The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – 10 Top Tips

Growth often isn’t always easy, but one thing’s for sure, it is always necessary. Whether you embrace the opportunity to work hard to improve yourself or whether you wriggle in discomfort as life nudges you out of your comfort zone, my 10 top tips will help you to make the most of The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st.

1. Don’t sell yourself short

This transit is all about recognising limitations and finding the will to overcome them. When Jupiter meets Saturn we realise that time is short, all of a sudden our excuses don’t fly anymore and through a sense of our own suppressed potential we begin to muster the courage to take action! It’s common to feel a level of frustration under this influence and a sense of not being sufficiently recognised or appreciated. These unfavorable sensations inspire us to bring about necessary and often overdue change, in doing so we pave the way towards attaining greater levels of freedom and success.

2. Be willing to work for what you want

Willpower will be strong under this conjunction but this energy isn’t reckless, (Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius after all, which in turn rules over the higher mind) so this transit is about consciously directing the will and reigning in the urge towards impulsiveness. When used constructively alongside the Saturn energy we see growth through productivity, the physical realisation of ideas and the enthusiastic execution of best-laid plans.

3. Lay claim to the new you

It could be time to close the book on the old you. Under this conjunction we are encouraged to take our rightful place, just as Zeus (Jupiter) overthrew his father Kronos (Saturn) and claimed the throne on Mount Olympus. This signifies a significant turning point that demands a shift in power or status, it can often feel like destiny is intervening. For example, a promotion might demand you take on greater responsibility in work, a marriage or birth might bring about a change in status or even the sad death of loved one could cause you stand as the new head of the household.

4. Listen out for your calling

When these planets come together they produce a sense of ‘fated events’ or of ‘getting our just deserts’. It is not unusual for people to find their calling under this influence, to be confronted with something that is both inspirational and which one is prepared to work hard for. At this time we reap the benefits of the work we’ve put in over recent years and set goals for the future. The karmic cycle continues to turn as we feel propelled forward on our path.

5. Wait for the opportune moment

Jupiter conjunct Saturn is all about waiting for the opportune moment to make your move. When the planet of luck and the planet ruling over time come together in Aquarius we’re encouraged to gain a greater perspective and use our sharp intellect in order to achieve our goals. Just as a bird of prey tracks a rodent from a height, so must you watch and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

6. Break out of your comfort zone

Don’t be surprised if the limitations you place on yourself, and that others place upon you, begin to chaff. As the son took the place of the father so must you dethrone the old you and lay claim to the you that you want to be. Be ready to seize the opportunity to move forward and fulfil your potential. Events may arise whereby your skills and abilities are put to the test and you are encouraged to stretch forward out of your comfort zone. It’s at these times that we surprise ourselves and realise that we’re capable of achieving so much more than we thought.

7. Don’t be afraid of conflict

Conflicts of egos and challenges to authority are common under this conjunction. There is a sense of no longer being at ease with your current situation, like young stags people may well feel an eagerness to put their abilities to the test and to stake their skills against others’. This urge to develop ourselves makes us more likely to enter into conflict if we consider it as a necessary means to overcoming limitations and inducing growth. If somebody says ‘you can’t do that,’ then the Saturn/Jupiter retort is ‘wanna bet’.

8. Avoid setting yourself up for a fall

Our sense of self and our faith in our own abilities often need a boost but Jupiter can inflate matters so much and we may aim so high that we are ultimately setting ourselves up for a fall. Many of us are capable of much more than we think but Saturn can inject a healthy realism. After all, we’re unlikely to enter a medical examination with no prior knowledge and achieve top marks. This transit isn’t about purely wishful thinking or blind faith. It’s about bringing our dreams down to earth and honing them so that we can make them a reality. This is not about a quick fix, this is being willing to put in the work, gruelling hours if necessary, in order to reach your goals.

9. Stop trying to control everything

If throughout the last cycle you have exercised excessive levels of control in your life and over others, you may well feel a sense of impending disaster. This is why this transit can invoke feelings of paranoia and fear. If you have not treated others with respect and kindness then you may begin to feel the first drips of push-back arising. This is felt when people are trying to sustain a way of being that is restricting their growth and that of others. In stories we see this scenario portrayed as the tyrant who is inevitably overthrown by those he has been oppressing. Jupiter and Saturn lend a karmic tone to events and proceedings are considered in terms of being just or unjust.

10. Be brave

Of course many of us may hear the call of Jupiter/Saturn but not all of us will have the courage to pursue it. In this case I encourage you to take small steps towards your larger goals, something manageable and less daunting. If we forever ignore the call to outgrow our limitations not only do we stagnate but our outlook can become bitter and we can even come to begrudge other people’s joy and progress

Remember, we grow through discomfort, struggle often precedes success and responsibility can be synonymous with joy. Work with this transit and trust you’ll be moving towards greater heights.

Harvest Full Moon in Aries, October 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘harvest’ moon in Aries, October 1st 2020.

Position: 9 degrees of Aries/Libra

Aspects: Moon conjunct Chiron (orb 2 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

Finding the best route forward

A full moon in a cardinal sign really can tear the covers off us and give us a firm kick out of bed and out the front door. This full moon has a wonderful propelling energy, but it is encouraging us to act from a place of consideration and forethought. So wipe those bleary eyes, gather your thoughts and be ready for action.

Both Libra and Aries toy with extremes, whilst the Aries energy is impulsive and passionate, Libra seeks to experience polarities and in doing so discern the optimal balance and the ideal solution. So, if you find yourself in the grips of strong desires, embrace the Libran energy that will lend you objectivity and perspective. Know that it is important to feel these emotions as they present themselves naturally to you, but acknowledge that they may need to be tempered by rational thought if you are to make the most of them.

Alternatively, if you’re the type of person who is more considerate and who, when presented with a choice, is often wracked with indecision and paralysed by doubt, then this full moon will bring conviction and courage. There’s such a lot of potential for productive action at this time! Remember to look to the houses that are highlighted in your chart to see what area of your life will take to centre stage.

Work with this full moon and you will come out the other side with a much broader and balanced perspective which in turn will give you the fortitude and courage to persevere. Take this opportunity to adjust your approach in a given field or sphere of life, tweak your trajectory so that you’re heading in the optimal direction to meet your goals.

Creatives pay attention, this a a wonderful full moon for experimentation and progression with creative projects. Use this energy well and you’ll have the ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to boot!

Relationships – things are getting hot!

Wow, in the relationship field passions and attractions will be high, perhaps you’ve been thinking about moving forward with somebody for a while, and now with an injection of Aries energy it is finally time to make your move. You may even find yourself spontaneously attracted to someone, in this situation I urge you to consider what it is you want from to gain from this situation, and are you going about it the best way? Cross-wires are possible and arguments may well ensue; this may be with partners, friends or colleagues. Don’t fret, just find your inner peace, take a deep breath and act from a place of firm principle but consideration for others. This is all about tempering emotions, it may be that your role (especially if Aries falls on your 7th house cusp) is too support others in finding their own path, so be mindful of how you can support others through this phase.

Chiron conjunct the moon – turbo growth

A quick note on Chiron in Aries conjunct the moon. We all know Chiron can be painful and when it’s around we’re prone to feeling a little sensitive and vulnerable but if you’re interested in truly capitalising on your self development then you should always look to Chiron as your ally.

When Chiron is involved with a new moon it’s like having a turbo-boost on your evolutionary journey. You may find your insecurities triggered but if you recognise them for what they are and endeavor to understand their root then you can begin to take control. Under this full moon Chiron can help us to move towards a state where our insecurities no longer have such tremendous power over us.

Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, July 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘buck’ moon in Capricorn, July 5th 2020.

Position: 13.37 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer

Aspects: Sun sextile Uranus in Taurus, Moon trine Uranus (orb 3 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the June-July lunar cycle

Bringing balance to the Cancer new moon

With the Cancer full moon in June we were encouraged to draw our attention back towards the self and to tend to our personal needs and relationships. For many this came as a welcome respite following a frantic Gemini season. We entered the second half of June feeling like we’d been whipped around in a hurricane to a point where we could barely remember what it felt like to have solid ground beneath our feet. What a relief when the Cancer new moon helped to draw our awareness back from the matrix of information, people and events in the outside world. It felt like a strong arm had reached forward to shelter us from the wind only to ask ‘So how do you think you handled that?’ Thus commenced a season of introspection and self-development.

Cancer understands that it’s often not enough to just be a part of an immediate, societal or even global network. Instead we must dedicate time and effort to cultivating our connections with others and building meaningful relationships. In fact all new and full moons in water signs encourage us to look at the interconnectedness of reality and the personal role that we play.

The recent new moon’s square to Mars urged us to turn our attention towards sources of conflict, both within our psyche and as they manifest in our outer world (and let’s be honest there’s rarely a distinction to be made between the two!) What ways of being are we overly attached to that inhibit our progress?

We know that Mars doesn’t tread gently, in fact realisations that aren’t arrived at naturally will be sent our way in the form of hard truths and enforced awakenings, as I explained on my social media channels:

Capricorn full ‘Buck’ moon explained

The Cancer new moon encouraged us to reflect on our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and to consider our fractured relationships and how we might work to restore harmony. Capricorn, whilst appreciative of the efforts invested into building strong foundations, says enough! It’s time to put your introspective work to the test. Under this influence our strength of character and the extent of our efforts is both tested and rewarded. If you go through all of that discomfort in order to grow it’s now that you discover the benefits that your efforts have sown, like the beautiful new life that’s born following the ‘not so pleasant’ experience of labour.

In many ways I consider this one of the more karmic full moons. It reminds us that our actions have a ripple effect, and this is why we may experience past actions coming back to haunt, or reward us. In a similar vein we are encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves, to bear our cross so to speak, because what we do now will affect our future, without exception. We do not exist in disconnect but as active participants of a wider network of interrelated events and human connections. Everything we do has consequences.

Under this influence people feel compelled to develop their levels of competence, their ability to cope and manage in life so that they can better contribute to the wider collective. It is not unusual for people to be met with opportunities to take on increased responsibility during this time (work promotions or pregnancies for example. You may even be at the receiving end of a disclosure of some kind. In the same way you are being trusted with something important, and this is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re mature and strong enough shoulder matter at hand.)

Capricorn responsibility

As I just alluded to this full moon is about maturation, but also wisdom. Through Cancer we learn that we are stronger than we think, whilst through Capricorn we strive to utilise our strengths to the benefit of society. This is about steady progress, we progress by climbing one step at a time and you must be patient with yourself. Capricorn is always in it for the long haul. This is a humbling influence that reminds us that one must learn to walk before one can run.

In terms of contributing to wider society, with the rising conflict and overwhelming frustrations currently at play, you might ask ‘How might I meaningfully contribute to bringing some semblance of peace to the world?’ In response the Capricorn full moon states, if not a little sternly for that is Capricorn’s way, ‘If you can’t first resolve the conflict between yourself and your own family… or friends, or colleagues, then you are not yet strong enough to contribute in the meaningful way that you would like to.’ In effect, if you resolve conflict in yourself then through raising your own vibration you will automatically raise the vibration of those around you.

To reiterate learn to walk before you can run, it’s all about timing. From there you can endeavour to bring about supportive conditions (Cancer) to foster societal growth and reformation (Capricorn).

A Helping Hand from Uranus

How wonderful to see some Uranus energy factor into this full moon. It seems like an age since the master of innovation and freedom lent us his hand. If we can summarise this full moon as a need to transcend outworn conditions, to reform ourselves and the structures in our lives into something that serves us now and into the future – then Uranus helps us in two ways.

It grants us perspective and helps us to identify a better path, a better version of ourselves that we want to aspire to, and conditions that we may want to bring about in support of our growth as well as that of others. Secondly, it lessens our desire to cling to personal traits and things that we have formed attachments to. This energy lets us know what we are enough in and of ourselves and so letting go of certain things will in no way diminish our integrity. If we are to work hard then we will do so filled with inspiration and a dream of bringing about better conditions.

The Capricorn full moon in the natal chart

Capricorn strength

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically. You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall.

The house that the moon falls in will show where you are being encouraged to take on greater responsibility, you’re being sent a reassuring nudge in a certain direction, you’re ready. Through discipline and concerted effort you can make great progress in this domain at this time – but be prepared to work for it.

The house inhabited by the sun shows where you are set to benefit and grow from aligning your inner needs with your outward intent. This house shows where you may experience the commencement of new cycles, and likewise endings and culminations of old ways of being. You may well receive recognition and success in this domain too, these are the gifts that come from the hard work you’ve been doing.

For example, if this full moon occupies the 1st-7th axis, with the sun falling in the 1st and the moon in the 7th, then through accepting responsibility for ourselves and the part we play in relationship dynamics we will establish more supportive networks. This will in turn feed our self-esteem and we will thus naturally become a more outwardly confident and secure in our expression, a new you!

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Uranus is in. It is likely that you’ve felt a degree of upheaval in this domain in recent months. For some this may have been an area of heightened stimulation and excitement, whilst others may have experienced this as the source of upheaval and sharp truths. The truth is it was (and still is) necessary for you to make changes in this area. This full moon is bringing some wonderfully supportive energy your way to help you progress with these matters so that you may transcend and grow in this area.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

Image: Let your intuition guide you- you are what you've been looking for
  • I don’t often say this but look to the past. Reflect honestly on how past behaviours and actions are now manifesting in the present and ask yourself honestly ‘In what way am I responsible for the way things are panning out?’ Taking responsibility is a big part reaping the benefits of the Capricorn influence and will reveal the path that you need to take to make progress.
  • Are you content with your lot? In what way could things be better? – write it down, draw it in pictures – make your vision concrete in some way. Then, go on to outline a first few steps you could take to move towards towards your goals.
  • Capricorn is about valuing your time. Are you currently putting your energy into people and projects that pay reward with a sense of personal fulfilment? If yes, then now is the time to give it your all! If no, then I encourage you to continue to direct your awareness inwards. If your able to inwardly structure what you value then the outward expression of meaning will naturally follow.
  • Use the inspiration that this full moon brings to drive your projects forward. Do you have an idea? Now is a great time to plan on how to implement it – bring it down to earth and make it real!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively. Join me on social media for more or pop your details below and I’ll send you links to future lunar articles via my newsletter.

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Did you know that Mars has just entered Aries? Don’t let it catch you by surprise, here’s a monthly guide:

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Mars transit into Aries 2020 Individualism and Action!

Goodbye Pisces, Hello Aries.

Mars enters Aries on 29th June 2020, and will remain in its home sign until 7th January 2021. This 6 month period includes 2 months in which Mars is retrograde, beginning 10th September and stationing direct on 14th November.

In this article I discuss how and why this cyclical shift in energy brings focus away from collectivism back towards individual responsibility and personal freedoms. From an evolutionary perspective this dynamic is not only necessary but imperative to progress. I trace Mars’ journey from July all the way to January 2021, explaining why I don’t think the transition will be abrupt and for what reasons I suspect an increase in tension that builds towards a climatic period in mid August.

Understanding transits across the Aries point.

An independent Aries man

When we see any planet enter Aries, we see it cross the Aries point. This marks the start of the astrological wheel and signifies both a culmination and the start of a new cycle.

Mars in its own sign brings our life purpose and direction into focus. It will raise questions such as ‘What do I want and how am I going to go about manifesting it?’ It will bring with it an individualistic streak, something that has been absent during its transit through collectivist Pisces. Instead Mars in Aries encourages us to take a step back from others, to focus solely on our own needs and what we personally need to develop. In fact you may find yourself acting against the desires and expectations of others, but just remember that those that care for us will support us in our growth. We are on our own journey and at times that requires freedom and autonomy.

With Mars’ transit through Pisces we were inclined to channel our energy into things that we saw as being for the collective benefit. Our will was directed towards broader ideals that could only be achieved through collective effort. In turn this brought with it recognition of our personal limitations, there’s only so much we can achieve on our own after all. However, this humbling influence opened us up to how we could be better, or be more than we currently are.

So, when Mars enters Aries we come from a place of being acutely aware of our own shortcomings. Many of us may even feel vulnerable during this transition as we feel compelled to travel into new territory alone. This is why Mars in Aries fills the individual with courage – not because it feels good but because we need it. We are inspired to move forwards towards a version of ourselves that is stronger, more assertive and able to stand ones ground under pressure.

As Mars crosses the Aries point we understand that individualism needn’t be considered selfish. Instead, if we all work on being the best versions of ourselves imagine what we can achieve when we next come together?

How to make the best of this transition

  • A shift of focus from serving others to now addressing your own personal needs. Consider this a new chapter in your maturation.
  • Separation from erroneous ideas and people that prove to be detrimental to your evolutionary progress. An assertive step towards truth.
  • An opportunity to reinvent yourself. Mars in Aries prompts questions such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I want to achieve in this life?’ Answers will be forthcoming during this period.
  • A wonderful time for creative endeavours, for they are in essence creations born from the self. Move forwards with your projects, you will find yourself working with heightened enthusiasm and even an entrepreneurial flair.

Mars in Aries keywords/phrases

Aries the fighter - a martial artist
  • Assertive action
  • Authenticity and empowerment
  • Conviction in oneself and in ones beliefs
  • Freedom of expression
  • Independence, separation from the collective
  • Passion and sensuality
  • Pioneering and Entrepreneurial
  • Irritable and defensive behaviours
  • Aggression and physicality

For an in depth look at the psychological motivations underpinning this archetype read:

Psychology of Aries in Astrology

Your guide to what to expect from Mars’ 6 month transit through Aries

The significance of Mars moving into Aries whilst remaining under the influence of the recent solar eclipse in Cancer

The energy of the recent new moon / solar eclipse in Cancer also encouraged us to pay greater attention to the self so that we may truly learn to think and act in accordance with our authentic nature. However, whilst the Cancer energy encourages us to pull back and assess, Mars in Aries can be forthright and impulsive. Not interested in introspection Aries-Mars charges forward with courage and single-minded conviction, for better or worse.

This conflicting message is why we must be cautious of premature action throughout this cycle. There will be an inclination to throw strategy of any kind to the wind. It’s important that we learn to walk before we can run and to know where it is that we want to go before we set out. There is a risk that people will experience rude awakenings during this time because assertive action may well run counter to their personal needs and universal truths.

Throughout the first half of July influences will largely support us to strike a balance between self assertive action and relational harmony

Aries the lover - two people kissing

As discussed when Mars crosses the Aries point we see a shift in focus from the self as a member of the collective and the self in service to higher ideals – to the autonomous self who values personal freedom, the right to think, speak and act as an individual in line with what is right for them.

Let’s be honest, both of these approaches have their value, but neither are constructive if manifested to the overt detriment of the other. This is why the natural counter influence to Aries is through the diplomatic sign of Libra. Libra marks the mid-point between the two energies and encourages us temper both extremes and to find the optimal route between the two so that we can maintain sovereignty and act selflessly towards a collective benefit.

As Mars enters Aries and through the first half of July we see a lovely sextile from Mars to Venus (ruler of Libra) in Gemini. This will greatly ease the transition of Mars from Pisces into it’s home sign, it curbs what could otherwise manifest as impulsivity and untempered aggression, and aids in conflict resolution. Here we see Aries the lover, passion and sensuality will be high.

From mid-July we can expect to feel the rising of tension as instinctive drives take over and conflict ensues.

A man standing amid an erupting volcano. Aries and war.

As Mars sextile Venus moves out of orb, we will become acutely aware of the slow building of discourse simmering beneath the surface as Mars moves towards it’s square with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We can consider the middle two weeks of August as the climatic period of Mars’ transit through Aries, with Mars squaring Pluto exactly on the 15th August. Make way for Mars the warrior and activist, but will his war efforts be a martial dance or a mindless brawl?

In light of the eclipse and the predominance of planets in retrograde I understand Mars square Pluto (retrograde) to be a time to focus on ones own inner development. Outwards expression of this energy should be considered premature. However, we will see people projecting the very traits in themselves that they are being encouraged to confront, but evidently find it too painful to do so. This will be evident through aggressive behaviour and emotional outbursts.

Essentially, Mars in Aries square Pluto signifies sudden tension brought to that which is blocking our personal development such as repressed emotions or untruths. Such matters will surge to the surface with considerable force. These things will be neither gentle nor easy to look at, they come straight from the core of our shadow self and will shake our foundations if we have not based our character and actions on sound principles.

However, in this instance there is a distinction to be made between those who value growth and those who do not. The former will experience this as a sudden but enlightening experience, where the way is now made clear for them to move forwards. The later, as alluded to above, will find this particularly challenging and psychologically disturbing. In both instances this transit serves to encourage people to face their demons and to get themselves back on track so to speak.

Such sharp wake-up calls come about when we fail to accept previous opportunities to address matters. It’s as if the universe has no other way than to force us to wake up.

From mid-August we will undoubtedly be glad to see the raising of the Aries-Mars energy to it’s higher manifestion

We will see a change in this dynamic from around 19th August, when the Leo new moon conjunct mercury makes a beautiful trine to Mars. This will work to temper the Aries energy by bringing an added layer of meaning to autonomous action, and rationale to the impulsivity. Through reflection and critique people will find themselves able to temper their drives and direct their energy towards that which truly benefits their development and relations.

I will be writing an article on the Mars square Pluto transit and the new moon on August 19th that will help set the scene. I will keep you updated via social media and through my newsletter.

Mars retrograde throughout most of September and October

Mars turns retrograde on 10th September and stations direct on 14th November, having once again reached 15′ Aries. This is a great time to take your foot off this pedal a little, conserve your energy. As the astrological giants; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto station direct we’re going to see some action throughout November and December, but not yet. Use this time to reflect on your triggers so that you can better utilise that fighting spirit, and try to conceptualise what you want from your future so that you can move forward with confidence when it’s time

I will be covering the nature of the upheaval that I expect to see in November and December in a separate article. Mars does not contact any of these planets directly until the end of December (addressed below). However, its position will lend a forthright approach to matters, and there will be a sense of individuals being directly involved and personally effected by the events that unfold.

Christmas – Au revoir

Mars squares Pluto for the last time from 23′ Aries, on 23rd December. This will be felt as ‘Au revoir’ as the dance between the giants in Capricorn comes to an end. Like a backward glance toward the once fraught battle ground, we feel a pang of emotion but also notice the new growth already sprouting in the earth. This chapter is over. A new one is primed and ready to start. Saturn and Jupiter have already moved forward into Aquarius and Mars spares a backward glance to Pluto in Capricorn as he races off to meet them for a new kind of conversation. Indeed this sparky planet will need to adjust to the somewhat tighter confines of Taurus as we begin to plough temper our energy into more long-term projects.

We can wave goodbye to Mars’ journey through Aries on 7th January 2021. By then I hope you’re ready for some new vibes, because the Aquarian energy is ready to take to centre stage. Out with the old and in with the new.

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Mars conjunct Neptune Transit – 13th June 2020

The transit of Mars conjunct Neptune in June 2020 offers us a dual path, both routes lead to the same destination but the person that arrives will be drastically different. This difference is dependant on how self-aware we are and how well we can retain our individuality under pressure. I will explain exactly why in a moment.

You see, when these planets are conjunct one another we see how the individual responds to collective demands. It is quite a tide to weather but if one can retain autonomy (Mars) then much can be achieved for the collective (Neptune)

This contact really forces people to reveal their personal level of consciousness. Neptune represents that which both precedes life and that which we should be aspiring to achieving after a full cycle of evolution. In this respect it will bring out the very best and the very worst in humanity. We will see people acting from a place of pure love but will also see people acting like animals, from primal instincts and lack of rationality.

Mars Conjunct Neptune – Lower manifestation

mars conjunct Neptune - the primordial sea

Neptune represents that which comes before life; the primordial sea, the collective unconscious, the womb from which we all emerge. It rules the house that precedes the 1st in the astrological wheel. We are forever enticed back towards the safety of the collective, it’s our herd mentality and the notion of safety in numbers. However, if the energy of Neptune is not raised it is chaotic, highly emotional and destructive.

Neptune, using the analogy of the womb, is the devouring mother who does not want her children to ever leave her. Through the first house we naturally begin to individuate (Aries/Mars) and we develop a sense of who we are and what we want. The lower polarity of Neptune tells the child “No, we are one, your thoughts are my thoughts, your life is my life and we will forever be united. Come back.” Under this influence individuals feel afraid to act or speak up for what they believe in for fear of being ostracised from mother, aka the safety of the herd. Alternatively, they let go of any sense of autonomy, are in no way committed to improving themselves and act in the vein of the devouring mother, this is when mayhem reigns.

Here’s the deal, embodied in the dark side of Neptune/Mars is the idea that within the herd there is immunity to individual scrutiny, and likewise everyone else is subject to overly generic accusations. This is because there is no ‘I’ and it takes an exceptionally self-aware and disciplined person to live a honest life if they are permitted exemption from personal accountability.

In this sense Mar conjunct Neptune sees people being granted the symbolic Ring of Gyges. Those shielded by the collective, but who hold to none of the higher principles of self improvement are simply exhilarated by the power it grants them.

If I am just, it will bring me no advantage but only trouble and loss, whereas if I am unjust, but can contrive to get a reputation from justice, I shall have a marvellous time.

The Ring of Gyges, – Plato, ‘The Republic

It’s crazy stuff for sure and highly hypercritical, but with no influence of air or earth there’s no grounding in this aspect, and certainly no reasoning. In it’s lowest manifestation this aspect serves to extinguish the individual will and drag people back towards disorder.

If we do not stay true to the notion of ourselves as distinct and free-thinking individuals then we will no longer respect individuality in others. We tread on dangerous ground if we only understand one another in terms of collective-stereotypes because we are essentially dehumanising each other. Our ability to move towards peace lies in our ability to recognise each others humanity.

This is a really good opportunity to reflect on your use of collective terminology, such as ‘we, us, them, they’. This in language for the sake of convenience, evolutionary-wise it serves for ease of mental processing. However, it renders you incapable of identifying with people on an individual level. Individual lives become symbolic, and I don’t need to point out how this has panned out in history!

This is the very worst of Neptune, raw emotion and unbridled chaos, but of course Neptune also stands at the end of the wheel. It is where, after a full cycle of evolution, we must return to in order to complete our journey. Now let’s get into the brighter side of this aspect.

Mars conjunct Neptune – Higher manifestation

What we need to understand is that the aim is not to go back to what was but to return to the collective with what one can offer after a cycle of learning. Once you have travelled through all of the symbolic signs and houses in the wheel, and taken on board what they have to teach, you will find yourself with something of real value to bring back. Wisdom. In terms of energy this means that only after we have worked on raising consciousness, so that we may have control over our more carnal desires, do we really have something to offer humanity as a whole.

The beauty in Mars conjunct Neptune is when the energy is used consciously we are able to bring our truths back to the collective to help others on their evolutionary path. In raising ourselves up we raise everybody up.

This is only possible if people preserve their sense of individuality and are committed to self improvement and the expression of love towards others. It sounds easy but it’s not easy to do. This is because it involves facing ones fear of stepping away from the Pisces collective in order to know themselves as an individual. They will discover that they are not the same as everybody else, that they are a single unique human flame. To be different feels unsafe, and like a baby being born from the Neptune womb into the reality of the world, it makes us feel incredibly vulnerable. This takes incredible courage.

It’s disorientating existing in a world of multiple conflicting consciousness’ and this transit will help us to build up resilience. This collective consciousness that we find ourselves a part of is both beautiful and absolutely brutal. One needs to learn to exist within, but to do so must centre themselves so that they do not get drawn back towards the metaphorical ‘devouring mother’.

Whatever sentiment we want to bring about in the world, be that harmony, freedom or justice, we first need to experience them on an individual level. We can then share that and work to bring it into the lives of others. This is the only way that we can be of service to humanity. What we truly experience on the inner plane is projected outwards. The world is just a manifestation of us.

Mars conjunct neptune - serving humanity

This is the message of the now and it’s the same message that came with the Sagittarius full moon, see below. The current energy is telling us to go inwards and to ground and develop ourselves so that we can better serve others.

There is a need to ‘know ourselves’. We must become centred and grounded through our philosophies, values and ethics. This permits us to enter into the societal maelstrom without being adversely affected by the fluctuating rhythms. We can become the eye of the storm so to speak, able to engage in learning without the threat of losing oneself.

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 2020, Astrology Studio

Square the Sun in Gemini

Mars and Neptune is square the Sun in Gemini on the 13th June. So what can Gemini offer to mix?

Through Gemini, as the 3rd sign, we learnt the power of communication. We evolved from the reactive Aries archetype, through the defensive Taurus archetype and started trying to understand one another through Gemini. Through communication we can begin bridging the duality in ourselves and in our societies (the twins).

If there’s one thing that history has taught us it’s that without communication there will only ever be violence. We will never be free but will rather alternate perpetually between acts of defiance and defence.

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Derek Chauvin – A Birth Chart Analysis

In this article I will give an overview of the birth chart of Derek Chauvin. At the time of writing this Mr Chauvin is due to stand trial for the murder of a black civilian, George Floyd on 25th May 2020 in Minneapolis, USA.

For an overview of the planetary configurations surrounding this event and the social unrest playing out in America, see:

George Floyd and the Rise of Social Tension

I hope to bring to your attention to key personality traits and themes in his natal chart that can help us to understand who he was and what may have driven him to such an unforgivable act. I will not be going through each planet and sign, rather I will pick out what I feel are the dominant psychological drivers.

As in all of my chart analysis’ I endeavour to provide an honest and unbiased interpretation of the birth chart, as I do not believe anybody is born inherently bad. It is more to do with the choices we make and the effort we put in to our own development.

Also, please note that I do not have access to Derek Chauvin’s time of birth, therefore I am unable to take angles and house placements into account.

Birth chart of Derek Chauvin
Chart generated through Astrodienst

Temperamental and Changeable

Elemental In-balance.

Derek Chauvin has a considerable elemental in-balance in his chart, with 7 of the 10 planets, and his north node in water. This is the chart of somebody with an excessive emotional nature. When an individual views life through such a concentrated emotional lens everything is experienced on a highly personal level. This means that they can lack objectivity and struggle to understand experiences from any viewpoint but their own.

This is the chart of a very open individual, who would have as easily expressed his love and affection as he did his temper. With two grand trines in water there’s a desire to merge with life and transcend through emotional experiences, but the personality lacks structure. It is fluid but chaotic. This is the chart of a highly changeable and impressionable man, whose heightened subjectivity may lead him to act in a way that is peculiar by normal standards, ‘he walks to the beat of him own drum’, so to speak.

Mr Chauvin would have experienced difficulty with managing himself, presenting as unreliable and disorganised. There is considerable creative potential and intuitive ability, but with so little in air or earth there was little way for him to channel this energy constructively. You could say that he was at odds with reality.

Disassociation from Vulnerability

Scorpio Moon

When somebody has such a predominance of water in their natal chart you could say that they are very ‘lunar’. For this reason I would put particular emphasis on the Moon, which is in Scorpio.

A Scorpio Moon feels compelled to overcome personal weakness. Mr Chauvin would have sought to disassociate himself from feelings of vulnerability through direct confrontation with emotional tribulation. His survival need are inextricably linked to building emotional resilience and personal empowerment.

Scorpio as an archetype accepts the human capacity for extreme good and extreme evil. It knows that to deny it serves no purpose and at a primal level it understands that to fully confront ones shadow, and to learn to control it, is what makes one a formidable force. Part of Mr Chauvin’s evolutionary purpose was to learn to master his emotions.

He is likely an intense, introverted and deeply emotional person. His ability to manage the Scorpio drive for evolution through emotional trial, would have been hampered by his difficulty in consciously processing his experiences. This arouses feelings of being inadequate and ineffectual at managing life.

When Scorpio feels like they can’t cope, they tend to come back with a fighting spirit. Negatively this manifests as controlling, manipulative and overpowering behaviours. These serve to reaffirm one’s desire for strength, and their personal ability to manage.

Mr Chavin has no negative aspects to his moon, but with no earth and very little air in the chart (as I will discuss below) he doesn’t have much authority over his emotions. This can leave one feeling vulnerable and unable to manage. In this sense you can see how the more domineering and controlling aspects of Scorpio may have manifested as a defence mechanism.

Ungrounded and Lacking Perspective

No planets in earth, only one in Air

A person who has their eyes covered. Blind.

With such a predominance of water and fire in the chart Mr Chauvin would have a desire to want to be completely immersed in everything he does. He is passionate, impulsive and reckless and likely alternates from extremes; reactive to defensive, ecstatic to miserable. This creates a dramatic and compulsive personality type.

With no earth in the natal chart one could literally be described as ‘ungrounded’. This further exaggerates Mr Chauvin’s disposition toward erratic and changeable behaviours. He will experience difficulty with grounding his thoughts and feelings in reality. Again, imaginative potential is strong and there is a predisposition to becoming lost in ones imagination. Please remember not everyone with chart configuration like this go on to commit crimes! With no earth a person tends to have an overt preoccupation with an internal world, displaying as contemplative and brooding.

Saturn is often a stabilising factor but even this falls in the lunar ruled sign of Cancer. Have you ever tried to build a house on water? This placement denotes a strong identification with values concerning family, home and tradition. Likewise, his fears and defensive behaviours would have been triggered by anything that he saw (subjectively) as threatening to these.

Now, what does having so little air add to the mix? Here we see difficulty with gaining perspective. Perspective to understand himself and the means by which to understand others. For example children with this configuration need help understanding people’s differences, for them there’s no frame of reference besides the self and their subjective viewpoint. Indeed, if not balanced this can manifest in either a naive and impressionable personality or in bigoted and prejudiced behaviour. Most commonly a bit of both!

These traits are made more prominent by his having Mercury in Pisces square Neptune. Mercury is our ability to understand and manage information, to orient our thinking. Mercury in Pisces shows yet further imaginative potential, it supports conceptual thinking and intuitive ability, but it is not grounded or considered overly sensible. Squaring it’s ruler in Sagittarius, lends itself to an ideological leaning. Mr Chauvin could be considered a free thinker, but one that struggles to structure his beliefs and principles, or ground them in physical truths.

Difficulty Restraining Unconscious Drives

Sun square mars

A person rubbing his head in mental discomfort

Mars square the Sun is the assertive energy at odds with the conscious self. This leads to the inefficient management of the one’s unconscious drives. By this I mean that one acts without reason and finds it difficult to reconcile the self with the behaviour. With this aspect individuals struggle with their temper, they ‘see red’, only to later say “I don’t know why I did what I did.” Mr Chauvin would have often acted impulsively with little thought to consequence.

This adds yet another level to the picture of a man driven by strong unconscious feelings. This aspect, when balanced by other factors in the chart, depicts irritability, rashness and a ‘devil may care’ attitude. However, in this instance it further adds to Mr Chauvin’s unrestrained emotional nature, adding volatility and emotional transparency. Often seen as ‘uncivilised’ due to it’s primal nature, this aspect further exaggerates the irrational and compulsive drives discussed earlier.

The placement of Mars in Cancer often leads to challenges around asserting oneself, it is naturally gentle and nurturing. What Cancer as an archetype needs to learn is that it’s natural to feel angry and to express when one doesn’t agree. If you do not this anger gets suppressed, until eventually it erupts! Not an easy placement for somebody like Derek Chauvin who is already predisposed to emotional turbulence.

For individuals with this aspect the lesson is to learn to control one’s will through understanding triggers and managing reactions. We know already that with neither earth nor much air in his chart, that this was incredibly difficult for Mr Chauvin to do.

The Physical Manifestation of Nessus

Nessus conjunct Mars square sun

The silhouette of a person screaming under plastic - signifying unconscious pain

Take everything that I said above any add Nessus to the mix!

Learn all about the mythology of Nessus here

For those of you unfamiliar with this asteroid, here’s a brief overview of the themes it represents.

  • Karma
  • Tyranny
  • Physical and psychological abuse
  • Death
  • Revenge
  • Jealousy
  • Victimisation

People struggle to acknowledge Nessus within themselves. It’s an invite to address aspects of our nature that are incredibly hard to swallow; the weakness in ourselves that drives us to dominate over others, the hatred we feel and the desire for vengeance, our feelings of shame, humiliation and indignity. I could go on. To integrate Nessus consciously is psychologically very challenging. It requires honest reflection and exceptional courage.

Nessus is a controlling force. It embodies the dynamic of the bully and the bullied. By this I mean the abuser who in an effort to disguise his own powerlessness violates another, and in doing so creates the illusion of power.

For many what happens is they cannot bare to acknowledge their own vulnerabilities and accept a world where somebody would purposefully take advantage of that to do them harm. So in an effort to not be victimised themselves they assume the role of the aggressor and project their feelings of impotence onto others. This behaviour pattern is then adopted by the other party and the cycle starts over

This inability to integrate Nessus results in cyclical projection, nobody accepting fault and the problem always being somebody else’s. On an individual level this tendency to see fault in others, but not in themselves, can lead to superiority complexes.

So why do men do bad things?

In this instance Mr Chauvin, as we discussed earlier is a highly subjective individual. He likely finds it very difficult to see the world from any perspective but his own. He has an unrestrained emotional nature, coupled with a desire to fully immerse himself in the moment. This combination results in impulsivity with little to no heed of consequence. The unconscious manifestation of his will makes him prone to acting in a volatile and inflammatory way. Also, his thinking lacks structure and boundaries; he has the makeup a man with strong ideological leanings. His imagine his behaviour is often considered highly unpredictable and unreasonable.

He is driven to overcome his own feelings of inadequacy through engaging with life on a deep emotional level. His difficulty with processing these intoxicating, and I dare say disturbing, experiences likely leads to an element of emotional suppression. As in all cases of suppressed emotion, their inevitable resurgence in life is likely strong, compulsive and seemingly irrational. For such an unconscious individual it is likely that the presence of Nessus, exaggerated by his Scorpio Moon’s innate fear of being victimised, leads to the adoption of a powerful persona in an effort to escape his own vulnerability.

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Your Birth Chart Analysis

An Astrology Studio Birth Chart Analysis is a great place to start for anybody wanting to gain a greater insight into their fundamental personality, the themes that will manifest in their lives and interactions with others, as well as the key lessons they’re tasked with learning during this incarnation.

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Karen Meme: Mercury and Humour

If you enjoyed this you may be interested in the article “Karen: Mercury and Humour” written a few days prior. Together they serve to show how the present astrological patterns are tending to manifest in acts of collective stereotyping and discrimination across different contexts

I write these articles to illustrate how celestial patterns, world affairs and the psyche of individuals are inextricably linked. If you share my passion for astrology then join me on social media or pop your details below and I’ll deliver upcoming articles straight to your inbox.

George Floyd and the Rise of Social Tension

In this article I’m going to walk you through the current planetary configurations that are underpinning the social unrest in America. If you haven’t been following these events I suggest you read the article linked below. It outlines the rise of social tensions following the death of George Floyd, 25th May 2020.

George Floyd death: Why has a US city gone up in flames?

I will discuss Mars in Pisces in terms of being both our saviour and our noose. The loss of individuality that this entails, as the self merges with the collective, can signify both the unsung hero or faceless aggressor .

Now for the really ugly part – Nessus. If any asteroid is going to lower the tone it’s this one. Nessus forces us to look at the most despicable aspects of nature and challenges us to make a choice; perpetuate the pain or break the cycle. There’s no easy way out with Nessus, but there is a right way out. More on that to come!

Human Rights Warriors – Mars in Pisces

Let’s quickly recap on Mars in terms of its place in the astrological cycle. So here’s the deal, Mars is ruled by Aries which follows Pisces on the wheel right? But why? Because in Pisces there is no self, this sign is concerned with collective identity and universal principles. In terms of evolution Aries, or Mars, thought ‘To hell with this!’ and developed through a primal drive to individuate, to separate from the crowd and follow their own path and be free to express themselves.

So when Mars transits through Pisces it’s pulled back into the collective pool that it was hell bent on escaping. It’s primal needs are denied and it’s made to feel powerless, weak and ineffectual.

The positive manifestation of this transit can be understood as an opportuity for the individual to learn to direct personal energy towards collective good. It recognises that what hurts one of us hurts all of us. It is compassionate and driven to unite people.

On the other hand, what do you think Mars does when it’s threatened and it’s back is against the wall like this? it does one of three things.

  1. It adapts – the individual learns to direct their personal energy towards a collective good. Here we have the peaceful protester.
  2. The life forces gives up, it disassociates from the self and withers. It drowns in the metaphorical Pisces ocean. This can lead to severe depression.
  3. The life force fights back whatever the odds! Though understand if Mars fights back under these circumstances what you see is a fight to the death type mentality. To the individual it’s a matter of drown, die for the freedom you stand for, or just go down swinging! This can be understood as the martyr.

Sound extreme? It’s not. I know Mars transits Pisces every two years or so, and it’s true we don’t always see headlines like we’re currently seeing. The difference is the other two bodies in the astrological mix – Neptune and Nessus. Both of these exaggerate the narrative of:

  • The dissolution of individual rights – tyranny and martyrdom
  • Feeling powerless against collective force – the faceless enemy
  • Assertive action without forethought or consideration of consequence – recklessness

Before we move on, if the primal drive of the Aries/Mars archetype interests you, or if you know that it’s a key player in your chart, you may be interested in reading:

The Psychology of Aries – Basic needs and dominant drives

Introducing Nessus – abuse and history repeating itself

I want to introduce you to Nessus. Some of you may have come across this asteroid, some of you purposefully may have given it a wide berth. I can understand why! It’s dark and at it’s lowest polarity full of spite and cruelty.

Learn all about the mythology of Nessus here

Let me give you a brief overview of the astrological themes underpinning this asteroid.

  • Karma
  • Tyranny
  • Physical and psychological abuse
  • Death
  • Revenge
  • Jealousy
  • Victimisation

Seeing any cross-over between this and the uprising in America? Exactly!

Boil all of these keywords down and you get an over-riding theme:

The misuse of power

So, with Nessus the role of the abuser and the abused, the oppressor and victim, come to the fore. In order for these terms to exist at all you need to understand that they are mutually dependent on one another.

Nessus stirs up deep karmic physical and psychological wounds, not unlike his fellow mythological centaur (and asteroid) Chiron. History is made present again through Nessus, if it’s deemed that evolutionary lessons are still to be learnt. In this situation we can see the fires of the American Civil Right Movement of the 1950’s/60s being stoked and brought into the limelight of the present day. This is made more prevelant by the current transit of Saturn through Aquarius and the themes of social justice and social responsibility that this carries.

Nessus is a controlling force. It embodies the dynamic of the bully and the bullied. By this I mean the abuser who in an effort to disguise his own powerlessness violates another, and in doing so creates the illusion of power. It’s clear to see how this role was enacted by the police officer that killed George Floyd.

Here’s the thing though, we all know how the abused child, if support and intervention isn’t put in place, is at a greater risk of growing up to repeat the same pattern of behaviour. Not so sure?

This study by the CDC on adverse childhood experiences outlines the correlation between historic trauma and social emotional and cognitive impairment.

Also, this study by the World Heath Organisation “The cycles of violence – The relationship between childhood maltreatment and the risk of later becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence” shows how patterns of abuse are perpetuated through generations.

Why am I telling you this?

Rioting and revenge

We cannot think of Nessus as a static set of traits, it’s part of a process. We are not formed from nothing, our behaviour does not manifest in isolation. In the situation of George Floyd we are seeing historic trauma being channelled at the individual level. The situation has touched so many people because it is iconic, exemplary or you could even say archetypal.

The cyclical element of Nessus explains this asteroid’s correlation with revenge. One ill turn deserves another your could say, and this was evident in the riots, you could say that people were fighting fire with fire. To master Nessus and turn it into a strength (this can be done and I promise to address this in another article,) you need to break the vengeful cycle of the aggressor and the victim. Else we will be subject to escalating feelings of enmity, fuelled by power and hate for a long time to come.

Turning pain into a strength

The bottom line with Nessus is that it is indeed a dark and unpleasant influence, but if developed into a strength it would grant a force capable of shattering mountains. You’ve never met anyone as strong as the one who has been to the depths of hell and returned. Who has confronted and overthrown all of the demons lurking in the shadows.

This is what Carl Jung spoke of when he referred to the importance of integrating the shadow. It is about acknowledging the connection between one’s personal proclivity for evil and the collective proclivity for evil. What one person does we are all capable of doing. We are all united in our capacity for both good and evil. What differentiates a bad person from a good person is their ability to control and master it.

Neptune and the strength of the collective

Wow! As if the Pisces influence alone wasn’t enough, we have weight of an olympic god firmly nestled in the mix at the moment. This serves to enhance the themes of:

  • Group idenitifcation
  • Alignment of the self with universal principles
  • Collective pain and collective hope

I want to illustrate the collective mentality and the common drive towards an identified goal through a selection of quotes taken from recent press articles. Please pay careful attention to the language.

“It falls on all of us, regardless of our race or station — including the majority of men and women in law enforcement who take pride in doing their tough job the right way, every day — to work together to create a ‘new normal’ in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts.”

Barak Obama, 44th President of the USA (CBS Minnesota)

As leaders, we must encourage people who are frightened and frustrated. We must stand in solidarity and unity as one human race. We must reject the socially engineered concept that our skin colors and ethnicities divide us into racial groups.”

Alveda Kin, evangelist and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King (Fox News)

Our country has a sickness. We have to be out here. This is the only way we’re going to be heard.”

Brianna Petrisko, demonstrator (The Telegraph)

Neptune rules Pisces and, as discussed earlier, this archetype dissolves the concept of the individual and considers one’s purpose and meaning only in as far as it contributes to the bigger picture. If and when a leadership figure arises under a strong Neptune influence, they don’t use their voice for themselves, but rather they channel the voice of the people!

This is why Neptune, ruler of the ocean, can be considered a wave of considerable magnitude. We can hold back individuals, we can’t hold back the force of an ocean.

To offer a word of caution concerning Neptune. It is incredibly difficult to channel Neptune energy, the currents are strong and we struggle to see clearly underwater. Intent can lack focus and beware of misinformation through media sources (Gemini square Pisces). Neptune rules illusion, and it may well take a collective effort to see through smoke and mirrors to expose the truth of the matter.

Though remember, when the wave is aligned with the greater good incredible things can come to be.


Transits from June-December: What can we expect to see during the second half of 2020.

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Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘strawberry’ moon in Sagittarius, June 5th 2020.

Position: 15.33 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini

Aspects: Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini (orb 3 degrees) Sun/Moon square Neptune (orb 5 degrees) and Mars (orb 0 degrees) in Pisces

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the May-June lunar cycle

Balancing the drawbacks of a Gemini new moon

The Gemini new moon brought with it a sharp upsurge in momentum and a desire to learn and stay abreast of developments. This full moon is an opportunity to bring balance and context to this motivation.

It’s necessary to introduce a balancing factor through the full moon as the Gemini pace is not easily maintained. It would lead to excessive nervous tension and eventual mental fatigue. The single-minded drive to learn and manage external dynamics may also result in one feeling untethered from their sense of self. Sufficient opportunity is necessary in order to integrate the information we’ve garnered. Without this we would not identify with any of it personally, and our sense of an authentic self would suffer.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Gemini New Moon, please refer to my article Upsurge of Momentum

Sagittarius full ‘strawberry’ moon

A quote reading "let your intuition guide you. You are what you've been looking for."

This full moon is coloured by a desire for personal freedom, self expression and pleasure. We will feel the limitations of our daily lives acutely, even to the point of begrudging our routine and responsibilities. However, what we’re really searching for is meaning. We’re seeking to bring congruence to our sense of self and our place in the world. This ensures that we may live authentically and fully.

In order to do this there is a need to ‘know ourselves’. We must become centred and grounded through our philosophies, values and ethics. This permits us to enter into the societal maelstrom, represented by Gemini archetype, without being adversely affected by the fluctuating rhythms . We can become the eye of the storm so to speak, able to engage in learning without threat of losing oneself.

The ability to immerse oneself fully in life whilst maintaining inner integrity is evident in people who are fully centred in themselves. This ensures we transcend the need to constantly adapt in order to maintain a place within society. Rather we are able to make meaningful contribution. You could say that through this full moon we continue to evolve; we move from being the student who is eager to please, to the wise teacher.

The challenge of unification – mutable T-square

Full moon square Neptune and Mars in Pisces

People embracing illustrating human connection

A great deal of emphasis is placed on Mars this month. As the pinnacle of a mutable t-square we can understand this full moon as a struggle with adaptation. This configuration highlights the difficulties we feel on an individual level to harmonise with collective principles or incentives. This discord is made more prominent through the Mars-Venus square.

The realisation that we are governed by higher forces leaves the individual beset with the notion of their own personal limitations. An example of ‘higher forces may be the power of nature, the cosmic dynamics of astrology or the agenda of governments. This configuration therefore has the potential to render a feeling of powerlessness. Being separate is considered by Mars as synonymous with being free and this is now conceded as an illusion. We acknowledge that we must adapt to be strong in truth. This can bring disillusionment but also valuable insight. We are unable to achieve what we would like to alone. In fact our personal well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of others and our lives to the mechanism of society and nature.

Top Tip for this full Moon in Sagittarius

Get creative!

A quote reading creativity doesn't need limits

A mutable full moon that combines the elements of fire and air naturally brings with it the stimulation of creative impulses. Inspiration is high and ideas come rapidly. This is a wonderful time for artistic breakthroughs. Maintain an innovative approach and your efforts will generate reward. It may be difficult to ground your ideas at this time, so instead make the most of this energy to generating a bank of ideas.

The Sagittarius full moon and the natal chart

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically.

You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall. The house that the moon falls in will show where we need to establish greater freedom and meaning. This house inhabited by the sun shows where we are set to benefit from aligning our inner needs with our outward intent.

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Mars and Neptune are in too. This will indicate where in your life you may be struggling to release control and where you may now need to build strength through a process of adaptation.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

  • Think on how separateness is an illusion. How our actions have a ripple effect and how we must learn to live authentically in preformed cultures whose structures and rules we are governed by
  • Learn more about you! Make a list of your key beliefs, whether they be based in organised religion or you find yourself truly believing in life after death. How can take them one step further? Is there a book that explores this concept or a person who is open to discussing it with you?
  • Have fun and innovate. Generate ideas for projects or enjoy something just for the sake of it. Play!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively.

The new moon in Cancer on June 21st is arguably the most POWERFUL new moon of the year and one of the most SIGNIFICANT SOLAR ECLIPSES we’ve seen in a very long time!  I can’t wait to bring you all more information on this one. Pop your details below and I’ll let you know when it’s done:

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Karen Meme – Has the Jester Overstepped the Mark?

You may have heard about the Karen meme. It’s been spreading like wildfire but if you’ve missed it here’s a quick summary:

Karen meme

Karen is a slang term that is used to typify a woman perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary. One of the most common Karen stereotypes is that of a white middle-aged woman, typically American, who displays aggressive behaviour when she is obstructed from getting her way; such women are often depicted as demanding to “speak to the manager” and sometimes have a variation of the bob cut.

Karen (slang) – Wikipedia
A jester symbolising the Gemini, Hermes Trickster archetype

This has the Trickster/Hermes/Gemini archetype written all over it, the use of humour to expose absurdity through collective stereotyping. This archetype challenges the natural and social order by poking fun or mocking it. At best the intent here is to disrupt order and reform it based on new principles, at worst it’s a way of projecting ones own disagreeable nature onto others to divert attention away form the self.

(From here on in I will simply refer to this archetype as Gemini but I am refering to a general character disposition)

Gemini is the comedian pushing the boundaries in order to entertain; or the metaphorical Jester who was a valued confidant of the King. Both able to use their position to publicly expose hypocrisy and truth. Gemini’s use humour and charm to gain a position whereby they’re able to function outside of the normal limits of social acceptance. They are the comedians who tread a thin line between inclusion and exclusion, able to incite fits of laughter one moment, only to be egged off stage the next.

Gemini’s thrive in being able to assert themselves through their freedom of speech. They learn to wield language like a sword and, as we well know, a sword is a symbol of justice but it also has the power to maim. Through the Karen meme are we seeing the power of humour being used to push boundaries and expose absurdity or are we witnessing it being used to veil ill intent?

Gemini’s ability to see and expose truth is not always welcomed and this is largely dependent on two things:

  • Their intention
  • The audiences understanding and acceptance of the intention


We can’t blame Gemini for stereotyping. In fact they are by nature nonjudgmental and incredibly accepting of diversity. Stereotyping stems from a natural need to reduce the amount of energy involved in thinking about something:

That thing is big, it has large teeth and is looking straight at me therefore I should be on my guard!

You see it doesn’t matter what the animal is specifically, in this instance our survival depends on our ability to stereotype something as dangerous. The nature of stereotyping belongs no more to Gemini than any other archetype, it is a natural human defence mechanism. What is specific to Gemini is the ability to draw attention to potential truths underlying specific stereotypes. When the intent is well placed this can have a profoundly liberating effect but it is usually met with an element of resistance from those standing accused, or those positioned to benefiting from the situation. We only have to look back at social justice

Disparaging Humour

Daring to tread where others dare not.

Disparaging humour can be said to belittle or demean a social group or its representatives in an attempt to amuse others. It can make prejudice appear ‘harmless’ and can serve to trivialise the mistreatment of others. Alternatively, humour can be a route into otherwise dark or ‘out-of-bounds’ territory, in order to bring light to topics that are considered difficult to breach, as alluded to here:

Black humor is best described as the kind of humor that treats threatening or disturbing subjects (i.e. death, combat, disease, deformity) with levity or amusement. This humor is typically employed to somehow convey the absurdity, illogicality, or helplessness of a situation. In essence, it juxtaposes a morbid element with a farcical one.  

An Awful Joke Can Feel Pretty Good – Psychology Today

So is the Karen meme trivialising mistreatment and disguising prejudice as humour or is it poking fun at absurdity? Many would say that it’s dependent on the social position of the targeted group and the harm that can result from it. Perhaps the subjects of the joke need to reflect on their behaviour, or maybe the jokers need to rail in their commentary because it’s doing more harm that good.

Astrological Reflections

I found it very interesting that the Karen meme spread so quickly via media around the Gemini new moon. At the time we had 4 planets and the north node in the sign of Gemini. Both the archetypal narrative, the manner and speed of it’s coming to public attention can be attributed to this sign.

This scenario also brings to light the tension of the mutable square between Gemini and Pisces. The use of language to bring universal themes to light, and the tension that this often involves. It also shows the strain that we often feel when trying to marry our logic and our feelings. It speaks of our ability to lie to ourselves so as to negate pain, or to disassociate with the collective in order to avoid collective responsibility.

The Karen meme serves to highlight the power of language to influence mass perceptions. The new moon square Mars demonstrates how the rise of this meme has invoked a lot of anger in people. Those who associate with being on the receiving end of the joke feel powerless to counter-attack, either due to the strength of the claim or the power of mass-media. Either way the jester has the upper hand in this scenario.

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Gemini New Moon, May 2020: Upsurge of Momentum

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the new moon in Gemini, May 22nd 2020.

Position: 2.04 degrees of Gemini

Aspects: Square Mars and Ceres in Pisces, trine Saturn in Aquarius

The new moon is a wonderful way to set goals and new intentions, but its value goes deeper than this. At each new moon the alignment of the sun and moon, the two bodies representing our conscious and unconscious open up a channel of communication. This is an opportunity not only to look outwards and forwards towards the future, but inwards. Work on you and you’ll notice that your goals and intentions will gradually fall into place.

New moons are fascinating and if you’re not working with them then you’re missing a trick! Familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month. See:

An introduction to the lunar cycle
A guide to the new moon

New moon meditation

This new moon is like diving into icy waters. You do not shudder, and your breath remains steady as you glide through the water’s surface and into the depths. The cold brings you clarity, you see with a sharp precision all that has been hidden in the darkness. There was nothing to fear. You move through the water with ease and elegance. Only then do you realise that in fact part of you has been living here your entire life, you just hadn’t realised.

This new moon brings truth and accuracy to the unconscious. Look inward and look deeper, accept what comes into focus and have courage in your ability to work with it. You’re ready.

A new moon in Gemini, May 2020.

A new moon in Gemini brings momentum and an upsurge in pace. The outside world beckons, as Gemini rules our local environment and the daily rhythms of the the world beyond our doorstep. We feel compelled to integrate into it, this heightened awareness of situations progressing incites us to action, time moves on and we don’t want to be left behind. Our energy is drawn up, our mind is alight and our curiosity is piqued. It’s easy to see why nervous energy is high at a Gemini new moon, we must be careful not to let this tip over into neuroticism because the mind really can run away with you. Take time to stand back occasionally and don’t rush matters, perspective will aid you in making certain choices throughout this cycle.

New moon square Mars and Ceres in Pisces – Irrationality.

Mars conjunct Ceres in Pisces is an altogether different energy, it’s raw, instinctual and prone to extremes. It’s speaks of violent undulating emotions, that we struggle to understand. We may feel on top of the world one moment and attempting to keep a tide of emotion at bay the next. At this new moon there is a war between our feeling self and our common sense, a disconnect that needs to be bridged. As mentioned above, life will seemingly speed up during this time and we should be conscious of our reaction to this. We may feel unprepared for events that come our way and the demands that they place on us, be mindful of an instinctive reaction to try to control them.

The trine from the new moon to Saturn in Aquarius serves as a wonderful stabilising influence to both the emotions and the progression of events. It really is a fortunate aspect at this new moon, a much needed rooting energy. It will grant us a means of grounding our more volatile feelings and it also serves as a means of ‘slowing time’. It may well give us the necessary structure to ensure that we don’t act in haste or get carried away. 

Both Gemini and Pisces are of the same modality, mutable. This emphasises a shared drive to adapt and to unite these conflicting drives through searching for solutions, inwardly and outwardly.

Working with Ceres: Reclaiming the lost part of yourself

There is an orientation towards the future and a revitalised thirst for exploration. It’s a time to cast your sights to the horizon and set a course, but…

Some of you hesitate, you waver. Why?

For some of you there is work that still needs to be done. New beginnings beckon, you feel them eagerly, but you will only find meaning in them if you finish what you started. You look to fill a gap, to plaster over a loss that still wounds you.

What is it you’ve lost? Something… someone…. a vision…. yourself?

Mars does not fare well in Pisces, if you have been feeling disengaged in what you are doing, or your motivation has seemingly seeped away then this is a valuable opportunity to work on getting to the source of it. If you have been feeling listless for some time then this is likely due to whatever it was that you have lost. You see, it took with it a part of you with it. And it’s time to take it back.

We need to work on processing our losses so that we may experience the joys of a united self. If we remain fragmented then we cannot move forward with conviction and confidence, and we will be unable to express love and affection as we would like to. If we have lost or given away a part of our self then we simply do not have it to give and we will experience tension in our life and in our relationships. If you are disenchanted with life or find yourself withdrawing from others, it may be because your energy is taken up by the effort of healing this spiritual disconnect.

This new moon gives a clear message to all that will listen ‘Release yourself from bondage through understanding’. Heal by seeking to bring clarity to your loss. You will then benefit from a restoration of your connection with life and with others.

Things to be cautious of

Have faith in yourself and you can have faith in your future. Use the rationale in this new moon to recognise when your emotions are getting the better of you. Be aware of emotions that are disproportionate and wasteful. Mars in Pisces often finds the outward expression of heated emotions difficult. You see Pisces is a gentle and empathetic sign and it will go to great lengths to not inflict anger on others. Therefore you must be cautious of turning any strong emotions inwards on yourself, it is important to find a healthy means of expression.

Work through your loss, whatever form that takes for you, but once you’ve done the work and learnt all that you can, cut it lose and move forward. Be patient but do not dwell.

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