Relationship and Compatibility Astrology Readings

There are countless ways that we can express love but for many of us we seek to experience it through our romantic relationships in particular. Our need for emotional intimacy and connection with another person serves as one of the strongest motivations in life and brings with it a deep sense of fulfilment. Whilst our need for human connection appears to be innate, our ability to form healthy relationships and use them as a foundation for growth is learned, and this is where astrology proves invaluable learning tool.

Enhance Your Relationships Using Astrology

Astrology shows us that symbolically charged correlations exist between human experience, wider world events and cosmic patterns. It can teach us a great deal about our attachment style and the way we show affection. It is also possible to gain insight into the dynamic that’s likely to play out between two people, the natural strengths and potential challenges that may arise for both.

FULL Astrology Compatibility Report – £120

In this reading I will look individually at both yours and your partner’s (or love interest’s) birth charts to build up a picture of you both as individuals before then overlaying them to gauge the dynamic that’s likely to play our through your connection, as well as the natural strengths and potential challenges that may arise for you both. This is called a synastry in astrology. I will divide the report into four subsections:

  • Attachment style and capacity to trust
  • Passion, intimacy and commitment
  • Communication
  • Your past life connection

Please note that this report is 3x the size and depth of the in-depth reading options below. You will receive approximately 10x pages (handwritten, or typed in this case – unlike many others my readings are NOT computer generated!)

What should you be looking for in a partner?

Discover how to bring the best out in each other

What do they really want out of this relationship?

Your best traits in their eyes

Marriage material?

Lilith in your birth chart

Are you sexually compatible?

If only love came with a manual!

Well, astrology is the closest thing that I’ve found! It’s been an invaluable tool that’s enabled me to help others to understand themselves and what traits to look out for in a partner which will compliment them, promote growth and bring fulfilment.