Psychology of Aries in Astrology

We behave the manner that we do for reasons, and these reasons ultimately move us forward in life or draw us backwards. On this page I will introduce you to what motivates Aries. If we can understand this then we will understand the character traits, strengths, weaknesses, fears and hopes associated with this sign.

Basic needs and dominant drives.

Aries sun individuals are driven by the need to individuate, meaning that they feel a vital urge to separate from others and to follow their own path. Above all they need to feel free to express themselves physically, mentally and verbally. Anything that comes in the way of this is considered a threat to the ‘very essence’ of the self and they will put all of their willpower into overcoming such challenges. Thus, they have acquired a reputation for being determined, indomitable and strong-willed.

Aries values the power of the individual human spirit and believes in encouraging personal development through granting people sufficient freedom and opportunity. First and foremost, they’re driven to discover and experience the extent of their own personal power and will enjoy pushing the boundaries of their potential.

They present as extremely open individuals and their emotional natures are honest and authentic. Conversely controlling their feelings can be a challenge. They experience everything with added passion, they are quick to excite and quick to anger. This comes from a primal need to survive – act now think later.

If we understand this then it’s easy to see why any form of oppression, injustice or personal challenge incites an immediate and powerful reaction in these individuals. They will carve a path through all resistance in order to obtain the freedom that they so value. This gives them a reputation for being brave and pioneering but also confrontational and even selfish. Individuals with Aries sun could be said to have very high spiritual aspirations but they must learn to appreciate what their gain often costs others.

Situations that bring out the best in Aries


Ok, so we’ve got a sense of what’s important to an Aries individual. Now we’re going to put that into context by looking at situations in which these individuals thrive.

The need for healthy challenges

Aries feel the need to push themselves so that they can realise the extent of their personal abilities. They are committed to self-development and enjoy the impetus that competition provides. When satisfying this need through sport or creative pursuits for example, they are incredibly focused, determined and ambitious. They are always out to win!

Opportunities to explore

The ability to explore, stems from a need to discover uncharted areas (physically and of the self) This reinforces their desire for freedom and reaffirms that they are strong and capable at managing life. They feel invigorate by launching new projects and They will go to great lengths to be first, making them brave and innovative, but also impulsive and reckless.


Aries’ commitment to personal freedoms often translates into taking a strong stance on what they consider to be human rights. This can be political and Aries will feel compelled to take action against in the form of debate and protest. In the broadest sense, they feel compelled to take action against that which they see as personally restrictive. They are not afraid to speak up! Their need to triumph in all matters makes backing down inconceivable, and this earns them a reputation for being defiant and often rebellious.

Situations that are personally challenging for Aries

Situations that incite a strong reaction in Aries individuals and ones whereby they’re made to feel:

  • Helpless to act in their own best interest, or defend themselves.
  • Unable to freely express themselves
  • Oppressed, to have unjust power asserted over them.
  • Inferior, weak or ineffectual.
  • Indecisive and/or at an impasse

People with an Aries sun respond to the challenges noted above is generally to feel angry or irritated. Their instinctive reaction is to fight back immediately or assert a defensive position. Through doing so they reaffirm that they are not weak in the face of the perceived threat and that they are still an autonomous force to be reckoned with.

This triumph over perceived difficulties reinforces their inherent need to be self-reliant and strong. Their fear lies is losing their their sense of self through being controlled or treated unjustly by others. They will go to great lengths to ensure their entire being, body and mind, remain free.

Alternatively, when they feel powerless to make a difference they may struggle to accept the situation. Instead they may aspire to keep busy to distract themselves from having to confront their own helplessness. In this instance, to prevent the suppressed emotions from resurfacing later in life, Aries can often benefit from support to help them process the issue.

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