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A huge congratulations to Rihanna and Rakim (aka ASAP Rocky) who have recently revealed that they are expecting their first child together. As baby bump photos filter across the internet I thought it was high-time to look at Rihanna’s and Rakim’s birth chart to see what kind of celebrity parents they’re likely to be.

What can astrology tell us about the kind of mother Rihanna will be?

Rihanna really is a warrior princess of the celebrity world. She has her Moon and Venus closely conjoining her Aries Ascendant, meaning she’s not afraid of standing on her own two feet, or standing-up for what she believes to be right. The Moon and Venus are the two major feminine principles in our birth charts, they are receptive, nurturing and place emphasis on human connection. When these planets are in Aries in a females chart, the nature of the warrior spills out into their mothering style. Rhianna will be fiercely protective over her offspring, she will raise her child to be strong and to think for themselves. Parenting to Aries Moon Mamas has a bit of a ‘tough-love’ quality to it. They put their energy into raising children to be strong and resilient so that they will thrive when Mum is no longer around to have their back. Think a lioness with her cub here!

It’s definitely worth noting that Rhianna’s Aries Moon and Venus is in the 12th house (of Pisces) square Neptune (ruler of Pisces) and this will certainly factor into her parenting style. This placement heightens Rihanna’s creative, intuitive and psychic faculties considerably. Also, with Neptune on her MC she projects an alluring and hypnotic quality; I’ve not seen her live but I can imagine many people consider her mesmerising to watch. I find that people with this configuration are also incredibly ‘easy to identify with’. They have an innate ability to empathise and mirror people and so they’re able to connect with people on a very intimate level. They are very good at creating space for others so that they feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’. As a mother this denotes intuition and compassion beyond measure. Rihanna will bond very deeply with her child and be very good at anticipating what her child needs. There’s no barriers with Neptune, Rihanna will live and breathe parenthood, every joy and every pain the child experiences will be internalised and felt deeply by the mother. An intense and powerful bond is likely to form.

What about A$AP Rocky’s birth chart – what kind of Dad will he be?

In sharp contrast to Rihanna’s warrior-mama approach, we have a Libran with Cancer Moon Dad to balance the energies. A$AP will be nurturing, a first class home-maker and natural diplomat. He is an extremely family-orientated man, who will take great pride in his partner and offspring, as emphasised by a warm and loving Leo Venus. A$AP has sufficient fire in his chart to give him the ‘umph’ that Rihanna would look for in a partner, but on the whole he will be conflict adverse and seek to provide a stable homelife that’s out of the public eye. It’s fascinating to watch Cancer Moon men when they have something to nurture and protect, they grow ten feet – it’s like they’ve found their calling. Rihanna might joke that he’s the ‘soft touch’ of the two but together they provide a wonderful balance of parental energies.

What challenges will Rihanna face in her role as mother?

As I said Neptune and the 12th house factor heavily in Rhianna’s chart and with her Moon and Venus featuring in this configuration her experience of relationships and nurturing are going to be influenced by this energy. The 12th house is concerned with that which is taken out of the public eye and which happens behind closed doors. Positively it has connotations with imagination and healing but negatively it denotes difficult experiences and ‘skeletons in the closet’. Similarly, whilst Neptune is spiritual and creative it is also the planet of escapism. With the square to Neptune from her Aries Moon and Venus it’s possible that Rihanna’s own early experience of being nurtured was impacted by drugs, alcohol or betrayal in some way. Rihanna likely faced difficulties in her childhood, but when these parts of the chart are activated via pregnancy it’s a spiritual opportunity to further process past events, to break the cycles and release karmic baggage. It may be challenging but this provides individual’s with an opportunity to ‘do it differently.’ So I think the biggest challenge Rhianna will encounter as a mother is facing ‘ghosts from the past.’

What do you think will be Rihanna’s top astro Mama quality?

Rihanna has so many beautiful mothering qualities. I love the feisty approach to parenting Aries Moon mothers have, they just do it their way and to hell with convention. I think that’s quite refreshing as our mothering styles are as individual as we are and it’s not a one type fits all. Aries mothers definitely pave the way in this regard.

Also, with the Pisces archetype so strong in her nurturing style, I think Rihanna is likely to build a really strong, almost psychic, connection with her children. She will have to find the right balance between compassion and tough-love but I think this enabler her to make her children feel nurtured but not molly-coddled. Transiting Neptune will also be conjunct her North Node when she gives birth, this denotes a strong spiritual connection whereby the child will help the mother move toward healing and truth.

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Derek Chauvin – A Birth Chart Analysis

In this article I will give an overview of the birth chart of Derek Chauvin. At the time of writing this Mr Chauvin is due to stand trial for the murder of a black civilian, George Floyd on 25th May 2020 in Minneapolis, USA.

For an overview of the planetary configurations surrounding this event and the social unrest playing out in America, see:

George Floyd and the Rise of Social Tension

I hope to bring to your attention to key personality traits and themes in his natal chart that can help us to understand who he was and what may have driven him to such an unforgivable act. I will not be going through each planet and sign, rather I will pick out what I feel are the dominant psychological drivers.

As in all of my chart analysis’ I endeavour to provide an honest and unbiased interpretation of the birth chart, as I do not believe anybody is born inherently bad. It is more to do with the choices we make and the effort we put in to our own development.

Also, please note that I do not have access to Derek Chauvin’s time of birth, therefore I am unable to take angles and house placements into account.

Birth chart of Derek Chauvin
Chart generated through Astrodienst

Temperamental and Changeable

Elemental In-balance.

Derek Chauvin has a considerable elemental in-balance in his chart, with 7 of the 10 planets, and his north node in water. This is the chart of somebody with an excessive emotional nature. When an individual views life through such a concentrated emotional lens everything is experienced on a highly personal level. This means that they can lack objectivity and struggle to understand experiences from any viewpoint but their own.

This is the chart of a very open individual, who would have as easily expressed his love and affection as he did his temper. With two grand trines in water there’s a desire to merge with life and transcend through emotional experiences, but the personality lacks structure. It is fluid but chaotic. This is the chart of a highly changeable and impressionable man, whose heightened subjectivity may lead him to act in a way that is peculiar by normal standards, ‘he walks to the beat of him own drum’, so to speak.

Mr Chauvin would have experienced difficulty with managing himself, presenting as unreliable and disorganised. There is considerable creative potential and intuitive ability, but with so little in air or earth there was little way for him to channel this energy constructively. You could say that he was at odds with reality.

Disassociation from Vulnerability

Scorpio Moon

When somebody has such a predominance of water in their natal chart you could say that they are very ‘lunar’. For this reason I would put particular emphasis on the Moon, which is in Scorpio.

A Scorpio Moon feels compelled to overcome personal weakness. Mr Chauvin would have sought to disassociate himself from feelings of vulnerability through direct confrontation with emotional tribulation. His survival need are inextricably linked to building emotional resilience and personal empowerment.

Scorpio as an archetype accepts the human capacity for extreme good and extreme evil. It knows that to deny it serves no purpose and at a primal level it understands that to fully confront ones shadow, and to learn to control it, is what makes one a formidable force. Part of Mr Chauvin’s evolutionary purpose was to learn to master his emotions.

He is likely an intense, introverted and deeply emotional person. His ability to manage the Scorpio drive for evolution through emotional trial, would have been hampered by his difficulty in consciously processing his experiences. This arouses feelings of being inadequate and ineffectual at managing life.

When Scorpio feels like they can’t cope, they tend to come back with a fighting spirit. Negatively this manifests as controlling, manipulative and overpowering behaviours. These serve to reaffirm one’s desire for strength, and their personal ability to manage.

Mr Chavin has no negative aspects to his moon, but with no earth and very little air in the chart (as I will discuss below) he doesn’t have much authority over his emotions. This can leave one feeling vulnerable and unable to manage. In this sense you can see how the more domineering and controlling aspects of Scorpio may have manifested as a defence mechanism.

Ungrounded and Lacking Perspective

No planets in earth, only one in Air

A person who has their eyes covered. Blind.

With such a predominance of water and fire in the chart Mr Chauvin would have a desire to want to be completely immersed in everything he does. He is passionate, impulsive and reckless and likely alternates from extremes; reactive to defensive, ecstatic to miserable. This creates a dramatic and compulsive personality type.

With no earth in the natal chart one could literally be described as ‘ungrounded’. This further exaggerates Mr Chauvin’s disposition toward erratic and changeable behaviours. He will experience difficulty with grounding his thoughts and feelings in reality. Again, imaginative potential is strong and there is a predisposition to becoming lost in ones imagination. Please remember not everyone with chart configuration like this go on to commit crimes! With no earth a person tends to have an overt preoccupation with an internal world, displaying as contemplative and brooding.

Saturn is often a stabilising factor but even this falls in the lunar ruled sign of Cancer. Have you ever tried to build a house on water? This placement denotes a strong identification with values concerning family, home and tradition. Likewise, his fears and defensive behaviours would have been triggered by anything that he saw (subjectively) as threatening to these.

Now, what does having so little air add to the mix? Here we see difficulty with gaining perspective. Perspective to understand himself and the means by which to understand others. For example children with this configuration need help understanding people’s differences, for them there’s no frame of reference besides the self and their subjective viewpoint. Indeed, if not balanced this can manifest in either a naive and impressionable personality or in bigoted and prejudiced behaviour. Most commonly a bit of both!

These traits are made more prominent by his having Mercury in Pisces square Neptune. Mercury is our ability to understand and manage information, to orient our thinking. Mercury in Pisces shows yet further imaginative potential, it supports conceptual thinking and intuitive ability, but it is not grounded or considered overly sensible. Squaring it’s ruler in Sagittarius, lends itself to an ideological leaning. Mr Chauvin could be considered a free thinker, but one that struggles to structure his beliefs and principles, or ground them in physical truths.

Difficulty Restraining Unconscious Drives

Sun square mars

A person rubbing his head in mental discomfort

Mars square the Sun is the assertive energy at odds with the conscious self. This leads to the inefficient management of the one’s unconscious drives. By this I mean that one acts without reason and finds it difficult to reconcile the self with the behaviour. With this aspect individuals struggle with their temper, they ‘see red’, only to later say “I don’t know why I did what I did.” Mr Chauvin would have often acted impulsively with little thought to consequence.

This adds yet another level to the picture of a man driven by strong unconscious feelings. This aspect, when balanced by other factors in the chart, depicts irritability, rashness and a ‘devil may care’ attitude. However, in this instance it further adds to Mr Chauvin’s unrestrained emotional nature, adding volatility and emotional transparency. Often seen as ‘uncivilised’ due to it’s primal nature, this aspect further exaggerates the irrational and compulsive drives discussed earlier.

The placement of Mars in Cancer often leads to challenges around asserting oneself, it is naturally gentle and nurturing. What Cancer as an archetype needs to learn is that it’s natural to feel angry and to express when one doesn’t agree. If you do not this anger gets suppressed, until eventually it erupts! Not an easy placement for somebody like Derek Chauvin who is already predisposed to emotional turbulence.

For individuals with this aspect the lesson is to learn to control one’s will through understanding triggers and managing reactions. We know already that with neither earth nor much air in his chart, that this was incredibly difficult for Mr Chauvin to do.

The Physical Manifestation of Nessus

Nessus conjunct Mars square sun

The silhouette of a person screaming under plastic - signifying unconscious pain

Take everything that I said above any add Nessus to the mix!

Learn all about the mythology of Nessus here

For those of you unfamiliar with this asteroid, here’s a brief overview of the themes it represents.

  • Karma
  • Tyranny
  • Physical and psychological abuse
  • Death
  • Revenge
  • Jealousy
  • Victimisation

People struggle to acknowledge Nessus within themselves. It’s an invite to address aspects of our nature that are incredibly hard to swallow; the weakness in ourselves that drives us to dominate over others, the hatred we feel and the desire for vengeance, our feelings of shame, humiliation and indignity. I could go on. To integrate Nessus consciously is psychologically very challenging. It requires honest reflection and exceptional courage.

Nessus is a controlling force. It embodies the dynamic of the bully and the bullied. By this I mean the abuser who in an effort to disguise his own powerlessness violates another, and in doing so creates the illusion of power.

For many what happens is they cannot bare to acknowledge their own vulnerabilities and accept a world where somebody would purposefully take advantage of that to do them harm. So in an effort to not be victimised themselves they assume the role of the aggressor and project their feelings of impotence onto others. This behaviour pattern is then adopted by the other party and the cycle starts over

This inability to integrate Nessus results in cyclical projection, nobody accepting fault and the problem always being somebody else’s. On an individual level this tendency to see fault in others, but not in themselves, can lead to superiority complexes.

So why do men do bad things?

In this instance Mr Chauvin, as we discussed earlier is a highly subjective individual. He likely finds it very difficult to see the world from any perspective but his own. He has an unrestrained emotional nature, coupled with a desire to fully immerse himself in the moment. This combination results in impulsivity with little to no heed of consequence. The unconscious manifestation of his will makes him prone to acting in a volatile and inflammatory way. Also, his thinking lacks structure and boundaries; he has the makeup a man with strong ideological leanings. His imagine his behaviour is often considered highly unpredictable and unreasonable.

He is driven to overcome his own feelings of inadequacy through engaging with life on a deep emotional level. His difficulty with processing these intoxicating, and I dare say disturbing, experiences likely leads to an element of emotional suppression. As in all cases of suppressed emotion, their inevitable resurgence in life is likely strong, compulsive and seemingly irrational. For such an unconscious individual it is likely that the presence of Nessus, exaggerated by his Scorpio Moon’s innate fear of being victimised, leads to the adoption of a powerful persona in an effort to escape his own vulnerability.

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