Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, June 2020

Welcome to this astrological breakdown for the full ‘strawberry’ moon in Sagittarius, June 5th 2020.

Position: 15.33 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini

Aspects: Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini (orb 3 degrees) Sun/Moon square Neptune (orb 5 degrees) and Mars (orb 0 degrees) in Pisces

Before we get started, if you’re not currently working with the lunar cycles then why not familiarise yourself with the basics and make the most of their potential for growth each month:

An introduction to the lunar cycle

A guide to the full moon

The next stage in the May-June lunar cycle

Balancing the drawbacks of a Gemini new moon

The Gemini new moon brought with it a sharp upsurge in momentum and a desire to learn and stay abreast of developments. This full moon is an opportunity to bring balance and context to this motivation.

It’s necessary to introduce a balancing factor through the full moon as the Gemini pace is not easily maintained. It would lead to excessive nervous tension and eventual mental fatigue. The single-minded drive to learn and manage external dynamics may also result in one feeling untethered from their sense of self. Sufficient opportunity is necessary in order to integrate the information we’ve garnered. Without this we would not identify with any of it personally, and our sense of an authentic self would suffer.

For an in-depth look into the themes of the Gemini New Moon, please refer to my article Upsurge of Momentum

Sagittarius full ‘strawberry’ moon

A quote reading "let your intuition guide you. You are what you've been looking for."

This full moon is coloured by a desire for personal freedom, self expression and pleasure. We will feel the limitations of our daily lives acutely, even to the point of begrudging our routine and responsibilities. However, what we’re really searching for is meaning. We’re seeking to bring congruence to our sense of self and our place in the world. This ensures that we may live authentically and fully.

In order to do this there is a need to ‘know ourselves’. We must become centred and grounded through our philosophies, values and ethics. This permits us to enter into the societal maelstrom, represented by Gemini archetype, without being adversely affected by the fluctuating rhythms . We can become the eye of the storm so to speak, able to engage in learning without threat of losing oneself.

The ability to immerse oneself fully in life whilst maintaining inner integrity is evident in people who are fully centred in themselves. This ensures we transcend the need to constantly adapt in order to maintain a place within society. Rather we are able to make meaningful contribution. You could say that through this full moon we continue to evolve; we move from being the student who is eager to please, to the wise teacher.

The challenge of unification – mutable T-square

Full moon square Neptune and Mars in Pisces

People embracing illustrating human connection

A great deal of emphasis is placed on Mars this month. As the pinnacle of a mutable t-square we can understand this full moon as a struggle with adaptation. This configuration highlights the difficulties we feel on an individual level to harmonise with collective principles or incentives. This discord is made more prominent through the Mars-Venus square.

The realisation that we are governed by higher forces leaves the individual beset with the notion of their own personal limitations. An example of ‘higher forces may be the power of nature, the cosmic dynamics of astrology or the agenda of governments. This configuration therefore has the potential to render a feeling of powerlessness. Being separate is considered by Mars as synonymous with being free and this is now conceded as an illusion. We acknowledge that we must adapt to be strong in truth. This can bring disillusionment but also valuable insight. We are unable to achieve what we would like to alone. In fact our personal well-being is intrinsically linked to the well-being of others and our lives to the mechanism of society and nature.

Top Tip for this full Moon in Sagittarius

Get creative!

A quote reading creativity doesn't need limits

A mutable full moon that combines the elements of fire and air naturally brings with it the stimulation of creative impulses. Inspiration is high and ideas come rapidly. This is a wonderful time for artistic breakthroughs. Maintain an innovative approach and your efforts will generate reward. It may be difficult to ground your ideas at this time, so instead make the most of this energy to generating a bank of ideas.

The Sagittarius full moon and the natal chart

The energy of the full moon is universal, and the overarching message above stands true for all. Where it falls in your natal chart will determine what areas of your life are highlighted specifically.

You can determine this by looking at the two houses in which the opposing sun and moon fall. The house that the moon falls in will show where we need to establish greater freedom and meaning. This house inhabited by the sun shows where we are set to benefit from aligning our inner needs with our outward intent.

In this instance I would also encourage you to look to the house that transiting Mars and Neptune are in too. This will indicate where in your life you may be struggling to release control and where you may now need to build strength through a process of adaptation.

Any natal planets or angles that are involved in the configuration are also important. Incorporate these into this narrative of growth.

Goals and intentions for the next fortnight

  • Think on how separateness is an illusion. How our actions have a ripple effect and how we must learn to live authentically in preformed cultures whose structures and rules we are governed by
  • Learn more about you! Make a list of your key beliefs, whether they be based in organised religion or you find yourself truly believing in life after death. How can take them one step further? Is there a book that explores this concept or a person who is open to discussing it with you?
  • Have fun and innovate. Generate ideas for projects or enjoy something just for the sake of it. Play!

These articles are my gift to you. The lunar cycles enable us to make the most of our potential for growth each month. Use them to gain perspective and manage your life effectively.

The new moon in Cancer on June 21st is arguably the most POWERFUL new moon of the year and one of the most SIGNIFICANT SOLAR ECLIPSES we’ve seen in a very long time!  I can’t wait to bring you all more information on this one. Pop your details below and I’ll let you know when it’s done:

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Live Your Best Life Using Astrology

Fully embrace life by heeding the deep psychological factors that drive you.

What really gets each zodiac sign up in the morning? In this article we’ll take a look at what motivates each sign to make the most of life!

But first, when I’m talking about characteristics sign by sign, I’ll often get asked something like:

“I’m a Gemini , so I read Gemini, right?”

Most people know what their sun sign is, whether it be Gemini, Leo, Pisces or whichever of the twelve signs, and this is a brilliant start! It’s important to know though that sun-sign astrology has long been popularised for mass-audiences but it really is only the tip of the iceberg (your sun sign is important don’t get me wrong!) but it is a long way from bringing you the whole picture. If this is news to you and you want to know more then bear with me, I’m in the process of designing some really user-friendly resources to help everybody to get to grips with astrology basics.

“But I already know a bit about my chart….”

This is always wonderful to hear! In this case, for making the most of this month’s mosaic, I encourage you to look at the following placements


Your moon sign and the sign ruling the house that it’s in

This will show what you need in life to feel safe and secure. Think of it as the soil conditions that the plant needs in order to grow.


Your sun sign and the sign ruling the house that it’s in

This will show how you strive to express yourself in a unique and truthful way. Your search for meaning in life is greatly influenced by the placement of your sun.


Your Ascendant sign

This shows how you set yourself apart from the crowd, the individual persona you present to the world. We all had to learn how to navigate through life in order to survive.

Now let’s take a slightly more in depth look into the motivational factors that drive certain signs to shape the lives they do;


Aries is driven by the need to individuate, meaning that they feel a vital urge to separate from others and follow their own path. Here we have the most independent sign in the zodiac, they are comfortable taking the initiative and are not easily deterred when in pursuit of something that they want in life. Their need to individuate leads them to perceive anything that holds them back as a threat and they react to this is an instinctual manner, adopting a defensive position or fighting spirit, they cannot conceive of succumbing to a challenge, as if to lose goes against the essence of who they are. This births a pioneering spirit and an innate need for ultimate freedem, including the need to express themselves through taking action and on a deeper spiritual level. Unwilling to entertain any form of repression Aries’ are always poised for action, ready to fight for that which they prize most, freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of being.


Taurus is driven by the need to build a secure life for themselves and those they love. They see the strong currents of life, the highs and the lows that people traverse, as a waste of precious energy and an unnecessary diversion, being ruled by Venus they seek a more harmonious middle ground. They value a solid foundation in life and particularly want to channel their energy into projects that will last, so here we have a sign that is concerned with quality in the broadest sense of the word. Taurus’ desire self-sufficiency, to depend on others may be as an uncertain investment you see, and so they work hard to make constructive use of their resources, energy, time and their innate talents included.


Gemini is driven by the need to learn about life, to understand what’s beyond their doorstep. From a young age they sense that they’re part of wider matrix and they are driven by the curiosity to learn more about it. Why, because on a deeper level they need to know what monsters might lurk ‘out there.’ Thus, they are driven by a to educate themselves, to make sense of things. Geminis soon realise that the best way to learn is to ask questions, here we have natural communicators and those who are innately curious, dedictaing much of their time to the hunt for more information information. Is it any wonder that we find many journalists with Gemini placed strongly in their charts


Cancer is driven by the need to personalise life and so seeks emotional attachments, whether this be through people, places, objects… They feel the strong rhythms and unpredictability of life in outside world on a very personal level, so part of the drive here is to retreat in order avoid emotional stresses and to replenish their energy. As Cancer filter life through an emotional lens they know what it means to be hurt and so seek to make for themselves environment which is seen as safe. They will do this through investing their energy into support networks, their family, their friends and their loved ones. This gives them a sense of belonging, an emotional nest, and satisfies their primary need in life, to put down emotional roots.


Leo is driven by the need to create, if life isn’t up to scratch then in their eyes it’s high time they created the life they want. As we know there’s many forms of creativity but what motivates Leos is the prospect of actively participating in life, like the sun that rules this sign Leos are often found in the centre of things, warm and generous (and having a flair for drama!) they draw people to them. Leo is closely aligned with the process of self-actualisation and they pursue their goals with passion. This drive combined with their innovative streak gives them a strong aptitude for leadership


Virgo is driven by a need to increase performance, they have an appreciation for all of the parts that comprise of the whole and admire their relation to one another. This could be the appreciation of skilled workers all using their individual expertise to function as a team to bring a larger project to fruition; or the small mechanisms unde a car bonnet, without which the car wouldn’t move. In the same vein they recognise limitation and are driven to make improvements through increasing the functionality of constituent parts. Hence their reputation for being a perfectionist! They are analytical with an incredible aptitude for detail, this sign belongs to the architect whose work provides a wonderful analogy for this sign. The architect who designs the building, takes minute details into consideration in their creative endeavours because they understand that power is in the detail, to overlook the minute is to see the great creation come tumbling down.


Libra rules the 7th house of the astrological wheel, after going through the development of the self through house 1 to 6, Libra realises that we cannot be whole if we live a life of isolation. Libra is therefore driven to seek out differences in order to increase their sense of self through the insights and challenges associated with union, partnership and opposites. What people often don’t realise about Libra is that they are driven to experience things that are notably different from what they are, have or know. This makes them very open to ideas and come across to be very friendly as they’re naturally interested in other, rather than judgemental. Ultimately Librans are motivated to seek out polarities and make improvements through compromise and negotiation, unifying the opposing sides of the situation. The difficulty for Libra’s is that they appreciate both perspectives and if they can’t bring them into harmony then they can feel completely at odds, not being sure what route or whose side to take.


Scorpio is driven to overcome limitation, they recognise that strength is at our core and know that we must look inwards in order to overcome personal weaknesses and grow. They have little care for superficiality and are driven to get to the heart of all matters in order to discern if the individual, relationship or situation has the strength to withstand the tides of life. They come to their conclusions through thorough analysis and if it’s not considered strong then Scorpios will dismantle it, pull it back to basics and build it again, tougher and more powerful. This includes themselves, a Scorpio can reinvent themselves like no other sign! This is where the association with the phoenix originates. Scorpios are not intimidated by destruction because they see it as an opportunity to rebuild and create something stronger.


Sagittarius is driven to find greater perspective and meaning in life, they seek to expand their horizons in order to see what life truly has to offer. Ruled by Jupiter this sign by it’s very nature is expansive, this breeds great optimism and there’s a general sentiment that the world is vast and has much to offer. Naturally explorative “who wouldn’t want to discover the wonders that this vast world has to offer!” they are often found seeking. They seek experiences and truth, a Sagittarius may be exploring the edges of the earth or they may be exploring the higher capacity of the mind. One thing is for sure certain though, they’re never doing nothing, there’s always more!


Capricorns are driven by standards of living and of being in life. They see their value and seek to put things in place to sustain and protect them. Capricorns are respectful of laws seeing them as preserving the conduct that they value and as a means of protecting a way of life that they want to endure. More than any other sign they envision something of value and are willing to work for it. They are masters of delayed gratification and will work long and hard for what they see as meaningful. Practical by nature they give form to ideas, they take concepts and make them work in reality. Their desire to give form is largely based in their instinctual desire to create something solid, predictable and knowable. They seek to construct a life devoid of threat but they must always be careful not to put so much focus on the tried and tested that they limit potential, most importantly their own.


Aquarius is driven by potential, it is motivated by development and seeks to brings the best out of situations and people. You could say that their motivation is to master life. This is why Aquarius has a reputation for being idealistic. They detest stagnation and need to feel as if things are moving forward in the right direction. Sometimes however Aquarians may need to be reminded that movement, or change for change sake, is actually counterintuitive to their desired ends. They set their eyes to the stars (literally this sign rules over astrology) they dream of a better life for everyone, these are the humanitarians within our society working to elevate standards of living for all. Their incredible ability to envision something that others cannot lends them a unique streak. They’re often seen as being alternative and ahead of the curve, but in being so often sets them apart from the crowd. Comfortable being so Aquarians are often seen as free and independent spirits.


Piscies is a highly conceptual sign, they are able to conceive of ideas that many struggle to grasp, here we have our natural creatives and free thinkers. At the root of this is the fact that Piscies don’t limit themselves, they inuitively sense the vastness of existence, the forces of nature and the ebbs and flow of life over which we have little control. They are driven just to be, they see the futility in seeking to control life. They understand that true inpiration comes from being open and free, if we fear that which is out of our control we restrict ourselves and the potential that life has to offer. They do not seek to shut themselves off, rather they are inclined to forego boundaries and instead have an immersive experience of reality. This means that they feel the pain of others acutely and so their empathic natures often motivate them into the caring professions. Their innate capacity to experience the emotional plight of others, gives them a sense of connectivity. They personally experience how one person is not really separate from another, and throughout life come to appreciate the tendrils that branch out from all of us connecting us to everybody and everything.

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