Relationship Analysis – Synastry

Relationship Analysis - Synastry

There are countless ways that we can express love but for many of us we seek to experience it through our romantic relationships. Our need for emotional intimacy and connection with another person serves as one of the strongest motivations in life and brings with it a deep sense of fulfilment. Whilst our need for human connection appears to be innate, our ability to form healthy relationships and use them as a foundation for growth is learned, and this is where astrology proves invaluable.

We can learn a great deal about our attachment style and the the way we show affection by analysing our natal charts. I will look individually at both yours and your partner's (or love interest's) charts to build up a picture of you both as individuals before then overlaying them on top of one another to see how they connect together. This will show the dynamic that's likely to play our through your connection, the natural strengths and potential challenges that may arise for you both. This is called a synastry in astrology.

Here is an indication of what I will cover in your synastry report:

Your attachment style and capacity to trust

Our primary caregivers serve as our first experience of warmth, protection, intimacy and social interaction so it is understandable that they should influence how secure we are and what kind of attachments we seek to create with others as we get older. Our experiences in infancy serve as an evolutionary platform for us to begin working through some of the relationship issues that we have brought with us into this lifetime. These patterns then continue to play out in our relationships with lovers, friends, family and colleagues as we transition into adulthood. In a compatibility reading this is where I start, I look at both charts to determine how your basic temperaments compliment one another and how well you meet one another's emotional needs.

Passion, intimacy and commitment

The three cornerstones of romantic relationships. Through looking at the connection between both of your charts I work to determine which of the three themes are more dominant and whether there's a sufficient balance between them (which is associated with a long lasting, healthy relationship). The benefit of looking at your relationship in this way is to determine which areas tend to naturally take care of themselves and which ones could do with a bit of conscious effort to develop.


I feel like this is often overlooked in compatibility readings but I consider it absolutely integral to a long lasting relationship. It's plays a crucial role in how we interact with one another and in our ability to understand and communicate our needs. For example if I can see that your temperaments are quite different but that your ability to communicate is strong this is definitely a plus and shows that you have potential to work through your differences. Likewise if communication is weak then misunderstandings are more likely, this can cause disagreements and even exacerbate trust issues if one you shows a proclivity for distrust.

Your past life connection

Chances are if this person is triggering something in you and you feel a strong draw to them, regardless of whether or not you're together, then you've got some karmic history! Through paying particular attention to the connection between the nodes in your natal charts I can give an indication of the themes that played out between the two of you in a past life and what lessons your are coming together to work through in this one.

What you can expect from me...

This it is NOT a print-out from an astrology programme, there's no 'cook-book' astrology here. I will sit and work through your chart over the course of 3-4 days. I work on no other chart analysis during this time. It is important for me as an astrologer that I immerse myself in the energy of your chart, and that of your partner's, and have the space and time to build up a picture of your union. I then take great care during my write-up to articulate what it is that I want to share with you so that I give you the insight that you need to grow and move forward.

How you will receive you birth chart analysis.

I will email your interpretation over to you as a PDF document. I pay great attention to presentation and format my analysis' using Adobe InDesign. They make lovely pieces to print as a keepsake or as a gift for somebody else.