Aries’ Mental Health and Anxiety Triggers

Astrology is a wonderful tool that aids us in mapping out potential difficulties and opportunities for psychological growth. In this article we’re going to take a look at Aries’ survival needs and what triggers may give rise to anxiety for these individuals. Be proactive in caring for your mental health using astrology.

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It’s hard to imagine what might disconcert Aries. With their warrior spirit they welcome challenge don’t they? They can overcome anything! They might be courageous and rarely daunted but every sign has an Achilles heel.

Aries Anxiety Triggers

Aries’ prime motivation is to individuate. This means that they feel a vital urge to separate from others and follow their own path. If Aries’ innate need to be autonomous is threatened they will experience the greatest level of anxiety.

Situations that induce this involve those where the individual feels:

  • Helpless to act in their own best interest, or defend themselves.
  • Unable to freely express themselves.
  • Oppressed, to have unjust power asserted over them.
  • Inferior, weak or ineffectual.
  • Indecisive and/or at an impasse.


Aries response to the sources of anxiety noted above is generally to feel angry or irritated. Their instinctive reaction is to assert a defensive position. Through doing so they reaffirm that they are not weak in the face of the perceived threat and that they are still an autonomous force to be reckoned with.

Alternatively, when they feel powerless to make a difference they may struggle to accept the situation. Instead they may aspire to keep busy to distract themselves from having to confront their own helplessness. In this instance, to prevent the suppressed emotions from resurfacing later in life, Aries can often benefit from support to help them process the issue.

When discussing anxiety in this article I am referencing normal levels of anxiety that serve to mobile us to action. It’s important to note that people can suffer from anxiety disorders, this is when the level of anxiety experienced is disproportionate to the event. In these instances medical intervention may be necessary.

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