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A huge congratulations to Rihanna and Rakim (aka ASAP Rocky) who have recently revealed that they are expecting their first child together. As baby bump photos filter across the internet I thought it was high-time to look at Rihanna’s and Rakim’s birth chart to see what kind of celebrity parents they’re likely to be.

What can astrology tell us about the kind of mother Rihanna will be?

Rihanna really is a warrior princess of the celebrity world. She has her Moon and Venus closely conjoining her Aries Ascendant, meaning she’s not afraid of standing on her own two feet, or standing-up for what she believes to be right. The Moon and Venus are the two major feminine principles in our birth charts, they are receptive, nurturing and place emphasis on human connection. When these planets are in Aries in a females chart, the nature of the warrior spills out into their mothering style. Rhianna will be fiercely protective over her offspring, she will raise her child to be strong and to think for themselves. Parenting to Aries Moon Mamas has a bit of a ‘tough-love’ quality to it. They put their energy into raising children to be strong and resilient so that they will thrive when Mum is no longer around to have their back. Think a lioness with her cub here!

It’s definitely worth noting that Rhianna’s Aries Moon and Venus is in the 12th house (of Pisces) square Neptune (ruler of Pisces) and this will certainly factor into her parenting style. This placement heightens Rihanna’s creative, intuitive and psychic faculties considerably. Also, with Neptune on her MC she projects an alluring and hypnotic quality; I’ve not seen her live but I can imagine many people consider her mesmerising to watch. I find that people with this configuration are also incredibly ‘easy to identify with’. They have an innate ability to empathise and mirror people and so they’re able to connect with people on a very intimate level. They are very good at creating space for others so that they feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’. As a mother this denotes intuition and compassion beyond measure. Rihanna will bond very deeply with her child and be very good at anticipating what her child needs. There’s no barriers with Neptune, Rihanna will live and breathe parenthood, every joy and every pain the child experiences will be internalised and felt deeply by the mother. An intense and powerful bond is likely to form.

What about A$AP Rocky’s birth chart – what kind of Dad will he be?

In sharp contrast to Rihanna’s warrior-mama approach, we have a Libran with Cancer Moon Dad to balance the energies. A$AP will be nurturing, a first class home-maker and natural diplomat. He is an extremely family-orientated man, who will take great pride in his partner and offspring, as emphasised by a warm and loving Leo Venus. A$AP has sufficient fire in his chart to give him the ‘umph’ that Rihanna would look for in a partner, but on the whole he will be conflict adverse and seek to provide a stable homelife that’s out of the public eye. It’s fascinating to watch Cancer Moon men when they have something to nurture and protect, they grow ten feet – it’s like they’ve found their calling. Rihanna might joke that he’s the ‘soft touch’ of the two but together they provide a wonderful balance of parental energies.

What challenges will Rihanna face in her role as mother?

As I said Neptune and the 12th house factor heavily in Rhianna’s chart and with her Moon and Venus featuring in this configuration her experience of relationships and nurturing are going to be influenced by this energy. The 12th house is concerned with that which is taken out of the public eye and which happens behind closed doors. Positively it has connotations with imagination and healing but negatively it denotes difficult experiences and ‘skeletons in the closet’. Similarly, whilst Neptune is spiritual and creative it is also the planet of escapism. With the square to Neptune from her Aries Moon and Venus it’s possible that Rihanna’s own early experience of being nurtured was impacted by drugs, alcohol or betrayal in some way. Rihanna likely faced difficulties in her childhood, but when these parts of the chart are activated via pregnancy it’s a spiritual opportunity to further process past events, to break the cycles and release karmic baggage. It may be challenging but this provides individual’s with an opportunity to ‘do it differently.’ So I think the biggest challenge Rhianna will encounter as a mother is facing ‘ghosts from the past.’

What do you think will be Rihanna’s top astro Mama quality?

Rihanna has so many beautiful mothering qualities. I love the feisty approach to parenting Aries Moon mothers have, they just do it their way and to hell with convention. I think that’s quite refreshing as our mothering styles are as individual as we are and it’s not a one type fits all. Aries mothers definitely pave the way in this regard.

Also, with the Pisces archetype so strong in her nurturing style, I think Rihanna is likely to build a really strong, almost psychic, connection with her children. She will have to find the right balance between compassion and tough-love but I think this enabler her to make her children feel nurtured but not molly-coddled. Transiting Neptune will also be conjunct her North Node when she gives birth, this denotes a strong spiritual connection whereby the child will help the mother move toward healing and truth.

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Full Flower Moon in Scorpio May 2020

Flower Moon, a beautiful and highly appropriate name for the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This Full Moon focuses on removing obstacles to spiritual growth so that we can move forward and flower into our potential.

A new growth cycle started with the new moon on the 23rd April. Every new moon delivers a small seed of potential and this potential sits quietly at first, unconscious. Think of it as a little seed beneath the soil or a small flicker of light in the darkness. The first half of the lunation-cycle prepares us for the conscious manifestation of this potential which we will experience at the full moon a fortnight later.

Quick Recap – Taurus New Moon in April

A seed of desire to bring about controlled change was planted at the New Moon. We have been encouraged to acknowledge sources of tension in ourselves and in our lives. Planted in our subconscious was an impulse toward freedom, an urge to be free of constraint and attachment that limits our development.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Taurus New Moon, please refer to my article “Cautious Reform.”

What to expect from the Scorpio Full Flower Moon in May

Through the waxing period we have now fully embodied the New Moon, the themes are fully available to our conscious mind.

I know it’s hard but dig deep and let go, this full moon tells us. Many of you will feel a deep conviction and determination at this time, an inner courage to face sources of internal tension and release unnecessary attachments. Where in your life are you stagnating for fear of what change may bring? Are you walking around with a sack full of emotional baggage, living so much in the past that you barely dip a toe into the potential of your future?

This Full Moon brings the revelation that life could be so much more! It also urges you to look inwards because true change starts with an honest appraisal of the self and a willingness to overcome personal limitations. Only after you have done this will you bring about the desired changes in the external world.

The flower must grow into it’s potential before it can make the world a brighter place.

What do the other aspects bring to this Full Moon?

We have some beautiful supporting influences this Full Moon. A conjunction between the Sun and Mercury and a sextile to Neptune assist with the conscious processing of psychological information. It paves the way for open and non-judgemental conversations. You may find that at this time your defences come down and you’re able ‘open up’. A wonderful sensation of spiritual cleansing is available to you, to release a weight that has been holding you back.

What happens if we choose not to engage in this cycle?

If you are unwilling to engage in this process of growth then the Uranus conjunction present at the New Moon could bring some shocking changes to propel you forward. It is time to let go, clean the slate and build it again, stronger! Taurus is concerned with physical security and Scorpio with emotional resilience, but neither are interested in superficiality. If you, or aspects of your life aren’t strong enough to withstand the tides, then it’s time to make some improvements

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Taurus New Moon, April 2020: Cautious Reform

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the new moon in Taurus, April 23rd 2020.

Position: 3.23 degrees of Taurus

Aspects: Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (orb 3 degrees) Square Saturn in Aquarius (orb 1.82 degrees)


First Impressions

Key Themes

What does it mean to have a new moon in Taurus?

What happens when the elements of earth and air take to the main stage?

The Saturn-Uranus square, is it all that bad?

What does it mean that Saturn ‘squares’ the new moon?

Top Tips


First Impressions

This configuration feels like walking up hill with sandbags around your ankles. You know it’s going to be worth it, but my goodness it’s frustrating!

Coffee stop anyone?

This new moon first and foremost throws light onto our values and resources. Much is impermanent in this world but true values should be like roots, unwavering and holding us firm in the storm. Taurus warns against being wasteful of our resources and encourages us to protect our assets. I remind you that our utmost resource is ourselves, our health, innate talents and freedom. We must all cast superficilaity aside and tend our foundations this month.

You will note Uranus conjunct the new moon and squaring Saturn, yes? Both planets are feeling incredibly challenged by the sign that they’re in, and the square aspect between two doesn’t help. Know the saying “Banging your head against a brick wall”? Well, both planets will be doing this in their own way throughout this year and into the next. What’s actually happening here is that the conflicting energies are being forced to learn from one another. They may both want to throw their dummies out of the pram at times, I think we all will!

Take heart, if we persevere through this time we will all end up with tools in our toolkit that will serve us through the most challenging times in our lives. This new moon offers us a hard-won opportunity that will be so incredibly valuable for those who perservere.

Bring on the sandbags!!

Key Themes


This new moon indicates a steady reformation, a gradual turn for the better. We may well see a change of perspective and direction by those in authority under this influence. To cling to the old ways at this time would not serve us, this is a call to upgrade systems and processes so that they can better meet the physical and material needs of the people. We will all have to remain open to prospect of doing things differently under this new moon if we want to see !steady!) progress. We have a wonderful opportunity this month to assess our personal values and resources in order to discern which are likely to stand the test of time and really aid us.


The rights of individuals to exercise free choice may well come into conflict with the constraints imposed upon them. Restriction may become difficult to endure at this point, a rising of Uranian energy may well have people champing at the bit! Alternatively, if the Saturn energy dominates we may experience personal and societal resistance to change itself.


This is such a great time to sit and consider your future, the change that you want to bring about in your life. Don’t expect to put anything into practice just yet, the brakes are somewhat on, but plan how you will manifest your ideals over the coming years. Start planting seeds, and yes, think long term!

Let’s go into a little more depth…

Let’s break this new moon down and tackle some of the key questions:

What does it mean to have a new moon in Taurus?

Don’t be hasty with this new moon, Taurus doesn’t rush and neither does it take change and new beginnings lightly. The reason for this being Taurus is concerned with quality. This new moon is encouraging us to look carefully at our values and our resources, to assess which are likely to stand the test of time and really aid us. What is the point in building a vehicle that won’t get you to your end destination?

Not concerned with quick fixes or botch jobs, this new moon is pushing us to put in place solid foundations for the future because at it’s core it’s concerned with survival needs. Life is full of unpredictablility and the control we have over such things is negligible, so what can we amend, build or adopt to ensure that we can withstand the currents? We’re encouraged to focus on change that will bring us lasting stability and true, lifelong wellbeing. What can we do as individuals and as a species to be more self-sufficient?

If used unwisely a new moon in Taurus will see us clinging to the known, even though it no longer serves us. It can be territorial and possessive for it sees that which it owns as being intrinsic to its survival, so try to remain open and giving. The challenge of this new moon will come in the form of compromise, being conjunct Uranus we are encouraged to remain open to new ideas, even if they don’t fit the mold!

What happens when the elements of earth and air take to the main stage?

This is a very efficient combination, it allows us to stand back and look at what’s working in our lives or in the wider world. We’re encourages to set about improving that which isn’t currently serving us. Bestowing a mature yet innovative outlook, this combination increases people’s capacity to make things happen!

It doesn’t come without its tensions though. If the balance tips in favour of air then unpredictable changes in direction and “too much too soon” can cause nervous tension in those who prefer gradual progress. It can also indicate that ideas are unable to materialise, they stay in the ether (in the air!) If it tips in the favour of earth, then a short-sightedness and a stifling of progress may be seen. Those keen to see advances in their lives may perceive excessive caution as a threat to their freedoms. So, these are themes that we will have to contend with over the coming month.

The Saturn-Uranus square, is it all that bad?

You’ve already had a taste of these energies coming together. When Saturn entered Aquarius on 23rd March, and mars triggered the square over the first week or so of April. So, we’ve already started to see these archetypal themes merge. As a quick recap Uranus is future orientated, idealistic and unpredictable by nature, this radical energy often does not combine well with the traditional values of Saturn that seeks to preserve the tried and tend systems and practices of the past.

A compromise is due!

It has been such a challenging time as I’m sure most of you will agree, with unprecedented social restrictions being put in place to help tackle COVID-19. Everywhere we look we’ve seen structures and systems put to the test and come under tremendous strain and people across the world have all been given the responsibility of playing their part in order to prevent the collapse of public services. Here we have the textbook Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

Though now make way! Under this new moon we see a new player being thrown into the limelight of the current world scene, Uranus. Giving added emphasis to the Aquarian influence, it challenges Saturn to upgrade systems and processes so that they can more effectively meet the physical and material needs of the people. Not one for limitation or conforming this energy is eager to see impediments managed so that we can move forward. The Saturn and Taurus energies however are warning against haste, they’re saying “Hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s wait for the best solution.” Controlled change is key with the meeting of these energies and a practical idealism can be a powerful thing indeed. Did you know that it’s under this influence that new inventions and societal reform often take root? Uranus can bring sudden breakthroughs in areas where there has been opposition or stagnation.

On the flip side should these energies decide to lock horns rather than work together we may see challenges to authority as people begin to find restrictions to their freedoms too much to bear. Alternatively, we may see resistance from people to change itself, maybe even a combination of the two. Be prepared, we can expect to see our previous ‘ways of doing things’ being proven to be unsustainable and if attempts aren’t made to adapt then the old ways may be lost all together.

Let’s talk squares, what does it mean that Saturn ‘squares’ the new moon?

Whilst the union of these two planets can bring about tremendous and lasting change my concern is that they are in a 90’ aspect to one another, the square. The very nature of this aspect is that of high energy, tension and conflict. I want you to picture a band being stretched and stretched until it snaps, or there being such an excess of energy that it can’t help but bubble over at some point. This rising tension is why the square has a way of bringing about very real events, it’s a catalyst. It resonates with the numerical value of 4, materiality and manifestation. By this I’m suggesting that the effects of this square should be very plain to see. That which is currently existing in potential will be realised through the period that this square is in aspect.

Top tips to make the most of this new moon

1. Plant Seeds for the Future

This is such a great time to sit and consider your future and the changes that you want to bring about in your life. Don’t expect to put anything into practice just yet but rather plan how you will manifest your ideals over the coming years. Start planting seeds, and yes, think long term.

2. Reach Out to Others

Find your humanitarian streak. Look past your immediate friends and family and to society. What ills do you see and is there anything you could you do to help?

3. Centre Yourself

This time might be quite fraught for many of us and this new moon being in the introverted sign on Taurus, encourages us to take time out to relax occasionally. The energy of Taurus emphasises nature, a short walk or time in the garden, or dip your toes into the arts, be it home décor or just listening to music. Also don’t forget Taurus commonly loves cooking, look up some recipes and get creative.

4. Be Patient

Don’t resist change, remain flexible but do not be rash. Please take time to carefully consider your options so that you can make well informed decisions.

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Best wishes for this new lunar cycle!