Lunar Calendar 2020 – Moon Phases

A clear and easy way to discover the date, time and astrological configurations for the upcoming lunar cycles.

Select a month in the lunar calendar for 2020 below to view the upcoming new and full moons. If using a mobile phone, you may want to turn it to landscape for ease of viewing.

Please note all calendar times are set to GMT.

Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
First Quarter April 1st Cancer
Full Moon April 7th, 2:34 18'42 Libra
Last Quarter April 14th Capricorn
New Moon April 23rd, 3:25 3'23 Taurus
First Quarter April 30th Leo


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Full Moon May 7th, 10:45 17'19 Scorpio
Last Quarter May 14th Aquarius
New Moon May 22nd, 17:38 2'04 Gemini
First Quarter May 20th Virgo


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Full Moon June 5th, 19:12 15'33 Sagittarius
Last Quarter June 13th Piscies
New Moon June 21st, 16:41 0'21 Cancer
First Quarter June 28th Libra


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Full Moon July 5th, 04:44 13'30 Capricorn
Last Quarter July 12th Aries
New Moon July 20th, 17:32 28'26 Cancer
First Quarter July 27th Scorpio


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Full Moon August 3rd, 15:38 11'45 Aquarius
Last Quarter August 11th Taurus
New Moon August 19th, 02:41 26'34 Leo
First Quarter August 25th Scorpio


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Full Moon September 2nd, 05:21 10'11 Piscies
Last Quarter September 10th Gemini
New Moon September 17th, 11:00 25'00 Virgo
First Quarter September 24th Capricorn


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Full Moon October 1st, 21:05 09'08 Aries
Last Quarter October 9th Cancer
New Moon October 16th, 19:30 23'52 Libra
First Quarter October 23rd Capricorn
Full Moon October 31st, 14:49 8'38 Taurus


Moon Phase Date/Time Sign
Last Quarter November 8th Leo
New Moon November 15th, 05:07 23'17 Scorpio
First Quarter November 22nd Piscies
Full Moon November 30th, 09:29 8'45 Gemini


Moon PhaseDate/TimeSign
Last QuarterDecember 7thVirgo
New MoonDecember 14th, 16:1623'07 Sagittarius
First QuarterDecember 21stPiscies
Full MoonDecember 30th, 03:288'53 Cancer

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