Predictive Astrology 1 Year Forecast

Predictive Astrology 1 Year Forecast

Welcome to my listing for a bespoke 1 year astrological forecast.

In this reading I identify the key themes and lessons coming your way so that you can use the incoming energy to it’s fullest potential. I start by looking at the progressions to your natal chart, which signify fundamental changes in you that come about regardless of outward events. I then look at the transits to your natal chart which closely correlated with external events that impact on you and spur you on in your self-development journey.

Let me explain a little further:

  • Progressions concern the planets in your birth chart, which progress over time. They move forward and enter new signs and make new planetary aspects. Progressions instinctively evoke an awakening of subconscious material that propel us towards situations that serve our evolutionary growth. Progressions can be with us over the space of year or so, the energy flows into our lives, hits a climatic point and ebbs away. These have a lot to do with what we are driven to manifest in our lives at certain times.
  • Transits on the other hand don't feel quite as personal as progressions, rather than slowly bubbling up from within they come from the 'outside world'. To all extents transits feel like they happen 'to us', we experience them through other people and real life events. This helps us to understand new and unfamiliar energies from a distance, before we start to work with them on an personal level. Transits are the relationship between the current position of the planets and our birth charts. They differ considerably with regards to how long they last, slower moving planets like Saturn or Neptune can impact us for a year or more, whilst we will often feel the influence of Mars and Venus for only a few days.

Astrology shows us that symbolically charged correlations exist between human experience, wider world events and cosmic patterns. Predictive astrology is a fascinating area and gives us a wonderful new lens through which to understand the events in our life.

Through some of the best and hardest times I've experienced I have taken solace in identifying my situation with the archetypal energies at play in my chart. To see the correlation so plainly is not only mind-boggling but helped me to understand that life experiences aren't random, but are filled with purpose. There's an opportunity to develop ourselves in every given situation, and that's a wonderful thing!

What you can expect from me...

This it is NOT a print-out from an astrology programme, there's no 'cook-book' astrology here. I will sit and work with your astrology forecast over the course of 3-4 days. I work on no other chart analysis during this time. It is important for me as an astrologer that I immerse myself in the energy of your chart and have the space and time to build up a picture of your personal year ahead. I then take great care during my write-up to articulate what it is that I want to share with you so that I give you the insight that you need to grow and move forward.

How you will receive your chart analysis.

I will email your completed analysis over to you as a PDF document. I pay great attention to presentation and format my analysis' using Adobe InDesign. They make lovely pieces to print as a keepsake or as a gift for somebody else.