Psychology of Leo in Astrology

Leo in Astrology Collage

Leos may not ‘always’ feel the need to take centre stage but they are very much in tune with the centre of themselves, their emotional needs and creative potential. Proud, passionate and loyal they literally take everything to heart, life to them feels like a personal extension of themselves. Thus, they seek to surround themselves with meaningful activity, personal creations and opportunities for self-development. They make themselves and those they love the centre of their world, just as the sun that rules this sign is the centre of the universe.

Make the most of the human condition

Basic needs and dominant drives

  • Authentic expression of the ego so as to create a life that is personally engaging and emotionally fulfilling
  • To actively participate in the unfolding of one’s life path.
  • To direct one’s strength of will towards the production of opportunity.

Situations that bring out the best in Leo

Being personally invested in tasks and relationships

Leo projects

Leo’s are driven to ‘make the most of life,’ they are highly incentivised by the notion of fulfilling personal potential and grasping what life has to offer. They see opportunity everywhere they look, making them generally optimistic and fun to be around. They thrive when they’re able to conceptualise and work towards meaningful goals. Imaginative and conscientious, they have wealth of will-power that they’re willing to invest into tasks and can achieve much when their passions are raised and focused in this way.

The big question for Leos is to what shall they aim? What is truly worth the effort of attaining? In these individuals there is a need to be actively engaged in something worthwhile, trivial goals do not grant Leos with the sense of purpose that they desire, or the reward and recognition they feel that their personal efforts deserve. It is particularly important that they feel the motivating factor adds to their life and sense of well-being in some way.

Leos find incentive through first determining what they truly value, the answer to this question is paramount. In discovering this Leos often feel like they have a calling ‘a destiny’. This makes for highly principled and decisive people who know their own mind and what they must do. Once committed on a path they are both resolute and tenacious in achieving their desired ends.

As humans we value human connection, security, esteem and self-development (in accordance with psychologist Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ which can be understood it terms of what most motivates us). Thus, Leo’s will invest much time into establishing meaningful relationships, friends and family mean a great deal to them and they’re incredibly loyal to those they love. Security, comfort is taken from having assets and Leo’s will push hard to achieve a good standard of living. Esteem and self self development, Leo’s need to feel like they have made the most of themselves and will not allow obstacles to get in their way. This is why Leos are considered enterprising, courageous and steadfast. They are inclined to push their potential, and is it so much to ask to recognised, or even admired, for one’s achievements?

Engaging in the process of creation

Leo creativity - birth

Leo’s are imbued with the inherent notion that they are able to shape their own destinies. This stems from being inherently wilful and confident, as children they would have learnt quickly that when they exert or focus their willpower much can be achieved, the course of life can be influenced and altered by decisions that we make in the present.

Likewise, as discussed earlier, Leo’s have an eye for potential, they see what ‘could be’ – a pile of fabric, if one hones their sewing skills, can be made into a wonderful dress, or a dream, if one is willing to apply oneself, can be achieved. Here lies the foundation of creativity, Leo’s ability to identify what isn’t, envision what could be and through the medium of the self work to bring something new into existence.

It is easy to see how the need to ‘birth something through the self’ can work quite literally through bearing offspring. Leo’s tend to be extremely invested in their children and enjoy the ‘big’ family’ environment. In the same way that a part of a person is inherent in one of their creations, so too does a part of themselves live on through their children.

Personal creations are rewarding to Leo’s on an unparalleled level, their fiery temperament lends them an entrepreneurial flair and they are not adverse to expressing themselves publicly, through performance art or singing for example (naturally charismatic they often make wonderful public speakers) Leo’s enjoy their time in the sun (their ruler) and having opportunities to shine feeds their confidence, and in turn unlocks their creativity.

Leo creativity - musician

Situations that are personally challenging for Leos

Situations that incite a strong reaction in Leo individuals and ones whereby they’re made to feel:

  • Unacknowledged or under appreciated
  • Unable to create and express one’s individuality
  • Disengaged and directionless

Leo are extremely self-conscious, not in a reflective way as with the water signs, rather they will experience this as an acute awareness of themselves, who they are, what they stand for and where they are going in life. Whilst this can be empowering and inspiring, Leo’s must be careful not to come across as being too full of their own self-importance.

The flip side to being self-conscious is the awareness of self in relation to others, Leos therefore tend to lean heavily towards social comparison, judging their place and even their worth against the achievements of others. Leos have a tendency to view society through the lens of its hierarchies. This is highly motivating and can birth a healthy competitive spirit and excellent leadship qualities, but it can also give way to jealousy and feelings of inadequacy or even arrogance or snobbishness. The challenge for Leo is to recognise that people’s worth comes from the content of their character and not from their social standing. Also, when one surrounds oneself with people that love them and want the best for them, the tendency towards social-comparison takes on a new meaning and one is made to feel whole through reciprocal respect and care.

When Leos feel unable to move forward and disengaged with what they’re doing; be that in their work or relationships they quickly become frustrated, or worse listless. There is a strong need to reengage emotionally with life through creating circumstances in which one feels involved. This often gives way to the entrepreneurial spirit, the family-maker or the budding artist, but when this drive is mismanaged we also have the ‘drama-queen‘. Who through the creation of some drama is able to stir up emotions, feel part of something larger and more meaningful and personally indispensable to events as their unroll. The keyword here is misplaced, this behaviour hints at a much greater potential.