moon feeds information back and we’re confronted with the sudden revelation that most of what we know is wrong and that our identity is considerably flawed, then this is going to be incredibly destructive and detrimental to our self-development.

After all, the nature of cosmic intelligence is to provide cyclical opportunities for us to be all that we can be, it’s on our side!

The Psychological Implications of Lunar Cycles

The lunation cycle teaches us that impermanence is a way of life. It is a cyclical opportunity for us to transcend aspects of the self and grow into our potential. It asks us to be humble, to admit that we are all flawed, to be honest with ourselves about the least pleasant aspects of our personalities and to believe in ourselves and in all that we could be.

The lunation cycle is an opportunity to become more self-aware and it is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself. It’s a time for figuring out who you really are and taking small steps if necessary to manage your improvement. Destruction of aspects of ego is inevitable at times, and that’s not easy to work through. None of us know ourselves in our fullest capacity, we all carry delusions about who we are, how we need to present ourselves and what we should be doing with our life.

With each new cycle we can all take the opportunity to take greater responsibility for ourselves. We can all commit to doing some of the inner work to bring these psychic tensions into harmony with our concept of self. This will enable us to gradually move forward towards a unified self and experience the totality of our potential.