How to Interpret an Irregular Pentagram in the Birth Chart

On this page I will guide you through the following:

  • What is an irregular pentagram configuration in the birth chart?
  • The irregular pentagram – bridging the gap between chaos and potential
  • The need to reclaim power through addressing instability and dissension in the personality
  • The undeniable role of intuition in reconciling tension through determining a middle ground.
  • The pentagram as the key to heaven or hell – the choice is yours!
  • The tip of the star – unlocking your potential
  • A few top tips for interpreting the irregular pentagram in the birth chart

What is the irregular pentagram configuration in the birth chart?

An irregular pentagram has five points that aren’t consistently separated by the same degree. It lacks the usual symmetry that denotes the harmonious manifestation power and instead indicated conflict and instability.

The pentagram is a pattern involving 5+ planets/angles/points in the birth chart. This configuration comprises of 4 quincunx aspects (150′) also known as inconjunctions, two squares (90′) and three sextiles (60′). The head of the pentagram also forms a yod with the two feet of the star.

The pentagram typically includes all four elements. As you can see there’s a lot to take into consideration here.

The irregular pentagram – bridging the gap between chaos and potential

The irregular pentagram denotes a powerful and unstable personality. The various placements in this configuration do not communicate well together. The quincunx aspect shows that the planets involved neither share an element or modality with one another. This means that there is no common ground, no foundation for relation between many of the planets. The life force/willpower/psyche is divided and struggling to balance. Individuals with multiple quincunx configurations in their charts may feel like they have a split personality disorder. They find directing their personal energy difficult and so often scatter their efforts too broadly, and in doing so achieve little.

The good news is the 5th point, the tip of the Pentagram, is the key to unification. It’s where the solution lies. This placement serves an a commanding general to an unruly and argumentative squadron. The General calls them to attention, communicates a cause that they can all agree on and directs the disorganised bunch towards a goal. Under this directive the squadron is confronted with the extent of their collective power. As individuals they didn’t amount to much but together, in line with the General, they form an arrow-point of focus. The head of the star is the bridging factor, the principle that brings form to chaos and allows us to tap into the source of willpower.

Below I will walk you through the challenges individuals with this configuration face. I will also introduce you to the incredible potential granted by this pattern and how one can go about working with their own chart, or with clients, to unlock their abilities.

The need to reclaim power through addressing instability and dissension in the personality

An imagine of a woman lying on a cracked desert floor.

The fractured soul

The tension in this configuration caused by 4 quincunx and the 2 squares indicates a considerable amount of disharmony in the psyche. The mind is chaotic and it is difficult to bring coherence to. The individual feels torn in several directions, trying to fulfil different needs in order to stay true to the different aspects of themselves. There is a tendency to try and compartmentalise different parts of the self through adopting various roles and living essentially different lives in one, but never fully committing to any.

If the energy is not being sufficiently channelled, a personality so full of contradictions results in:

  • Chaotic, changeable and unpredictable behaviour
  • Indecisiveness and disorganised
  • Little sticking power resulting in lack of achievement. This also leads to issues around self-esteem and confidence in one’s abilities.
  • General disorientation, feelings of being ungrounded and at odds with the world
  • Undisciplined and low concentration
  • Coming across as insincere or fickle
  • Wasting energy on things of little meaning

Empowering the shadow

The quincunx aspect is extremely difficult to reconcile without a broader configuration being present, either natally or through transit/progression. Therefore, what often happens is people will choose between the two conflicted pars of themselves, favouring one part over another. They will embrace some of their nature and deny others. Of course, the rejected qualities don’t go away they are repressed into the unconscious, and serve to formulate our shadow.

The pentagram emphasises a tendency to disassociate from aspects of the self. Through doing so we lose parts of ourselves, parts of our power if you will. We end up becoming fractured, and unable to order ourselves effectively so that we may overcome the obstacles that life bestows on us. We are essentially weakened through the act of repression.

With this configuration there is the risk of bringing duality to the self, and in doing so allowing our behaviour to be influenced by the emergence of repressed emotions.

Alternatively, what can also happen is people will project some of themselves, as embodied by the tips of the pentagram, onto others. They will experience themselves through their connections. If one is working toward becoming more self aware then this can be a useful strategy for observing behaviour and gradually allowing that energy to emerge within the self.

Mental Crisis

In extreme cases, when an individual energy is so scattered that people don’t know who they are or what they want, they can fall into either apathetic or states of mental breakdown. The person finds themselves unable to cope. The mind is too chaotic.

In order to protect themselves from a state of mental breakdown they revert symbolically to the centre of the Pentagram, the womb of the star. Here, one forgoes all attempts to influence or impact on the external world. There is an increasing inability to assert oneself and so eventually one ceases any forward momentum or evolutionary growth. Maturation is not stalled and one is unable to effectively manage life, becoming reliant on others for protection.

The undeniable role of intuition in reconciling tension through determining a middle ground.

An imagine of a man looking a crossroads signifying how a middle-ground is called for

So, remember I said that with such a predominance of quincunx aspects communication between the different aspects of the self is difficult? Well, let’s look at how people with this aspect can work on reconciling their divided self.

The conscious mind sees the isolated aspects of personality like little islands. There’s no phones on those islands and if you shout the voice doesn’t quite carry to the other. In and of themselves the divide parts are largely ineffective. The idea is that if the islands could somehow unite their efforts they could achieve much.

Here, intuition steps up. Why? Because intuition does not demand that the information come from elsewhere but from within the self. We observe the separate parts and it is our subconscious who divines a middle-ground, the optimal route. This information is revealed to the conscious self as intuition or in a flash of inspiration. Others can help us explore the separate parts but it is us who ultimately must decide on how to bring harmony to ourselves, and the answer will come from within – where else!

The pentagram as the key to heaven or hell – the choice is yours!

An imagine of a set of keys, with a key-ring reading "open heaven"

That sounds rather extreme doesn’t it? What I’m trying to illustrate is that at the crux of the pentagram lies a choice. The configuration, in and of itself, is positive. It enables somebody to bring their energy into alignment and direct it with considerable force towards a particular end. However, it falls to the individual to decide how they will use their power to affect their surroundings. The energy of the pentagram is creative, fertile and bestows a tremendous ability to the individual to instigate change. Their energy may used:

  • As life-enhancing or life-threatening
  • As generative or degenerative
  • To evolve or devolve
  • To restore or destroy

Individuals with this pattern will face many forks in the road where they will be required to make a decision. They need to choose either the high road or the low road. The high road in characterised by conscious good, spiritual freedoms and the low road is where we’re controlled by our more carnal desires, neglecting the spiritual dimension of life.

The Pentagram is as must associated with a fall from grace as it is with enlightenment, and this is simply because humanity is inherently fallible.

The tip of the star – unlocking your potential

An image of a determined woman, set on unlocking her potential

Through the experience of the planet/s, sign and house at the tip of the star one learns a valuable lesson – not everything is possible. We cannot satisfy all of the divergent aspects of the self and achieve ultimate fulfilment. It’s just not possible. We learn that to focus too much on one point, is to see a detrimental impact to another. Therefore, people begin to align themselves simply with what works and what they begin to experience as being effective. The success that this brings further reinforces this value and the individual develops a much more grounded and pragmatic approach to life.

Through working with the tip of the pentagram one begins to find a new level of meaning in life, and is able to develop personal attachments that bring lasting fulfilment.

Power and leadership

Here we have a focused and meaningful expression of divided parts. In a sense the four points of the pentagram are subservient to the fifth, bestowing great emphasis and potential on this placement in the natal chart. This is the key to unlocking the potential.

The ability to manage such divergence within the self gives one the ability to appreciate and manage diversity in the external world. This can be seen in a leader who in bringing together people with different skill-sets, gets the best from each and creates something of optimal quality. It could also manifest in an individual who is able to manage chaotic situations and bring about the best possible solution for all involved. The irregular pentagram configuration is often seen in creatives, when they entertain a range of ideas and bring them all together in a coherent form of expression.

Even when using this energy constructively beware of a ‘my way or the high way’ undertone to your communications. There is an ever-present fear of losing control with this configuration, of going backwards. One needs to understand that the power comes from within and is not dependent on the subjugation of others.

Above are examples of somebody tempering extremes and discerning the optimal path for positive ends. On the other hand if somebody uses the key for ill, we could see a divide and conquer mentality. A form of manipulation in order to serve ones own ends, a calculating expression of the same energy. It denotes the use of power to bend others to ones own will and what one sees as a greater purpose.

A Life’s Work

One doesn’t suddenly master the pentagram configuration and is then suddenly off and achieving great things. Mastering this configuration is a life’s work, it take constant adjustment and demands an ongoing dedication to self-awareness.

It grant individuals a means of expressing considerable willpower, that can be used for ill as much as good. This is why I want to further emphasise the choice that must be made. You have the key and it is up to the indiviudual which door they unlock

A few top tips for interpreting the irregular pentagram in the birth chart

  1. Consider the relation of the three top points as serving as a means of moving one in a constructive direction.
  2. The bottom two points,whilst harmoniously aspected to one another, form a principle that it exceptionally difficult to incorporate into the chart as a whole. Interpret this quality as a particular source of tension to the individual and address the limitations in reconciling with the higher two points (but not the tip)
  3. The two lower points form what we call a Yod, or finger of God, to the tip of the star. This grants the tip of the star a ‘fated’ quality, and should be interpreted as a source of opportunity made available to the subject via intuition.
  4. The other planets and points in the chart need to be evaluated in terms of their constructive or limiting capacity to support process of channelling energies towards the tip of the pentagram.
  5. The tip of the pentagram should be considered as a best possible solution, the optimal middle ground. A factor to bring balance and harmony to the rest of the points in the configuration. A grounding and pragmatic influence that will bring greater levels of meaning and success into the individual’s life.

If somebody has a pentagram in their chart there is little point interpreting it as if all the placements were of equal strength. Birth chart interpretation is a subtle balancing act. This is why understanding aspect patterns is crucial, it allows us to weigh up the chart, to discover the areas of emphasis, the sources of tension and supporting qualities. They also help to determine the flow of energy, including areas of pressure and focal points for potential.