Elon Musk: Is he the real deal? Astrology Analysis

Some call him the modern day Tony Stark, others call him the Dogefather. One thing’s for sure, Elon Musk is always at the cutting edge of technology or sending the latest meme viral. So what gives, is it all a show or does public perception reveal something of the true nature of a person?

It certainly does!

In astrology I look at a person’s Sun and their 1st and 10th houses to see the parts of their personality that they project outwards. These houses are associated with our identity, social status and career. They’re a sure-fire way of building up a picture of somebody’s persona and what they aspire towards on the public stage.

You may be wondering whether I look at Elon’s chart and think “Wow, this guy was always going be a billionaire and head a technological revolution!” I can see the themes and potential that Elon naturally has at his disposal but it was freewill and competency that enabled him to achieve what he has. Credit where credit’s due.

So, let’s take a look at Elon’s chart. I’ll focus on the areas relating to his public persona and then take a peep ‘behind the scenes’. There’s a few things about Elon that might surprise you, so stay tuned to the end…

He’s on fire!

I’m going to have to get my geek on for a second because there’s something in Elon’s chart that’s really turbo-charging his public persona. If your new to astrology bear with me on this for second.

The 10th house cusp, aka the MC, rules over social status and drive to achieve. Elon’s is involved in a powerful configuration called a T-Square. This is when two aspects of a birth chart are at odds with one another, but the strongest traits of both are channelled through a third point . For use of a better analogy this third point ‘glows hot’ in the birth chart with the combined energy of all three. This third point is his Sun – as if it wasn’t hot enough! … in his first house, which rules over his persona. Ouch, double hot!! Elon is literally shining like a Summer Sun in the eyes of others. He’s our golden boy!

As an astrologer I would put a considerable amount of emphasis on identity, career and achievement, and view them as key themes in Elon’s life.

Ahead of his time or just bonkers?

Let’s keep this simple from here on in. The big players behind Elon’s career and social status is Mars and Uranus. Despite their differences I would say that these are highly compatible in nature. Uranus is innovative, unconventional and challenges tradition, whilst Mars is concerned with self-assertion, leadership and courage. When we put these two together we have an individual who is future orientated, who thrives off pushing boundaries and bravely leads others into new territory. When someone says no way – Elon hears YES!

My best friend as a kid had this combo and when we’d play ‘Follow the Leader’ in primary school, she was intolerable when it was anybody else’s turn to be leader. She’d literally be scraping the toes of her shoes on the leader’s heels trying to get ahead. Though when she was leader she would skip along walls, swing around drain pipes and kart-wheel down hill, risking life and limb to be seen as ‘the best’ and ‘most exciting’ leader! This is the kind of energy pushing through into Elon’s public persona which as an adult can be developed into pioneering and confident leadership.

It’s also worth noting both his MC and Sun are in cardinal signs. This makes one very good at initiating change and making decisions. This, along with his Aquarius North Node and Ascendant square Pluto, is why Elon is seen as a catalyst for upheaval and transformation. His public persona is tied in with extremely revolutionary energies.

Treading a thin line – accepting risk!

We can’t ignore the fact that Elon has Gemini Rising with Mercury in the first house conjunct his Sun. Language, communication, information, ideas and humour take to the stage. This is someone who’s in-tune with the times. Though when you combine this with the somewhat rebellious and impulsive energy discussed above we have someone renowned for treading a thin line with what they think and say.

Comedians often work with this energy to find the perfect balance between shock and humour, like the jester who was the only one in court who could ‘get away with’ saying certain truths. Elon likely presents as articulate, knowledgeable, quick-witted and as having a lot of nervous energy. Though with a square to Pluto from his Gemini Ascendant he may well be renowned for his analytical mind, or for having a sharp tongue.

What you see is what you get?

Cancer Sun is in the first house, and is the focus of that turbo-charged T-square I mentioned. It’s hard to see how the gentle sentimentality of Cancer can work harmoniously with the sparky aspects discussed so far. Though many successful leaders are classed as introverts, I suspect Elon is one of them.

This placement will soften his persona, adding a compassionate and nurturing quality to his interactions with others, as well as a touch of shyness. Cancer Sun individuals are quite private, they’re selective with what they say and prefer to sit back and observe rather than dominate conversations. Elon will work hard to lead with heart and do right by others, empathy will aid in keeping him rooted and in touch with his workforce. This placement also amplifies traditional values, and I suspect Elon is proud to define himself as a ‘father’ and ‘family man’.

So with his Sun in the first, he really does ‘put himself out there for others to see.’ This placement really does scream authenticity.

A little glimpse behind the persona

Whilst it’s out with the old and in with the new on the face of it. In his personal life Elon has a strong need for order and routine. With a Virgo Moon square Saturn he’s likely to overthink things and be a bit of a worry-wort. He may battle insecurity and doubt himself often. If used positively this will translate into a humble nature and a strong drive to improve himself. Meticulous to his core, and no doubt still an engineer a heart. I bet he likes his house to be spotless and to have his clothes ironed and folded – strictly no creases!

With Mercury ruling both his Moon and Venus, passion isn’t high on Elon’s agenda. Companionship and stimulating conversation are the order of that day!

In Elon’s past he likely got too emotionally involved with everything. This would have brought him great joy at times but have been unnecessarily draining at others. Part of his purpose in this lifetime, represented by his Aquarius North Node, is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. To get less involved on a personal level, establish emotional boundaries and to adopt a more humanitarian approach to life.

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