How to bring the best out in each other – Astrology Reading

Surely this is the aim of any relationship but even the best of us lose sight of this goal sometimes. This is a lovely reading for getting your relationship back on track and making the most of what you both bring to the table!

In this reading I will take a look at both of your birth charts as well as your synastry chart. A synastry chart is when I overlay both birth charts on top of each other to see how they connect. This technique is incredibly insightful and helps me to see the innate potential in the relationship, supportive qualities that flow with ease (how you naturally compliment one another) and also where challenges lie in your relationship (which aren’t bad by the way, they frequently promote growth!)

This is a positive reading in which we will explore your relationship and it’s potential in it’s best possible light in order to bring satisfaction and growth to both of you.

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What to look for in a partner – Astrology Report

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