Are they marriage material – Astrology reading

Marriage material can mean very different things to different people, this is why within this reading I take a really good look at your chart and theirs to help me to build an idea of your personal development goals in this lifetime, both of your attachment styles, as well as the way you both naturally give, and like to receive, love. I will also analyse the houses in your birth charts that indicate pleasure, long-term partnerships and intimacy.

I will then look at your synastry chart. A synastry chart is when I overlay both birth charts on top of each other to see how they connect. This technique is incredibly insightful and helps me to see the innate potential in the relationship as well as qualities that promote growth and longevity.

Marriage is a serious commitment and means that we are committed to sharing the highs as well as the lows with our partner. Therefore the astrological markers for marriage are quite different from those of a short-term love affair.

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Are they marriage material – Astrology reading

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