Harvest Full Moon in Aries, October 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘harvest’ moon in Aries, October 1st 2020.

Position: 9 degrees of Aries/Libra

Aspects: Moon conjunct Chiron (orb 2 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

Finding the best route forward

A full moon in a cardinal sign really can tear the covers off us and give us a firm kick out of bed and out the front door. This full moon has a wonderful propelling energy, but it is encouraging us to act from a place of consideration and forethought. So wipe those bleary eyes, gather your thoughts and be ready for action.

Both Libra and Aries toy with extremes, whilst the Aries energy is impulsive and passionate, Libra seeks to experience polarities and in doing so discern the optimal balance and the ideal solution. So, if you find yourself in the grips of strong desires, embrace the Libran energy that will lend you objectivity and perspective. Know that it is important to feel these emotions as they present themselves naturally to you, but acknowledge that they may need to be tempered by rational thought if you are to make the most of them.

Alternatively, if you’re the type of person who is more considerate and who, when presented with a choice, is often wracked with indecision and paralysed by doubt, then this full moon will bring conviction and courage. There’s such a lot of potential for productive action at this time! Remember to look to the houses that are highlighted in your chart to see what area of your life will take to centre stage.

Work with this full moon and you will come out the other side with a much broader and balanced perspective which in turn will give you the fortitude and courage to persevere. Take this opportunity to adjust your approach in a given field or sphere of life, tweak your trajectory so that you’re heading in the optimal direction to meet your goals.

Creatives pay attention, this a a wonderful full moon for experimentation and progression with creative projects. Use this energy well and you’ll have the ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to boot!

Relationships – things are getting hot!

Wow, in the relationship field passions and attractions will be high, perhaps you’ve been thinking about moving forward with somebody for a while, and now with an injection of Aries energy it is finally time to make your move. You may even find yourself spontaneously attracted to someone, in this situation I urge you to consider what it is you want from to gain from this situation, and are you going about it the best way? Cross-wires are possible and arguments may well ensue; this may be with partners, friends or colleagues. Don’t fret, just find your inner peace, take a deep breath and act from a place of firm principle but consideration for others. This is all about tempering emotions, it may be that your role (especially if Aries falls on your 7th house cusp) is too support others in finding their own path, so be mindful of how you can support others through this phase.

Chiron conjunct the moon – turbo growth

A quick note on Chiron in Aries conjunct the moon. We all know Chiron can be painful and when it’s around we’re prone to feeling a little sensitive and vulnerable but if you’re interested in truly capitalising on your self development then you should always look to Chiron as your ally.

When Chiron is involved with a new moon it’s like having a turbo-boost on your evolutionary journey. You may find your insecurities triggered but if you recognise them for what they are and endeavor to understand their root then you can begin to take control. Under this full moon Chiron can help us to move towards a state where our insecurities no longer have such tremendous power over us.

Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, July 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘buck’ moon in Capricorn, July 5th 2020.

Position: 13.37 degrees of Capricorn/Cancer

Aspects: Sun sextile Uranus in Taurus, Moon trine Uranus (orb 3 degrees)

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the June-July lunar cycle

Bringing balance to the Cancer new moon

With the Cancer full moon in June we were encouraged to draw our attention back towards the self and to tend to our personal needs and relationships. For many this came as a welcome respite following a frantic Gemini season. We entered the second half of June feeling like we’d been whipped around in a hurricane to a point where we could barely remember what it felt like to have solid ground beneath our feet. What a relief when the Cancer new moon helped to draw our awareness back from the matrix of information, people and events in the outside world. It felt like a strong arm had reached forward to shelter us from the wind only to ask ‘So how do you think you handled that?’ Thus commenced a season of introspection and self-development.

Cancer understands that it’s often not enough to just be a part of an immediate, societal or even global network. Instead we must dedicate time and effort to cultivating our connections with others and building meaningful relationships. In fact all new and full moons in water signs encourage us to look at the interconnectedness of reality and the personal role that we play.

The recent new moon’s square to Mars urged us to turn our attention towards sources of conflict, both within our psyche and as they manifest in our outer world (and let’s be honest there’s rarely a distinction to be made between the two!) What ways of being are we overly attached to that inhibit our progress?

We know that Mars doesn’t tread gently, in fact realisations that aren’t arrived at naturally will be sent our way in the form of hard truths and enforced awakenings, as I explained on my social media channels:

Capricorn full ‘Buck’ moon explained

The Cancer new moon encouraged us to reflect on our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and to consider our fractured relationships and how we might work to restore harmony. Capricorn, whilst appreciative of the efforts invested into building strong foundations, says enough! It’s time to put your introspective work to the test. Under this influence our strength of character and the extent of our efforts is both tested and rewarded. If you go through all of that discomfort in order to grow it’s now that you discover the benefits that your efforts have sown, like the beautiful new life that’s born following the ‘not so pleasant’ experience of labour.

In many ways I consider this one of the more karmic full moons. It reminds us that our actions have a ripple effect, and this is why we may experience past actions coming back to haunt, or reward us. In a similar vein we are encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves, to bear our cross so to speak, because what we do now will affect our future, without exception. We do not exist in disconnect but as active participants of a wider network of interrelated events and human connections. Everything we do has consequences.

Under this influence people feel compelled to develop their levels of competence, their ability to cope and manage in life so that they can better contribute to the wider collective. It is not unusual for people to be met with opportunities to take on increased responsibility during this time (work promotions or pregnancies for example. You may even be at the receiving end of a disclosure of some kind. In the same way you are being trusted with something important, and this is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re mature and strong enough shoulder matter at hand.)

Capricorn responsibility

As I just alluded to this full moon is about maturation, but also wisdom. Through Cancer we learn that we are stronger than we think, whilst through Capricorn we strive to utilise our strengths to the benefit of society. This is about steady progress, we progress by climbing one step at a time and you must be patient with yourself. Capricorn is always in it for the long haul. This is a humbling influence that reminds us that one must learn to walk before one can run.

In terms of contributing to wider society, with the rising conflict and overwhelming frustrations currently at play, you might ask ‘How might I meaningfully contribute to bringing some semblance of peace to the world?’ In response the Capricorn full moon states, if not a little sternly for that is Capricorn’s way, ‘If you can’t first resolve the conflict between yourself and your own family… or friends, or colleagues, then you are not yet strong enough to contribute in the meaningful way that you would like to.’ In effect, if you resolve conflict in yourself then through raising your own vibration you will automatically raise the vibration of those around you.

To reiterate learn to walk before you can run, it’s all about timing. From there you can endeavour to bring about supportive conditions (Cancer) to foster societal growth and reformation (Capricorn).

A Helping Hand from Uranus

How wonderful to see some Uranus energy factor into this full moon. It seems like an age since the master of innovation and freedom lent us his hand. If we can summarise this full moon as a need to transcend outworn conditions, to reform ourselves and the structures in our lives into something that serves us now and into the future – then Uranus helps us in two ways.

It grants us perspective and helps us to identify a better path, a better version of ourselves that we want to aspire to, and conditions that we may want to bring about in support of our growth as well as that of others. Secondly, it lessens our desire to cling to personal traits and things that we have formed attachments to. This energy lets us know what we are enough in and of ourselves and so letting go of certain things will in no way diminish our integrity. If we are to work hard then we will do so filled with inspiration and a dream of bringing about better conditions.

The Capricorn full moon in the natal chart

Capricorn strength

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically. You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall.

The house that the moon falls in will show where you are being encouraged to take on greater responsibility, you’re being sent a reassuring nudge in a certain direction, you’re ready. Through discipline and concerted effort you can make great progress in this domain at this time – but be prepared to work for it.

The house inhabited by the sun shows where you are set to benefit and grow from aligning your inner needs with your outward intent. This house shows where you may experience the commencement of new cycles, and likewise endings and culminations of old ways of being. You may well receive recognition and success in this domain too, these are the gifts that come from the hard work you’ve been doing.

For example, if this full moon occupies the 1st-7th axis, with the sun falling in the 1st and the moon in the 7th, then through accepting responsibility for ourselves and the part we play in relationship dynamics we will establish more supportive networks. This will in turn feed our self-esteem and we will thus naturally become a more outwardly confident and secure in our expression, a new you!

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Uranus is in. It is likely that you’ve felt a degree of upheaval in this domain in recent months. For some this may have been an area of heightened stimulation and excitement, whilst others may have experienced this as the source of upheaval and sharp truths. The truth is it was (and still is) necessary for you to make changes in this area. This full moon is bringing some wonderfully supportive energy your way to help you progress with these matters so that you may transcend and grow in this area.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

Image: Let your intuition guide you- you are what you've been looking for
  • I don’t often say this but look to the past. Reflect honestly on how past behaviours and actions are now manifesting in the present and ask yourself honestly ‘In what way am I responsible for the way things are panning out?’ Taking responsibility is a big part reaping the benefits of the Capricorn influence and will reveal the path that you need to take to make progress.
  • Are you content with your lot? In what way could things be better? – write it down, draw it in pictures – make your vision concrete in some way. Then, go on to outline a first few steps you could take to move towards towards your goals.
  • Capricorn is about valuing your time. Are you currently putting your energy into people and projects that pay reward with a sense of personal fulfilment? If yes, then now is the time to give it your all! If no, then I encourage you to continue to direct your awareness inwards. If your able to inwardly structure what you value then the outward expression of meaning will naturally follow.
  • Use the inspiration that this full moon brings to drive your projects forward. Do you have an idea? Now is a great time to plan on how to implement it – bring it down to earth and make it real!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively. Join me on social media for more or pop your details below and I’ll send you links to future lunar articles via my newsletter.

Yep, keep me posted!

Did you know that Mars has just entered Aries? Don’t let it catch you by surprise, here’s a monthly guide:

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Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘strawberry’ moon in Sagittarius, June 5th 2020.

Position: 15.33 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini

Aspects: Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini (orb 3 degrees) Sun/Moon square Neptune (orb 5 degrees) and Mars (orb 0 degrees) in Pisces

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the May-June lunar cycle

Balancing the drawbacks of a Gemini new moon

The Gemini new moon brought with it a sharp upsurge in momentum and a desire to learn and stay abreast of developments. This full moon is an opportunity to bring balance and context to this motivation.

It’s necessary to introduce a balancing factor through the full moon as the Gemini pace is not easily maintained. It would lead to excessive nervous tension and eventual mental fatigue. The single-minded drive to learn and manage external dynamics may also result in one feeling untethered from their sense of self. Sufficient opportunity is necessary in order to integrate the information we’ve garnered. Without this we would not identify with any of it personally, and our sense of an authentic self would suffer.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Gemini New Moon, please refer to my article Upsurge of Momentum

Sagittarius full ‘strawberry’ moon

A quote reading "let your intuition guide you. You are what you've been looking for."

This full moon is coloured by a desire for personal freedom, self expression and pleasure. We will feel the limitations of our daily lives acutely, even to the point of begrudging our routine and responsibilities. However, what we’re really searching for is meaning. We’re seeking to bring congruence to our sense of self and our place in the world. This ensures that we may live authentically and fully.

In order to do this there is a need to ‘know ourselves’. We must become centred and grounded through our philosophies, values and ethics. This permits us to enter into the societal maelstrom, represented by Gemini archetype, without being adversely affected by the fluctuating rhythms . We can become the eye of the storm so to speak, able to engage in learning without threat of losing oneself.

The ability to immerse oneself fully in life whilst maintaining inner integrity is evident in people who are fully centred in themselves. This ensures we transcend the need to constantly adapt in order to maintain a place within society. Rather we are able to make meaningful contribution. You could say that through this full moon we continue to evolve; we move from being the student who is eager to please, to the wise teacher.

The challenge of unification – mutable T-square

Full moon square Neptune and Mars in Pisces

People embracing illustrating human connection

A great deal of emphasis is placed on Mars this month. As the pinnacle of a mutable t-square we can understand this full moon as a struggle with adaptation. This configuration highlights the difficulties we feel on an individual level to harmonise with collective principles or incentives. This discord is made more prominent through the Mars-Venus square.

The realisation that we are governed by higher forces leaves the individual beset with the notion of their own personal limitations. An example of ‘higher forces may be the power of nature, the cosmic dynamics of astrology or the agenda of governments. This configuration therefore has the potential to render a feeling of powerlessness. Being separate is considered by Mars as synonymous with being free and this is now conceded as an illusion. We acknowledge that we must adapt to be strong in truth. This can bring disillusionment but also valuable insight. We are unable to achieve what we would like to alone. In fact our personal well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of others and our lives to the mechanism of society and nature.

Top Tip for this full Moon in Sagittarius

Get creative!

A quote reading creativity doesn't need limits

A mutable full moon that combines the elements of fire and air naturally brings with it the stimulation of creative impulses. Inspiration is high and ideas come rapidly. This is a wonderful time for artistic breakthroughs. Maintain an innovative approach and your efforts will generate reward. It may be difficult to ground your ideas at this time, so instead make the most of this energy to generating a bank of ideas.

The Sagittarius full moon and the natal chart

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically.

You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall. The house that the moon falls in will show where we need to establish greater freedom and meaning. This house inhabited by the sun shows where we are set to benefit from aligning our inner needs with our outward intent.

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Mars and Neptune are in too. This will indicate where in your life you may be struggling to release control and where you may now need to build strength through a process of adaptation.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

  • Think on how separateness is an illusion. How our actions have a ripple effect and how we must learn to live authentically in preformed cultures whose structures and rules we are governed by
  • Learn more about you! Make a list of your key beliefs, whether they be based in organised religion or you find yourself truly believing in life after death. How can take them one step further? Is there a book that explores this concept or a person who is open to discussing it with you?
  • Have fun and innovate. Generate ideas for projects or enjoy something just for the sake of it. Play!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively.

The new moon in Cancer on June 21st is arguably the most POWERFUL new moon of the year and one of the most SIGNIFICANT SOLAR ECLIPSES we’ve seen in a very long time!  I can’t wait to bring you all more information on this one. Pop your details below and I’ll let you know when it’s done:

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Gemini New Moon, May 2020: Upsurge of Momentum

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the new moon in Gemini, May 22nd 2020.

Position: 2.04 degrees of Gemini

Aspects: Square Mars and Ceres in Pisces, trine Saturn in Aquarius

The new moon is a wonderful way to set goals and new intentions, but its value goes deeper than this. At each new moon the alignment of the sun and moon, the two bodies representing our conscious and unconscious open up a channel of communication. This is an opportunity not only to look outwards and forwards towards the future, but inwards. Work on you and you’ll notice that your goals and intentions will gradually fall into place.

New moons are fascinating and if you’re not working with them then you’re missing a trick! Familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month. See:

An introduction to the lunar cycle
A guide to the new moon

New moon meditation

This new moon is like diving into icy waters. You do not shudder, and your breath remains steady as you glide through the water’s surface and into the depths. The cold brings you clarity, you see with a sharp precision all that has been hidden in the darkness. There was nothing to fear. You move through the water with ease and elegance. Only then do you realise that in fact part of you has been living here your entire life, you just hadn’t realised.

This new moon brings truth and accuracy to the unconscious. Look inward and look deeper, accept what comes into focus and have courage in your ability to work with it. You’re ready.

A new moon in Gemini, May 2020.

A new moon in Gemini brings momentum and an upsurge in pace. The outside world beckons, as Gemini rules our local environment and the daily rhythms of the the world beyond our doorstep. We feel compelled to integrate into it, this heightened awareness of situations progressing incites us to action, time moves on and we don’t want to be left behind. Our energy is drawn up, our mind is alight and our curiosity is piqued. It’s easy to see why nervous energy is high at a Gemini new moon, we must be careful not to let this tip over into neuroticism because the mind really can run away with you. Take time to stand back occasionally and don’t rush matters, perspective will aid you in making certain choices throughout this cycle.

New moon square Mars and Ceres in Pisces – Irrationality.

Mars conjunct Ceres in Pisces is an altogether different energy, it’s raw, instinctual and prone to extremes. It’s speaks of violent undulating emotions, that we struggle to understand. We may feel on top of the world one moment and attempting to keep a tide of emotion at bay the next. At this new moon there is a war between our feeling self and our common sense, a disconnect that needs to be bridged. As mentioned above, life will seemingly speed up during this time and we should be conscious of our reaction to this. We may feel unprepared for events that come our way and the demands that they place on us, be mindful of an instinctive reaction to try to control them.

The trine from the new moon to Saturn in Aquarius serves as a wonderful stabilising influence to both the emotions and the progression of events. It really is a fortunate aspect at this new moon, a much needed rooting energy. It will grant us a means of grounding our more volatile feelings and it also serves as a means of ‘slowing time’. It may well give us the necessary structure to ensure that we don’t act in haste or get carried away. 

Both Gemini and Pisces are of the same modality, mutable. This emphasises a shared drive to adapt and to unite these conflicting drives through searching for solutions, inwardly and outwardly.

Working with Ceres: Reclaiming the lost part of yourself

There is an orientation towards the future and a revitalised thirst for exploration. It’s a time to cast your sights to the horizon and set a course, but…

Some of you hesitate, you waver. Why?

For some of you there is work that still needs to be done. New beginnings beckon, you feel them eagerly, but you will only find meaning in them if you finish what you started. You look to fill a gap, to plaster over a loss that still wounds you.

What is it you’ve lost? Something… someone…. a vision…. yourself?

Mars does not fare well in Pisces, if you have been feeling disengaged in what you are doing, or your motivation has seemingly seeped away then this is a valuable opportunity to work on getting to the source of it. If you have been feeling listless for some time then this is likely due to whatever it was that you have lost. You see, it took with it a part of you with it. And it’s time to take it back.

We need to work on processing our losses so that we may experience the joys of a united self. If we remain fragmented then we cannot move forward with conviction and confidence, and we will be unable to express love and affection as we would like to. If we have lost or given away a part of our self then we simply do not have it to give and we will experience tension in our life and in our relationships. If you are disenchanted with life or find yourself withdrawing from others, it may be because your energy is taken up by the effort of healing this spiritual disconnect.

This new moon gives a clear message to all that will listen ‘Release yourself from bondage through understanding’. Heal by seeking to bring clarity to your loss. You will then benefit from a restoration of your connection with life and with others.

Things to be cautious of

Have faith in yourself and you can have faith in your future. Use the rationale in this new moon to recognise when your emotions are getting the better of you. Be aware of emotions that are disproportionate and wasteful. Mars in Pisces often finds the outward expression of heated emotions difficult. You see Pisces is a gentle and empathetic sign and it will go to great lengths to not inflict anger on others. Therefore you must be cautious of turning any strong emotions inwards on yourself, it is important to find a healthy means of expression.

Work through your loss, whatever form that takes for you, but once you’ve done the work and learnt all that you can, cut it lose and move forward. Be patient but do not dwell.

See when the next full moon will be

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Full Flower Moon in Scorpio May 2020

Flower Moon, a beautiful and highly appropriate name for the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This Full Moon focuses on removing obstacles to spiritual growth so that we can move forward and flower into our potential.

A new growth cycle started with the new moon on the 23rd April. Every new moon delivers a small seed of potential and this potential sits quietly at first, unconscious. Think of it as a little seed beneath the soil or a small flicker of light in the darkness. The first half of the lunation-cycle prepares us for the conscious manifestation of this potential which we will experience at the full moon a fortnight later.

Quick Recap – Taurus New Moon in April

A seed of desire to bring about controlled change was planted at the New Moon. We have been encouraged to acknowledge sources of tension in ourselves and in our lives. Planted in our subconscious was an impulse toward freedom, an urge to be free of constraint and attachment that limits our development.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Taurus New Moon, please refer to my article “Cautious Reform.”

What to expect from the Scorpio Full Flower Moon in May

Through the waxing period we have now fully embodied the New Moon, the themes are fully available to our conscious mind.

I know it’s hard but dig deep and let go, this full moon tells us. Many of you will feel a deep conviction and determination at this time, an inner courage to face sources of internal tension and release unnecessary attachments. Where in your life are you stagnating for fear of what change may bring? Are you walking around with a sack full of emotional baggage, living so much in the past that you barely dip a toe into the potential of your future?

This Full Moon brings the revelation that life could be so much more! It also urges you to look inwards because true change starts with an honest appraisal of the self and a willingness to overcome personal limitations. Only after you have done this will you bring about the desired changes in the external world.

The flower must grow into it’s potential before it can make the world a brighter place.

What do the other aspects bring to this Full Moon?

We have some beautiful supporting influences this Full Moon. A conjunction between the Sun and Mercury and a sextile to Neptune assist with the conscious processing of psychological information. It paves the way for open and non-judgemental conversations. You may find that at this time your defences come down and you’re able ‘open up’. A wonderful sensation of spiritual cleansing is available to you, to release a weight that has been holding you back.

What happens if we choose not to engage in this cycle?

If you are unwilling to engage in this process of growth then the Uranus conjunction present at the New Moon could bring some shocking changes to propel you forward. It is time to let go, clean the slate and build it again, stronger! Taurus is concerned with physical security and Scorpio with emotional resilience, but neither are interested in superficiality. If you, or aspects of your life aren’t strong enough to withstand the tides, then it’s time to make some improvements

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Taurus New Moon, April 2020: Cautious Reform

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the new moon in Taurus, April 23rd 2020.

Position: 3.23 degrees of Taurus

Aspects: Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (orb 3 degrees) Square Saturn in Aquarius (orb 1.82 degrees)


First Impressions

Key Themes

What does it mean to have a new moon in Taurus?

What happens when the elements of earth and air take to the main stage?

The Saturn-Uranus square, is it all that bad?

What does it mean that Saturn ‘squares’ the new moon?

Top Tips


First Impressions

This configuration feels like walking up hill with sandbags around your ankles. You know it’s going to be worth it, but my goodness it’s frustrating!

Coffee stop anyone?

This new moon first and foremost throws light onto our values and resources. Much is impermanent in this world but true values should be like roots, unwavering and holding us firm in the storm. Taurus warns against being wasteful of our resources and encourages us to protect our assets. I remind you that our utmost resource is ourselves, our health, innate talents and freedom. We must all cast superficilaity aside and tend our foundations this month.

You will note Uranus conjunct the new moon and squaring Saturn, yes? Both planets are feeling incredibly challenged by the sign that they’re in, and the square aspect between two doesn’t help. Know the saying “Banging your head against a brick wall”? Well, both planets will be doing this in their own way throughout this year and into the next. What’s actually happening here is that the conflicting energies are being forced to learn from one another. They may both want to throw their dummies out of the pram at times, I think we all will!

Take heart, if we persevere through this time we will all end up with tools in our toolkit that will serve us through the most challenging times in our lives. This new moon offers us a hard-won opportunity that will be so incredibly valuable for those who perservere.

Bring on the sandbags!!

Key Themes


This new moon indicates a steady reformation, a gradual turn for the better. We may well see a change of perspective and direction by those in authority under this influence. To cling to the old ways at this time would not serve us, this is a call to upgrade systems and processes so that they can better meet the physical and material needs of the people. We will all have to remain open to prospect of doing things differently under this new moon if we want to see !steady!) progress. We have a wonderful opportunity this month to assess our personal values and resources in order to discern which are likely to stand the test of time and really aid us.


The rights of individuals to exercise free choice may well come into conflict with the constraints imposed upon them. Restriction may become difficult to endure at this point, a rising of Uranian energy may well have people champing at the bit! Alternatively, if the Saturn energy dominates we may experience personal and societal resistance to change itself.


This is such a great time to sit and consider your future, the change that you want to bring about in your life. Don’t expect to put anything into practice just yet, the brakes are somewhat on, but plan how you will manifest your ideals over the coming years. Start planting seeds, and yes, think long term!

Let’s go into a little more depth…

Let’s break this new moon down and tackle some of the key questions:

What does it mean to have a new moon in Taurus?

Don’t be hasty with this new moon, Taurus doesn’t rush and neither does it take change and new beginnings lightly. The reason for this being Taurus is concerned with quality. This new moon is encouraging us to look carefully at our values and our resources, to assess which are likely to stand the test of time and really aid us. What is the point in building a vehicle that won’t get you to your end destination?

Not concerned with quick fixes or botch jobs, this new moon is pushing us to put in place solid foundations for the future because at it’s core it’s concerned with survival needs. Life is full of unpredictablility and the control we have over such things is negligible, so what can we amend, build or adopt to ensure that we can withstand the currents? We’re encouraged to focus on change that will bring us lasting stability and true, lifelong wellbeing. What can we do as individuals and as a species to be more self-sufficient?

If used unwisely a new moon in Taurus will see us clinging to the known, even though it no longer serves us. It can be territorial and possessive for it sees that which it owns as being intrinsic to its survival, so try to remain open and giving. The challenge of this new moon will come in the form of compromise, being conjunct Uranus we are encouraged to remain open to new ideas, even if they don’t fit the mold!

What happens when the elements of earth and air take to the main stage?

This is a very efficient combination, it allows us to stand back and look at what’s working in our lives or in the wider world. We’re encourages to set about improving that which isn’t currently serving us. Bestowing a mature yet innovative outlook, this combination increases people’s capacity to make things happen!

It doesn’t come without its tensions though. If the balance tips in favour of air then unpredictable changes in direction and “too much too soon” can cause nervous tension in those who prefer gradual progress. It can also indicate that ideas are unable to materialise, they stay in the ether (in the air!) If it tips in the favour of earth, then a short-sightedness and a stifling of progress may be seen. Those keen to see advances in their lives may perceive excessive caution as a threat to their freedoms. So, these are themes that we will have to contend with over the coming month.

The Saturn-Uranus square, is it all that bad?

You’ve already had a taste of these energies coming together. When Saturn entered Aquarius on 23rd March, and mars triggered the square over the first week or so of April. So, we’ve already started to see these archetypal themes merge. As a quick recap Uranus is future orientated, idealistic and unpredictable by nature, this radical energy often does not combine well with the traditional values of Saturn that seeks to preserve the tried and tend systems and practices of the past.

A compromise is due!

It has been such a challenging time as I’m sure most of you will agree, with unprecedented social restrictions being put in place to help tackle COVID-19. Everywhere we look we’ve seen structures and systems put to the test and come under tremendous strain and people across the world have all been given the responsibility of playing their part in order to prevent the collapse of public services. Here we have the textbook Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

Though now make way! Under this new moon we see a new player being thrown into the limelight of the current world scene, Uranus. Giving added emphasis to the Aquarian influence, it challenges Saturn to upgrade systems and processes so that they can more effectively meet the physical and material needs of the people. Not one for limitation or conforming this energy is eager to see impediments managed so that we can move forward. The Saturn and Taurus energies however are warning against haste, they’re saying “Hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s wait for the best solution.” Controlled change is key with the meeting of these energies and a practical idealism can be a powerful thing indeed. Did you know that it’s under this influence that new inventions and societal reform often take root? Uranus can bring sudden breakthroughs in areas where there has been opposition or stagnation.

On the flip side should these energies decide to lock horns rather than work together we may see challenges to authority as people begin to find restrictions to their freedoms too much to bear. Alternatively, we may see resistance from people to change itself, maybe even a combination of the two. Be prepared, we can expect to see our previous ‘ways of doing things’ being proven to be unsustainable and if attempts aren’t made to adapt then the old ways may be lost all together.

Let’s talk squares, what does it mean that Saturn ‘squares’ the new moon?

Whilst the union of these two planets can bring about tremendous and lasting change my concern is that they are in a 90’ aspect to one another, the square. The very nature of this aspect is that of high energy, tension and conflict. I want you to picture a band being stretched and stretched until it snaps, or there being such an excess of energy that it can’t help but bubble over at some point. This rising tension is why the square has a way of bringing about very real events, it’s a catalyst. It resonates with the numerical value of 4, materiality and manifestation. By this I’m suggesting that the effects of this square should be very plain to see. That which is currently existing in potential will be realised through the period that this square is in aspect.

Top tips to make the most of this new moon

1. Plant Seeds for the Future

This is such a great time to sit and consider your future and the changes that you want to bring about in your life. Don’t expect to put anything into practice just yet but rather plan how you will manifest your ideals over the coming years. Start planting seeds, and yes, think long term.

2. Reach Out to Others

Find your humanitarian streak. Look past your immediate friends and family and to society. What ills do you see and is there anything you could you do to help?

3. Centre Yourself

This time might be quite fraught for many of us and this new moon being in the introverted sign on Taurus, encourages us to take time out to relax occasionally. The energy of Taurus emphasises nature, a short walk or time in the garden, or dip your toes into the arts, be it home décor or just listening to music. Also don’t forget Taurus commonly loves cooking, look up some recipes and get creative.

4. Be Patient

Don’t resist change, remain flexible but do not be rash. Please take time to carefully consider your options so that you can make well informed decisions.

If you can think of anyone that will benefit from this article, or my top tip below, please share.

Best wishes for this new lunar cycle!