Professional Astrology Birth Chart Analysis

Professional Astrology Birth Chart Analysis

The Rosetta Stone of Self-development.

Astrology is a symbolic language that shows us that there is a significant correlation between personal experience and cosmic patterns. This infers a universe that’s not random and devoid of purpose but rather one that is conscious, interconnected and filled with meaning. Therefore, we must understand that life isn’t random and neither are we.

Using astrology we can see the intrinsic themes and energies available to us from birth, in turn these determine the way we perceive the world and the manner in which we participate in it. The traits that I can identify in a birth chart will remain relatively stable throughout most of a person’s lifetime, but please remember it is individual free-will and self-awareness that determines how much of the potential a person realises, and whether they use it in a constructive way. Through understanding our birth chart we will have a tremendous head start, and the best tool kit the universe has to offer!

Astrology helps us to understand the who we are and why we behave as we do. This is vital, for without knowing ourselves how can we successfully discern methods for self improvement? It's the difference between working with yourself or against yourself. Through my analysis' my aim is to aid you in bringing about the best possible future by providing a basis from which you can further build on your awareness of yourself as a distinct individual, as well as to help you navigate life's challenges.

Who is this analysis for?

This listing for an astrological birth chart analysis is a great place to start for anybody wanting to gain a greater insight into their fundamental personality, strong themes which will play out in their lives and interactions with others, as well as the key lessons they're tasked with learning during this incarnation. The valuable guidance we can gain from astrology helps us to:

  • Attain a greater level of self-acceptance.
  • Accept ourselves as incomplete beings who are still in a process of growth.
  • Establish rewarding relationships where our basic needs are met and we're confident in what we have to offer others.
  • Work with our potential and not against it, which inevitable leads to greater success and a more meaningful life.
  • Define intrinsically important goals for our future.

This birth chart analysis is an overview and meant as an entry point into astrology. Following this, my other listings will help you dive into certain areas in greater depth should you want to.

What you can expect from me...

This it is NOT a print-out from an astrology programme, there's no 'cook-book' astrology here. I will sit and work through your chart over the course of 3-4 days. I work on no other chart analysis during this time. It is important for me as an astrologer that I immerse myself in the energy of your chart and have the space and time to build up a picture of who you are. I then take great care during my write-up to articulate what it is that I want to share with you so that I give you the insight that you need to grow and move forward.

How you will receive your chart analysis.

I will email your completed analysis over to you as a PDF document. I pay great attention to presentation and format my analysis' using Adobe InDesign. They make lovely pieces to print as a keepsake or as a gift for somebody else.

Please complete this form, as well as submitting payment, so that I have the details that I need to work with. Many thanks!

This helps me to frame the chart appropriately and to use the correct terminology.

Let me know in the comment section below if you do not know the time of birth or whether the time given is estimated.

Please be as accurate as you can - town/county or state/country