Psychology of Taurus in Astrology

A Taurus infographic including a quote, the ruler, the element and the modality.

I don’t think any sign has roots that go deeper than a Taurus’, I sometimes wonder whether they could stand in a field and survive a hurricane! But why does this sign go to such great lengths to build strong and everlasting stability?

With every sign there are a few core values that really drive behaviour and colour the personality. The problem is that we can’t always articulate these values for ourselves because they are so much a part of who we are that we fail to even recognise them as a ‘thing’. We experience them on an instinctual or gut level.

Let’s think of these values as the invisible drivers holding the reigns and directing our behaviour. Each driver has a different place that they want to get to and their own personal reason for wanting to get there. For Taurus 3 of the key values driving them are:

Basic needs and dominant drives

  • To give form to life – to ‘make something’ of their life, dreams and abilities.
  • To build solid foundations that will stand the test of time.
  • To put structures in place that will protect them from the unknown, change or failure.

Deep down Taurus recognises the vulnerability of mankind in the face of forces of nature. You could say that they spend much of their life investing in and building ‘storm walls’ to protect against the prospect of devastation.

Situations that bring out the best in Taurus

The prospect of making a secure base for themselves

You know the story of the three little pigs? You guessed it, Taurus is the third little piggie who builds his house out of bricks. They tend to judge worth on what they see as being solid, stable and ultimately able to withstand the turbulent and changing nature of the world, represented metaphorically in that story by the wolf. They understand that nothing of value can be built on brittle ground as it will not survive, so they invest a lot of time into building strong foundations in the name of security.

For instance they’re more likely to follow a career path that leads to guaranteed prospects and a secure income. Likewise, they will work hard to save for a mortgage so that they can ensure that they have a secure base for life. Taurus’ are practical, they work hard and pride themselves on being self-sufficient. They are able to endure pressure over long periods of time, giving them incredible willpower and ability to succeed.

Time out to cultivate personal skills and get to know oneself

Taurus’ are naturally introverted and place just as much care and attention in building strong internal structures as outer. By this I mean their value systems and their self-esteem.

Taurus’ will consider their values and beliefs very carefully and once they have come to a conclusion these principles become very deep rooted. They pride themselves in knowing their own mind and not being easily influenced by others. This is why they appear as self-contained, self-assured and exude a quiet confidence. This is a very centred sign and their self-esteem is not as prone to fluctuations as in other signs. They do not care overmuch for what people think of them.

They’re not interested in passing trends, they value only what stands the test of time. They do not feel the need to ‘keep up’ and this lends itself to a calm disposition, life can speed along as fast as it likes, Taurus’ move at their own pace.

They often retreat and take time out to cultivate inner talents, which they see as valuable resources that they can use or fall back on. Whether is be art, gardening or a setting up a yoga studio, they hold themselves to very high standards. Not satisfied with being ‘ok’ at what they do they will practice, practice, practice and work incredibly hard. Taurus commit to their goals with single-minded devotion. In doing so they’re capable of achieving much in life.

Opportunities to experience life through the senses

Venus ruled Taurus is a sensual sign and loves beauty: beautiful food, beautiful decor, beautiful things, you name it! For this reason Taurus get a bit of a bad rap for being superficial and materialistic. Let’s clear a few things up.

It’s true that their instinctual drive to give form makes for a heightened appreciation of the physical and material dimensions of existence. However, this doesn’t automatically get them running for the first Dolce and Gabbana handbag that they see. What this means is that Taurus’ aren’t so interested in concepts but rather value what one can see, touch and experience through the body and senses.

As an earth sign ruled by Venus, Taurus’ simply love the physical manifestation of harmony. Be that through a well composed musical score, the symmetry in a beautiful piece of architecture or a nourished garden. The point is what they appreciate in all of these things is their quality, strength and ability to endure. High quality music sounds beautiful to the ear and it will be remembered; a carefully constructed building will last through the ages; and plants if well tended will grow strong. This eye for quality can range from branded clothing to top-end cars, but it also extends to a love of the beauty and strength in nature.

Situations that are personally challenging for Taurus

Situations that incite a strong reaction in Taurus individuals and ones whereby they’re made to feel:

  • Uncertain, unable to discern what the future holds
  • Reliant – a loss of resources that increases the prospect of having to be dependent on another
  • Without a solid foundation and lacking material security.
  • Unable to resist change, facing the necessity to let go and move on.
  • A significant risk is posed to one’s assets or values

Taurus’ response to the sources of anxiety noted above is to first establish an inner conviction that one is right and still in control. When anxious Taurus’ can therefore become stubborn and uncompromising. This is an effort to manage their surroundings, and so safeguard themselves from anything unpredictable or untoward surprising them. Anxiety is also induced through a feeling of being materially vulnerable and so a procurement of material goods serves to reaffirm that they can acquire what they need to be safe. Taurus’ often need support to come to terms with change and the transient nature of existence.

There is an innate need to try to safeguard themselves against the unknown, which they consider to be a powerful and destructive force. However, this impulse can make Taurus’ overly protective of others, territorial and possessive over what they see as theirs.

On the flip side they can become very fixated in their thinking and stubborn in their behaviour. There is value to this up until it restricts their growth, and occasionally they need to make an effort to be more flexible.