Are you Sexually Compatible Astrology Reading

Through analysing the birth chart it’s possible to build an impression of people’s temperament, their emotional nature and also their attitude to intimacy and how they express their sexuality.

That’s step 1!

When you put one birth chart on top of another, this is called a synastry or a compatibility reading, it’s possible to see the dynamic of how two people connect and relate to one another and this is where things get interesting!

However, one thing I’ve discovered from the hundreds of charts I’ve read over the years is that sex is never simple. Why we engage in it and what triggers our sexual desire is very personal. Therefore in this reading I will take a look at yours, and your person in question’s, synastry chart and map out how compatible your attitudes towards sex are, how well you fulfil one another’s needs and what obstacles you may face in your sexual relationship.

Please note, I approach all my readings from the perspective of an evolutionary astrologer and so this reading will focus on the psychological markers driving desire and intimacy.

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Are you sexually compatible? Astrology reading

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