Full ‘Cold’ Moon in Gemini, 19th December 2021

Welcome to this astrological insight for the full moon in Gemini, December 19th 2021, also known as the ‘Cold Moon’.

Position: 27.29 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius

Aspects: Trine/Sextile Jupiter (orb 0.42′)

Intentions that were planted around the time of the new moon earlier in the month are now coming to fruition. This may come in the form of a realisation, a rude awakening or even as a decision that needs to be made. At the time of a full moon people tend to find themselves torn in two directions as if they’re presented with two versions of themselves, the them that they were and the them that could be if they continue to work with the lunar cycle, and follow it through to it’s natural conclusion.

This buoyant full moon is both spirited and mischievous, and whilst it brings some deep learning opportunities it’s also a wonderful placement for bringing people together where they may derive pleasure from shared conversation and being in the company of others. It’s suggestive of good fortune and positive news, and an opening or surge in momentum signified by houses in which it falls.

Find your superpower and become the eye of the storm

A Gemini Full Moon is an opportunity to ask questions, to dig a little deeper and get to know the ‘real us’. By doing so we learn to anchor ourselves, not in a material sense, but through our philosophies, values and ethics. This enables us to discover what it is that we stand for, what we find true meaning in and how we may best invest our energy moving forward. The essence of a Gemini Full Moon is that of taking another step in the journey from student to teacher. If we work with it then we come out the other end a little wiser, a little more secure and with even more to offer others.

A person that masters this energy exudes a magnetic self confidence and truly does become the eye of the storm, able to withstand the chaos that life and other people often bring, without having it overtly affect their wellbeing. They also organise their time is such a way that brings them genuine pleasure, knowing what it is that they need to be contented and in turn sharing that joy with others.

Your guide to working with full moons

The lunar cycles are fascinating and if you’re not working with them then you’re missing a trick! Familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month. See:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

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Jupiter transits Pisces, May 2021 – The Spiritual Classroom

When Jupiter enters Pisces in May 2021 we step into the spiritual classroom and are asked politely to leave our ego at the door. Don’t expect to walk out of this one the same person as you went in. When Jupiter enters Pisces on 14th May 2021 we’re all presented with an opportunity for growth on the highest level.

If we accept that we don’t know everything and remain open to learning, then this can be quite the adventure! This isn’t about keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground, this is about testing our beliefs and philosophies. In many ways it’s an opportunity to turn our worlds upside down to see what can withstand the flux. This combination is associated with altered mental states and creative flow, as it encourages us to be adaptable, to let in new ideas and be open to new possibilities of being.

Stick around to the end and I’ll give you 10 examples of how this might manifest in your life.

Enter the Spiritual Classroom.

When Jupiter is in Pisces events occur in our life that prompt a shift in perspective. Confronted by learning opportunities we’re encouraged to adopt a more spiritual and less materialistic lifestyle. These learning opportunities differ in how they manifest for each of us depending on how much of a wake-up call we need to get us on the right path.

As mutable signs/planets they bring the notion of connectivity and interrelation to the fore. Phrases like “It’s not my problem” no longer wash as we’re forced to consider our small role in contribution to the larger whole – humanity.

“What you mean I’m not the centre of the world?”

True, this can hit our ego pretty hard and Jupiter in Pisces can be humbling to say they least. However, by acknowledging this connection we also accept our ability to affect the bigger picture. This can be pretty empowering too! When Jupiter is in Pisces we acknowledge the impact of our actions, and the affect that they have on others. In this sense we become aware of our capacity to sow love and hate, positivity or negativity – Jupiter in particular asks us to be discerning and make good choices.

Meet your Spiritual Judge

Don’t forget Jupiter rules over the justice system for a reason, when Jupiter is in Pisces we meet our spiritual judge, aka our conscience or moral compass. Not daunting at all! Our soul pays the price for our actions, what we do in the outer world impacts directly on our inner world. Remember the story of Dorian Gray?

This also plays out on the larger stays and as governments, education and justice systems and considered in terms of their service to humanity.

10 Examples of how this transit could manifest for you:

  1. When confronted with another’s suffering you consider how you might ease it through selfless action.
  2. You meet a person whose philosophies differ considerably from your own, they open your eyes to different possibilities.
  3. You have a great job, lovely home and want for nothing – but life feels empty. You begin searching within for an answer.
  4. You commence a new art project, you lose track of time as you explore creative ideas and experiment with new techniques.
  5. You experience an altered mental state, reality is not what it seems.
  6. You fall in love or have a child and suddenly find yourself wanting more than anything to make another happy, putting them before yourself.
  7. You don’t want to accept a situation, it can’t be true! Acceptance and letting go of control can sometimes be the best option. Learn to surrender to the lessons that come your way.
  8. You did something and now you feel awful about it. Listen to your conscience and let it inform how you act in the future.
  9. You acknowledge that you have free time and decide to volunteer for a local charity. Every little bit helps!
  10. You begin to question whether the powers that be are really serving the people, and where society itself still has room to grow.

The houses ruled by Pisces and Sagittarius will give a large indication of how this will manifest in your life, but at least now you know what themes to look out for!

Your Year Ahead – Astrology Predictions

Welcome to my listing for a bespoke 1 year astrological forecast, where I identify the key themes and lessons coming your way so that you can use the incoming energy to it’s fullest potential.

Elon Musk: Is he the real deal? Astrology Analysis

Some call him the modern day Tony Stark, others call him the Dogefather. One thing’s for sure, Elon Musk is always at the cutting edge of technology or sending the latest meme viral. So what gives, is it all a show or does public perception reveal something of the true nature of a person?

It certainly does!

In astrology I look at a person’s Sun and their 1st and 10th houses to see the parts of their personality that they project outwards. These houses are associated with our identity, social status and career. They’re a sure-fire way of building up a picture of somebody’s persona and what they aspire towards on the public stage.

You may be wondering whether I look at Elon’s chart and think “Wow, this guy was always going be a billionaire and head a technological revolution!” I can see the themes and potential that Elon naturally has at his disposal but it was freewill and competency that enabled him to achieve what he has. Credit where credit’s due.

So, let’s take a look at Elon’s chart. I’ll focus on the areas relating to his public persona and then take a peep ‘behind the scenes’. There’s a few things about Elon that might surprise you, so stay tuned to the end…

He’s on fire!

I’m going to have to get my geek on for a second because there’s something in Elon’s chart that’s really turbo-charging his public persona. If your new to astrology bear with me on this for second.

The 10th house cusp, aka the MC, rules over social status and drive to achieve. Elon’s is involved in a powerful configuration called a T-Square. This is when two aspects of a birth chart are at odds with one another, but the strongest traits of both are channelled through a third point . For use of a better analogy this third point ‘glows hot’ in the birth chart with the combined energy of all three. This third point is his Sun – as if it wasn’t hot enough! … in his first house, which rules over his persona. Ouch, double hot!! Elon is literally shining like a Summer Sun in the eyes of others. He’s our golden boy!

As an astrologer I would put a considerable amount of emphasis on identity, career and achievement, and view them as key themes in Elon’s life.

Ahead of his time or just bonkers?

Let’s keep this simple from here on in. The big players behind Elon’s career and social status is Mars and Uranus. Despite their differences I would say that these are highly compatible in nature. Uranus is innovative, unconventional and challenges tradition, whilst Mars is concerned with self-assertion, leadership and courage. When we put these two together we have an individual who is future orientated, who thrives off pushing boundaries and bravely leads others into new territory. When someone says no way – Elon hears YES!

My best friend as a kid had this combo and when we’d play ‘Follow the Leader’ in primary school, she was intolerable when it was anybody else’s turn to be leader. She’d literally be scraping the toes of her shoes on the leader’s heels trying to get ahead. Though when she was leader she would skip along walls, swing around drain pipes and kart-wheel down hill, risking life and limb to be seen as ‘the best’ and ‘most exciting’ leader! This is the kind of energy pushing through into Elon’s public persona which as an adult can be developed into pioneering and confident leadership.

It’s also worth noting both his MC and Sun are in cardinal signs. This makes one very good at initiating change and making decisions. This, along with his Aquarius North Node and Ascendant square Pluto, is why Elon is seen as a catalyst for upheaval and transformation. His public persona is tied in with extremely revolutionary energies.

Treading a thin line – accepting risk!

We can’t ignore the fact that Elon has Gemini Rising with Mercury in the first house conjunct his Sun. Language, communication, information, ideas and humour take to the stage. This is someone who’s in-tune with the times. Though when you combine this with the somewhat rebellious and impulsive energy discussed above we have someone renowned for treading a thin line with what they think and say.

Comedians often work with this energy to find the perfect balance between shock and humour, like the jester who was the only one in court who could ‘get away with’ saying certain truths. Elon likely presents as articulate, knowledgeable, quick-witted and as having a lot of nervous energy. Though with a square to Pluto from his Gemini Ascendant he may well be renowned for his analytical mind, or for having a sharp tongue.

What you see is what you get?

Cancer Sun is in the first house, and is the focus of that turbo-charged T-square I mentioned. It’s hard to see how the gentle sentimentality of Cancer can work harmoniously with the sparky aspects discussed so far. Though many successful leaders are classed as introverts, I suspect Elon is one of them.

This placement will soften his persona, adding a compassionate and nurturing quality to his interactions with others, as well as a touch of shyness. Cancer Sun individuals are quite private, they’re selective with what they say and prefer to sit back and observe rather than dominate conversations. Elon will work hard to lead with heart and do right by others, empathy will aid in keeping him rooted and in touch with his workforce. This placement also amplifies traditional values, and I suspect Elon is proud to define himself as a ‘father’ and ‘family man’.

So with his Sun in the first, he really does ‘put himself out there for others to see.’ This placement really does scream authenticity.

A little glimpse behind the persona

Whilst it’s out with the old and in with the new on the face of it. In his personal life Elon has a strong need for order and routine. With a Virgo Moon square Saturn he’s likely to overthink things and be a bit of a worry-wort. He may battle insecurity and doubt himself often. If used positively this will translate into a humble nature and a strong drive to improve himself. Meticulous to his core, and no doubt still an engineer a heart. I bet he likes his house to be spotless and to have his clothes ironed and folded – strictly no creases!

With Mercury ruling both his Moon and Venus, passion isn’t high on Elon’s agenda. Companionship and stimulating conversation are the order of that day!

In Elon’s past he likely got too emotionally involved with everything. This would have brought him great joy at times but have been unnecessarily draining at others. Part of his purpose in this lifetime, represented by his Aquarius North Node, is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. To get less involved on a personal level, establish emotional boundaries and to adopt a more humanitarian approach to life.

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Career and Vocation Astrology Report

In this report I map out your natural potential as it appears in your birth chart and interpret the key indicators of career and workplace satisfaction. This will help you to recognise and utilise your strengths, setting goals for the future that won’t just bring success but significant opportunities for spiritual development.,

Mars Conjunct Uranus – A Bolt from the Blue

Mars conjunct Uranus becomes exact on Wednesday 20th January 2021. Whilst Uranus is associated with the crown chakra and the intellect, Mars is associated with our root chakra, and the more primal aspect of our natures. In many ways these energies really do exist at two very different ends of the spectrum and neither is better nor worse than the other.

Striking a balance

If we swing too far towards cerebral Uranus we may become aloof, disconnected, and somewhat neurotic. Though, if we swing too far towards the fire of Mars we may become too reactive fueled entirely by our instincts. Nobody exists entirely at one end or the other, nobody’s birth chart is that simple. It is our mission to unite the two and live from our heart chakra, balancing the two energies within ourselves.

Mars conjunct Uranus

I want you to Imagine this transit as bolt of lightning, it’s sudden, sharp and bright. I really like this analogy because it describes a shock, an unforeseen event. Though through the generation of light it also implies knowledge and truth. This transit it a sudden realisation, an awakening or epiphany. It can both beautiful and destructive.

Also, the way it manifests in people’s lives can differ tremendously. It can be a creative breakthrough or it could be a walking in on your partner having an affair. It’s hard to imagine how one transit could differ so widely! By its nature it is extreme, but in both instances the archetypal symbolism is the same.

Two sides of the same coin

Ok, let me explain what i mean by that. Say you’re an artist and you’ve been pushing and pushing, trying to get your ideas to come together but at each and every attempt you were just come up against a brick wall. Something isn’t quite right, a piece of the puzzle is missing, there is something you just aren’t seeing. and then ‘Ta-da!’, under this transit it all becomes clear. As if from nowhere you just get it, a bolt from the blue. You know exactly what you have to do and you’re excited, you can barely sit down and are eager to get to work.

This transit really does lend itself to breakthroughs and innovation, it’s brilliant for anyone wanting to progress projects. Though be prepared to let ideas go if at their core they’re not the right ones. Mars conjunct Uranus is like a damn sniffer dog, it can smell weakness a mile off and is prepared to knock the towers of cards down over and over again until you finally realise that it’s a better idea to build one out of bricks.

Mars conjunct Uranus lightning and fire

Anyway on that note lets look at the affair. Perhaps there’s been issues for a while but neither party has wanted to address them. The foundations are wobbly but it’s been easier to pretend that everything’s just fine. Evolutionary wise this isn’t helping either person, both are existing in a state of deception. Then this transit comes and ‘Ta-da!’, it’s ‘Wake up, this isn’t working!’ This is a revelation of a different kind, but again is a bolt from the blue to get you back on track.

Like the artist the couple are fired up and can barely sit down, though this is more anxiety than excitement.  Can you see how in both instances all the body experiences is adrenaline, the physical response is not so different. This aspect is also largely associated with risk, many people may seem braver at this time and willing to take a chance in life.

jump risk

Potential of humankind

Mars is a spring of energy. It’s raw human potential, and this aspect is encouraging us to raise this energy and manifest it consciously. This can be done through projects, sports, meaningful sexual relations and creativity. However, if you’ve been blocking this channel, repressing emotions or urges then this transit will pull the plug. Holding down anger or resentment? Then circumstances may well provoke a sudden and disruptive release. Be mindful of flash tempers at this time, and try not to lash out either physically or verbally. You see there’s a strong chance that people may do something that they will later regret because the nature of this transit is explosive and does not care for moderation .’

I want to make one thing crystal clear…

I want to make one thing crystal clear, Mars conjunct Uranus isn’t purposeless or malicious, however it manifests in your life it does so with meaning. A lot of things that get us to where we need to go and that help us to become the best that we can be, hurt a little bit. If events at this time make you feel uncomfortable perhaps it’s because you’re not where you’re meant to be. It might be time for you to move on, or move forward, in some aspect of your life.

If this is turning out to be a difficult transit for you ask yourself this: Would you rather the discomfort be dragged out over months or would you rather condense it and just get it out of the way with? Either way the purpose is to get you to a better place, this is just the fast train!

I also recommend:

Speaking of Mars, this assertive go-getter is currently transiting the early degrees of Taurus. As it’s likely to be in this fixed earth sign for a while I recommend having a read of this article so that you know what to expect and what it might mean for you.

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Mars Transits Taurus – Disciple of Discipline

Welcome! Join us for a conversation around the current transit of Mars through the sign of Taurus.

Is this really the energy of the bull in the china shop?

Don’t worry, we’ll touch upon what this means for you as well as some of the key things that you need to be aware of so that you don’t send the china crashing! Now let’s get started, first question…

What does Mars in Taurus mean on a really basic level?

Mars’ transit through Taurus has some incredible lessons to teach us. It helps us learn how to temper our passions. We begin to realise that hot headedness and overtly emotional reactions don’t always get us what we want, or to where we want to go. Instead we begin to view our energy as a limited resource and we become more conscious of where we channel our energy in light of what is most likely to deliver real results.

Mars in Taurus control your primal self.

You see, It’s concerned with the practical application of personal energy/power. It helps us to learn the benefits of self discipline and self-directed action. At its core our natures are wild and powerful, an incredible resource of personal energy and creativity. With Mars in Taurus we try to put reigns on our will and direct our potential in a meaningful way. This combination always makes me think of the Chariot in the Tarot deck.

I get the feeling that if used positively a lot can be achieved during this time?

Absolutely! This combination manifests the drive within us to be our own masters. It tells that if we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions then we can gain results that aren’t arbitrary (let’s see where the cards fall) but of real value not just to us but our friends, family and society.

But, what if I’m pretty laid back and this all sound like a lot of hard work?

Haha! This is exactly why we have transits. Transit allow us to experience energies that may not be easily expressed through the natal chart. So at this time, dependent on where it falls in your chart, you will have an increased appreciation of discipline and hard work. You may see something that you really want and Mars’ transit through Taurus says ‘Yes! You can have this thing you’re dreaming of but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort.’ Mars through Aries birthed much inspiration, now in Taurus it asks you to make a commitment, to accept delayed gratification and begin moving towards our long term goals. If you want it enough, then being laid-back won’t get in your way.

Mars in Taurus - Start working towards long term goals

Ok, so honestly now, what are the drawbacks likely to be?

What you need to understand about Taurus is that it’s so grounded, with individuals it’s as if roots run through their feet tethering them to the earth itself! It takes a lot to rattle or unnerve a Taurus. They are steadfast yet stubborn, whilst being both loyal and dedicated. So on one hand we’re encouraged to take our time and be patient with Mars in this sign, but this approach doesn’t always sit well with the impatient and impulsive nature of Mars. In many ways they contradict each other. As such, friction can result. Our lust for life and creative flow can feel stifled at times, whilst we may struggle with feeling rushed, flustered and slightly out of control at others.

Sounds a lot more nuanced than Mars’ transit through Aries

Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that’s true. Mars, God of War, in Taurus manifests itself in a different manner than when it transited Aries. Activism and unbridled passion give way to a more strategic approach. Mars in Taurus is territorial and incredibly defensive and will respond physically if threatened. Also, with Taurus being the second sign of the zodiac it gives ground to ‘the other’. So we have to be mindful that at it’s lower polarity this combination can breed an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality, which may lead to tribalism and conflict.

Taurus can be rather tribal and concerned with ownership of territory

Sounds concerning, anything else that we should be mindful of?

Taurus in Mars is more than able to play the long game, and is resolute in pursuit of long term goals. You see, at this time we are capable of overcoming many obstacles through the force of our own will but when we begin thinking in terms of ‘the ends justifying the means’ it’s easy to see how this combination can be viewed as inconsiderate, if not ruthless in more extreme cases.

One other thing I will say is that Mars in Taurus is capable of withstanding pressure like no other combination. Under this energy people’s natural disposition is to cling devoutly to their principles, beliefs and even possessions. They are like a rock that will not be moved and are capable of weathering incredible opposition.

Taurus can be stubborn

I see where you’re going with this. What if people are clinging to flawed principles, or are clinging to the material at the expense of the spiritual?

Yep you got it, this will undoubtedly lead to impaired growth and actions based on flawed logic. People may become obstinate, unwilling to take advice and break ties with anybody who differs in their approach. If this spirals out of control it can lead to people being overtly controlling, if not out-right tyrannical.

What should we see this tendency in others or feel it arising in ourselves?

Take responsibility. Conflict resolution if difficult under this energy there’s no denying that, but we must all try our best to encourage dialogue and to be considerate towards other people’s perspectives. Seek the nuance in situations and steer clear of absolutist judgements against others.

And to finish on a positive?

I’d say that whatever it is that you want to achieve, this energy really can help you make major strides in that direction. You know it’s not all serious either, just play, put your ideas to the test. If they don’t take root or stand the test then learn from it and move on. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger right? I really think the realisation that we have mastery over ourselves is huge and the potential underlying this realisation is incredibly empowering.

And to anybody who want to learn more?

I think the key to understanding how Mars’ transit through Taurus is likely to function is to read generally around the two archetypal energies at play. I cover them in the following two articles:

Psychology of Aries in Astrology

Psychology of Taurus in Astrology

Thanks for reading everyone!

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Capricorn New Moon, January 2021 Darkness before the Dawn

Welcome to this astrological insight for the new moon in Capricorn, January 13th 2021.

Position: 23.13 degrees of Capricorn

Aspects: Conjunct Pluto

Are you ready for what is likely to be the most action packed time in 2021?

Pressure is building at this new moon, and with the added dose of Aquarius/Uranus energy, many will feel a sense of foreboding, anticipation or even excitement. If you listen carefully you can hear the creaks of old foundations as they begin to give way. When Pluto is conjunct a new moon we must all work to master our emotions so that we are no longer ruled by them. When the will has mastery over our emotions we can use them to propel us forward. On the contrary, if they possess us then they will always pull us backwards. If you find yourself in navigating through dark times then remember that your personal dawn is just around the corner.

Forward motion and change are the only constants and circumstances will bring an end to that which no longer serves a purpose in our evolutionary growth. Try and let go of rigid thought patterns and cultivate hope for this turning point and the direction it’s taking you in. Future realisations are now trying to take root and we must make room by letting go of obsolete and detrimental factors in our lives. Set positive intentions and stretch your hand out to meet them.

Pluto serves to expose dishonest motives or flawed logic. Therefore any structures built on such flawed principles will begin to disintegrate. It may be a business, a relationship or even a mindset, but if it’s necessary to dismantle it in order to build it stronger then Pluto in Capricorn will see it done. In this sense try and see passed any losses to the opportunities that are becoming available as a result. Look forward to new practical beginnings that are more likely to draw meaning and genuine prosperity towards you.

There is no half way measures with this new moon and without exercising sufficient constraint many may succumb to emotional outbursts, fits of temper and rash actions. This is going to be even more pronounced with Mars’ square to Jupiter and tightening conjunction to Uranus. When Pluto comes to play there’s no hiding our true colours. People will be fuelled primarily by their instincts and heated feelings will take to the driver’s seat. Use the new energy available through Mars in Taurus, find practical outlets for your emotions instead of giving way to restlessness and mood-swings.

We may experience what seems like a night of storms but just around the corner is a new dawn. Fix your eyes on the future and leap confidently into the the unknown of tomorrow. But beware, fixate solely on the past and you risk being buried beneath yesterday’s rubble.

Don’t forget to…

The energy at this new moon is intense, people may well see things in extremes, black and white, future or past, life and death. Temperance is going to be our greatest ally in the coming days. If you can use it in your own life and have some to spare please reach out to others. Many may be finding it difficult to manage difficult situations and strong emotions this month. Let’s all keep an eye out for those struggling with mental health issues too, as this time may be quite triggering.

If you find yourself struggling you may be able to find some good sources of support here.

Your guide to working with new moons

New moons are fascinating and if you’re not working with them then you’re missing a trick! Familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month. See:

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The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – 10 Top Tips

Growth often isn’t always easy, but one thing’s for sure, it is always necessary. Whether you embrace the opportunity to work hard to improve yourself or whether you wriggle in discomfort as life nudges you out of your comfort zone, my 10 top tips will help you to make the most of The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st.

1. Don’t sell yourself short

This transit is all about recognising limitations and finding the will to overcome them. When Jupiter meets Saturn we realise that time is short, all of a sudden our excuses don’t fly anymore and through a sense of our own suppressed potential we begin to muster the courage to take action! It’s common to feel a level of frustration under this influence and a sense of not being sufficiently recognised or appreciated. These unfavorable sensations inspire us to bring about necessary and often overdue change, in doing so we pave the way towards attaining greater levels of freedom and success.

2. Be willing to work for what you want

Willpower will be strong under this conjunction but this energy isn’t reckless, (Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius after all, which in turn rules over the higher mind) so this transit is about consciously directing the will and reigning in the urge towards impulsiveness. When used constructively alongside the Saturn energy we see growth through productivity, the physical realisation of ideas and the enthusiastic execution of best-laid plans.

3. Lay claim to the new you

It could be time to close the book on the old you. Under this conjunction we are encouraged to take our rightful place, just as Zeus (Jupiter) overthrew his father Kronos (Saturn) and claimed the throne on Mount Olympus. This signifies a significant turning point that demands a shift in power or status, it can often feel like destiny is intervening. For example, a promotion might demand you take on greater responsibility in work, a marriage or birth might bring about a change in status or even the sad death of loved one could cause you stand as the new head of the household.

4. Listen out for your calling

When these planets come together they produce a sense of ‘fated events’ or of ‘getting our just deserts’. It is not unusual for people to find their calling under this influence, to be confronted with something that is both inspirational and which one is prepared to work hard for. At this time we reap the benefits of the work we’ve put in over recent years and set goals for the future. The karmic cycle continues to turn as we feel propelled forward on our path.

5. Wait for the opportune moment

Jupiter conjunct Saturn is all about waiting for the opportune moment to make your move. When the planet of luck and the planet ruling over time come together in Aquarius we’re encouraged to gain a greater perspective and use our sharp intellect in order to achieve our goals. Just as a bird of prey tracks a rodent from a height, so must you watch and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

6. Break out of your comfort zone

Don’t be surprised if the limitations you place on yourself, and that others place upon you, begin to chaff. As the son took the place of the father so must you dethrone the old you and lay claim to the you that you want to be. Be ready to seize the opportunity to move forward and fulfil your potential. Events may arise whereby your skills and abilities are put to the test and you are encouraged to stretch forward out of your comfort zone. It’s at these times that we surprise ourselves and realise that we’re capable of achieving so much more than we thought.

7. Don’t be afraid of conflict

Conflicts of egos and challenges to authority are common under this conjunction. There is a sense of no longer being at ease with your current situation, like young stags people may well feel an eagerness to put their abilities to the test and to stake their skills against others’. This urge to develop ourselves makes us more likely to enter into conflict if we consider it as a necessary means to overcoming limitations and inducing growth. If somebody says ‘you can’t do that,’ then the Saturn/Jupiter retort is ‘wanna bet’.

8. Avoid setting yourself up for a fall

Our sense of self and our faith in our own abilities often need a boost but Jupiter can inflate matters so much and we may aim so high that we are ultimately setting ourselves up for a fall. Many of us are capable of much more than we think but Saturn can inject a healthy realism. After all, we’re unlikely to enter a medical examination with no prior knowledge and achieve top marks. This transit isn’t about purely wishful thinking or blind faith. It’s about bringing our dreams down to earth and honing them so that we can make them a reality. This is not about a quick fix, this is being willing to put in the work, gruelling hours if necessary, in order to reach your goals.

9. Stop trying to control everything

If throughout the last cycle you have exercised excessive levels of control in your life and over others, you may well feel a sense of impending disaster. This is why this transit can invoke feelings of paranoia and fear. If you have not treated others with respect and kindness then you may begin to feel the first drips of push-back arising. This is felt when people are trying to sustain a way of being that is restricting their growth and that of others. In stories we see this scenario portrayed as the tyrant who is inevitably overthrown by those he has been oppressing. Jupiter and Saturn lend a karmic tone to events and proceedings are considered in terms of being just or unjust.

10. Be brave

Of course many of us may hear the call of Jupiter/Saturn but not all of us will have the courage to pursue it. In this case I encourage you to take small steps towards your larger goals, something manageable and less daunting. If we forever ignore the call to outgrow our limitations not only do we stagnate but our outlook can become bitter and we can even come to begrudge other people’s joy and progress

Remember, we grow through discomfort, struggle often precedes success and responsibility can be synonymous with joy. Work with this transit and trust you’ll be moving towards greater heights.

Harvest Full Moon in Aries, October 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘harvest’ moon in Aries, October 1st 2020.

Position: 9 degrees of Aries/Libra

Aspects: Moon conjunct Chiron (orb 2 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

Finding the best route forward

A full moon in a cardinal sign really can tear the covers off us and give us a firm kick out of bed and out the front door. This full moon has a wonderful propelling energy, but it is encouraging us to act from a place of consideration and forethought. So wipe those bleary eyes, gather your thoughts and be ready for action.

Both Libra and Aries toy with extremes, whilst the Aries energy is impulsive and passionate, Libra seeks to experience polarities and in doing so discern the optimal balance and the ideal solution. So, if you find yourself in the grips of strong desires, embrace the Libran energy that will lend you objectivity and perspective. Know that it is important to feel these emotions as they present themselves naturally to you, but acknowledge that they may need to be tempered by rational thought if you are to make the most of them.

Alternatively, if you’re the type of person who is more considerate and who, when presented with a choice, is often wracked with indecision and paralysed by doubt, then this full moon will bring conviction and courage. There’s such a lot of potential for productive action at this time! Remember to look to the houses that are highlighted in your chart to see what area of your life will take to centre stage.

Work with this full moon and you will come out the other side with a much broader and balanced perspective which in turn will give you the fortitude and courage to persevere. Take this opportunity to adjust your approach in a given field or sphere of life, tweak your trajectory so that you’re heading in the optimal direction to meet your goals.

Creatives pay attention, this a a wonderful full moon for experimentation and progression with creative projects. Use this energy well and you’ll have the ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to boot!

Relationships – things are getting hot!

Wow, in the relationship field passions and attractions will be high, perhaps you’ve been thinking about moving forward with somebody for a while, and now with an injection of Aries energy it is finally time to make your move. You may even find yourself spontaneously attracted to someone, in this situation I urge you to consider what it is you want from to gain from this situation, and are you going about it the best way? Cross-wires are possible and arguments may well ensue; this may be with partners, friends or colleagues. Don’t fret, just find your inner peace, take a deep breath and act from a place of firm principle but consideration for others. This is all about tempering emotions, it may be that your role (especially if Aries falls on your 7th house cusp) is too support others in finding their own path, so be mindful of how you can support others through this phase.

Chiron conjunct the moon – turbo growth

A quick note on Chiron in Aries conjunct the moon. We all know Chiron can be painful and when it’s around we’re prone to feeling a little sensitive and vulnerable but if you’re interested in truly capitalising on your self development then you should always look to Chiron as your ally.

When Chiron is involved with a new moon it’s like having a turbo-boost on your evolutionary journey. You may find your insecurities triggered but if you recognise them for what they are and endeavor to understand their root then you can begin to take control. Under this full moon Chiron can help us to move towards a state where our insecurities no longer have such tremendous power over us.

Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, July 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘buck’ moon in Capricorn, July 5th 2020.

Position: 13.37 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer

Aspects: Sun sextile Uranus in Taurus, Moon trine Uranus (orb 3 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the June-July lunar cycle

Bringing balance to the Cancer new moon

With the Cancer full moon in June we were encouraged to draw our attention back towards the self and to tend to our personal needs and relationships. For many this came as a welcome respite following a frantic Gemini season. We entered the second half of June feeling like we’d been whipped around in a hurricane to a point where we could barely remember what it felt like to have solid ground beneath our feet. What a relief when the Cancer new moon helped to draw our awareness back from the matrix of information, people and events in the outside world. It felt like a strong arm had reached forward to shelter us from the wind only to ask ‘So how do you think you handled that?’ Thus commenced a season of introspection and self-development.

Cancer understands that it’s often not enough to just be a part of an immediate, societal or even global network. Instead we must dedicate time and effort to cultivating our connections with others and building meaningful relationships. In fact all new and full moons in water signs encourage us to look at the interconnectedness of reality and the personal role that we play.

The recent new moon’s square to Mars urged us to turn our attention towards sources of conflict, both within our psyche and as they manifest in our outer world (and let’s be honest there’s rarely a distinction to be made between the two!) What ways of being are we overly attached to that inhibit our progress?

We know that Mars doesn’t tread gently, in fact realisations that aren’t arrived at naturally will be sent our way in the form of hard truths and enforced awakenings, as I explained on my social media channels:

Capricorn full ‘Buck’ moon explained

The Cancer new moon encouraged us to reflect on our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and to consider our fractured relationships and how we might work to restore harmony. Capricorn, whilst appreciative of the efforts invested into building strong foundations, says enough! It’s time to put your introspective work to the test. Under this influence our strength of character and the extent of our efforts is both tested and rewarded. If you go through all of that discomfort in order to grow it’s now that you discover the benefits that your efforts have sown, like the beautiful new life that’s born following the ‘not so pleasant’ experience of labour.

In many ways I consider this one of the more karmic full moons. It reminds us that our actions have a ripple effect, and this is why we may experience past actions coming back to haunt, or reward us. In a similar vein we are encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves, to bear our cross so to speak, because what we do now will affect our future, without exception. We do not exist in disconnect but as active participants of a wider network of interrelated events and human connections. Everything we do has consequences.

Under this influence people feel compelled to develop their levels of competence, their ability to cope and manage in life so that they can better contribute to the wider collective. It is not unusual for people to be met with opportunities to take on increased responsibility during this time (work promotions or pregnancies for example. You may even be at the receiving end of a disclosure of some kind. In the same way you are being trusted with something important, and this is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re mature and strong enough shoulder matter at hand.)

Capricorn responsibility

As I just alluded to this full moon is about maturation, but also wisdom. Through Cancer we learn that we are stronger than we think, whilst through Capricorn we strive to utilise our strengths to the benefit of society. This is about steady progress, we progress by climbing one step at a time and you must be patient with yourself. Capricorn is always in it for the long haul. This is a humbling influence that reminds us that one must learn to walk before one can run.

In terms of contributing to wider society, with the rising conflict and overwhelming frustrations currently at play, you might ask ‘How might I meaningfully contribute to bringing some semblance of peace to the world?’ In response the Capricorn full moon states, if not a little sternly for that is Capricorn’s way, ‘If you can’t first resolve the conflict between yourself and your own family… or friends, or colleagues, then you are not yet strong enough to contribute in the meaningful way that you would like to.’ In effect, if you resolve conflict in yourself then through raising your own vibration you will automatically raise the vibration of those around you.

To reiterate learn to walk before you can run, it’s all about timing. From there you can endeavour to bring about supportive conditions (Cancer) to foster societal growth and reformation (Capricorn).

A Helping Hand from Uranus

How wonderful to see some Uranus energy factor into this full moon. It seems like an age since the master of innovation and freedom lent us his hand. If we can summarise this full moon as a need to transcend outworn conditions, to reform ourselves and the structures in our lives into something that serves us now and into the future – then Uranus helps us in two ways.

It grants us perspective and helps us to identify a better path, a better version of ourselves that we want to aspire to, and conditions that we may want to bring about in support of our growth as well as that of others. Secondly, it lessens our desire to cling to personal traits and things that we have formed attachments to. This energy lets us know what we are enough in and of ourselves and so letting go of certain things will in no way diminish our integrity. If we are to work hard then we will do so filled with inspiration and a dream of bringing about better conditions.

The Capricorn full moon in the natal chart

Capricorn strength

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically. You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall.

The house that the moon falls in will show where you are being encouraged to take on greater responsibility, you’re being sent a reassuring nudge in a certain direction, you’re ready. Through discipline and concerted effort you can make great progress in this domain at this time – but be prepared to work for it.

The house inhabited by the sun shows where you are set to benefit and grow from aligning your inner needs with your outward intent. This house shows where you may experience the commencement of new cycles, and likewise endings and culminations of old ways of being. You may well receive recognition and success in this domain too, these are the gifts that come from the hard work you’ve been doing.

For example, if this full moon occupies the 1st-7th axis, with the sun falling in the 1st and the moon in the 7th, then through accepting responsibility for ourselves and the part we play in relationship dynamics we will establish more supportive networks. This will in turn feed our self-esteem and we will thus naturally become a more outwardly confident and secure in our expression, a new you!

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Uranus is in. It is likely that you’ve felt a degree of upheaval in this domain in recent months. For some this may have been an area of heightened stimulation and excitement, whilst others may have experienced this as the source of upheaval and sharp truths. The truth is it was (and still is) necessary for you to make changes in this area. This full moon is bringing some wonderfully supportive energy your way to help you progress with these matters so that you may transcend and grow in this area.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

Image: Let your intuition guide you- you are what you've been looking for
  • I don’t often say this but look to the past. Reflect honestly on how past behaviours and actions are now manifesting in the present and ask yourself honestly ‘In what way am I responsible for the way things are panning out?’ Taking responsibility is a big part reaping the benefits of the Capricorn influence and will reveal the path that you need to take to make progress.
  • Are you content with your lot? In what way could things be better? – write it down, draw it in pictures – make your vision concrete in some way. Then, go on to outline a first few steps you could take to move towards towards your goals.
  • Capricorn is about valuing your time. Are you currently putting your energy into people and projects that pay reward with a sense of personal fulfilment? If yes, then now is the time to give it your all! If no, then I encourage you to continue to direct your awareness inwards. If your able to inwardly structure what you value then the outward expression of meaning will naturally follow.
  • Use the inspiration that this full moon brings to drive your projects forward. Do you have an idea? Now is a great time to plan on how to implement it – bring it down to earth and make it real!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively. Join me on social media for more or pop your details below and I’ll send you links to future lunar articles via my newsletter.

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Did you know that Mars has just entered Aries? Don’t let it catch you by surprise, here’s a monthly guide:

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Mars transit into Aries 2020 Individualism and Action!

Goodbye Pisces, Hello Aries.

Mars enters Aries on 29th June 2020, and will remain in its home sign until 7th January 2021. This 6 month period includes 2 months in which Mars is retrograde, beginning 10th September and stationing direct on 14th November.

In this article I discuss how and why this cyclical shift in energy brings focus away from collectivism back towards individual responsibility and personal freedoms. From an evolutionary perspective this dynamic is not only necessary but imperative to progress. I trace Mars’ journey from July all the way to January 2021, explaining why I don’t think the transition will be abrupt and for what reasons I suspect an increase in tension that builds towards a climatic period in mid August.

Understanding transits across the Aries point.

An independent Aries man

When we see any planet enter Aries, we see it cross the Aries point. This marks the start of the astrological wheel and signifies both a culmination and the start of a new cycle.

Mars in its own sign brings our life purpose and direction into focus. It will raise questions such as ‘What do I want and how am I going to go about manifesting it?’ It will bring with it an individualistic streak, something that has been absent during its transit through collectivist Pisces. Instead Mars in Aries encourages us to take a step back from others, to focus solely on our own needs and what we personally need to develop. In fact you may find yourself acting against the desires and expectations of others, but just remember that those that care for us will support us in our growth. We are on our own journey and at times that requires freedom and autonomy.

With Mars’ transit through Pisces we were inclined to channel our energy into things that we saw as being for the collective benefit. Our will was directed towards broader ideals that could only be achieved through collective effort. In turn this brought with it recognition of our personal limitations, there’s only so much we can achieve on our own after all. However, this humbling influence opened us up to how we could be better, or be more than we currently are.

So, when Mars enters Aries we come from a place of being acutely aware of our own shortcomings. Many of us may even feel vulnerable during this transition as we feel compelled to travel into new territory alone. This is why Mars in Aries fills the individual with courage – not because it feels good but because we need it. We are inspired to move forwards towards a version of ourselves that is stronger, more assertive and able to stand ones ground under pressure.

As Mars crosses the Aries point we understand that individualism needn’t be considered selfish. Instead, if we all work on being the best versions of ourselves imagine what we can achieve when we next come together?

How to make the best of this transition

  • A shift of focus from serving others to now addressing your own personal needs. Consider this a new chapter in your maturation.
  • Separation from erroneous ideas and people that prove to be detrimental to your evolutionary progress. An assertive step towards truth.
  • An opportunity to reinvent yourself. Mars in Aries prompts questions such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I want to achieve in this life?’ Answers will be forthcoming during this period.
  • A wonderful time for creative endeavours, for they are in essence creations born from the self. Move forwards with your projects, you will find yourself working with heightened enthusiasm and even an entrepreneurial flair.

Mars in Aries keywords/phrases

Aries the fighter - a martial artist
  • Assertive action
  • Authenticity and empowerment
  • Conviction in oneself and in ones beliefs
  • Freedom of expression
  • Independence, separation from the collective
  • Passion and sensuality
  • Pioneering and Entrepreneurial
  • Irritable and defensive behaviours
  • Aggression and physicality

For an in depth look at the psychological motivations underpinning this archetype read:

Psychology of Aries in Astrology

Your guide to what to expect from Mars’ 6 month transit through Aries

The significance of Mars moving into Aries whilst remaining under the influence of the recent solar eclipse in Cancer

The energy of the recent new moon / solar eclipse in Cancer also encouraged us to pay greater attention to the self so that we may truly learn to think and act in accordance with our authentic nature. However, whilst the Cancer energy encourages us to pull back and assess, Mars in Aries can be forthright and impulsive. Not interested in introspection Aries-Mars charges forward with courage and single-minded conviction, for better or worse.

This conflicting message is why we must be cautious of premature action throughout this cycle. There will be an inclination to throw strategy of any kind to the wind. It’s important that we learn to walk before we can run and to know where it is that we want to go before we set out. There is a risk that people will experience rude awakenings during this time because assertive action may well run counter to their personal needs and universal truths.

Throughout the first half of July influences will largely support us to strike a balance between self assertive action and relational harmony

Aries the lover - two people kissing

As discussed when Mars crosses the Aries point we see a shift in focus from the self as a member of the collective and the self in service to higher ideals – to the autonomous self who values personal freedom, the right to think, speak and act as an individual in line with what is right for them.

Let’s be honest, both of these approaches have their value, but neither are constructive if manifested to the overt detriment of the other. This is why the natural counter influence to Aries is through the diplomatic sign of Libra. Libra marks the mid-point between the two energies and encourages us temper both extremes and to find the optimal route between the two so that we can maintain sovereignty and act selflessly towards a collective benefit.

As Mars enters Aries and through the first half of July we see a lovely sextile from Mars to Venus (ruler of Libra) in Gemini. This will greatly ease the transition of Mars from Pisces into it’s home sign, it curbs what could otherwise manifest as impulsivity and untempered aggression, and aids in conflict resolution. Here we see Aries the lover, passion and sensuality will be high.

From mid-July we can expect to feel the rising of tension as instinctive drives take over and conflict ensues.

A man standing amid an erupting volcano. Aries and war.

As Mars sextile Venus moves out of orb, we will become acutely aware of the slow building of discourse simmering beneath the surface as Mars moves towards it’s square with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We can consider the middle two weeks of August as the climatic period of Mars’ transit through Aries, with Mars squaring Pluto exactly on the 15th August. Make way for Mars the warrior and activist, but will his war efforts be a martial dance or a mindless brawl?

In light of the eclipse and the predominance of planets in retrograde I understand Mars square Pluto (retrograde) to be a time to focus on ones own inner development. Outwards expression of this energy should be considered premature. However, we will see people projecting the very traits in themselves that they are being encouraged to confront, but evidently find it too painful to do so. This will be evident through aggressive behaviour and emotional outbursts.

Essentially, Mars in Aries square Pluto signifies sudden tension brought to that which is blocking our personal development such as repressed emotions or untruths. Such matters will surge to the surface with considerable force. These things will be neither gentle nor easy to look at, they come straight from the core of our shadow self and will shake our foundations if we have not based our character and actions on sound principles.

However, in this instance there is a distinction to be made between those who value growth and those who do not. The former will experience this as a sudden but enlightening experience, where the way is now made clear for them to move forwards. The later, as alluded to above, will find this particularly challenging and psychologically disturbing. In both instances this transit serves to encourage people to face their demons and to get themselves back on track so to speak.

Such sharp wake-up calls come about when we fail to accept previous opportunities to address matters. It’s as if the universe has no other way than to force us to wake up.

From mid-August we will undoubtedly be glad to see the raising of the Aries-Mars energy to it’s higher manifestion

We will see a change in this dynamic from around 19th August, when the Leo new moon conjunct mercury makes a beautiful trine to Mars. This will work to temper the Aries energy by bringing an added layer of meaning to autonomous action, and rationale to the impulsivity. Through reflection and critique people will find themselves able to temper their drives and direct their energy towards that which truly benefits their development and relations.

I will be writing an article on the Mars square Pluto transit and the new moon on August 19th that will help set the scene. I will keep you updated via social media and through my newsletter.

Mars retrograde throughout most of September and October

Mars turns retrograde on 10th September and stations direct on 14th November, having once again reached 15′ Aries. This is a great time to take your foot off this pedal a little, conserve your energy. As the astrological giants; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto station direct we’re going to see some action throughout November and December, but not yet. Use this time to reflect on your triggers so that you can better utilise that fighting spirit, and try to conceptualise what you want from your future so that you can move forward with confidence when it’s time

I will be covering the nature of the upheaval that I expect to see in November and December in a separate article. Mars does not contact any of these planets directly until the end of December (addressed below). However, its position will lend a forthright approach to matters, and there will be a sense of individuals being directly involved and personally effected by the events that unfold.

Christmas – Au revoir

Mars squares Pluto for the last time from 23′ Aries, on 23rd December. This will be felt as ‘Au revoir’ as the dance between the giants in Capricorn comes to an end. Like a backward glance toward the once fraught battle ground, we feel a pang of emotion but also notice the new growth already sprouting in the earth. This chapter is over. A new one is primed and ready to start. Saturn and Jupiter have already moved forward into Aquarius and Mars spares a backward glance to Pluto in Capricorn as he races off to meet them for a new kind of conversation. Indeed this sparky planet will need to adjust to the somewhat tighter confines of Taurus as we begin to plough temper our energy into more long-term projects.

We can wave goodbye to Mars’ journey through Aries on 7th January 2021. By then I hope you’re ready for some new vibes, because the Aquarian energy is ready to take to centre stage. Out with the old and in with the new.

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