Unleash Lilith in the Birth Chart

In astrology Lilith is the dark side of the moon and she speaks to the disempowered feminine archetype in all of us. She’s our hidden desires and our primal need for equality and sexual authenticity but she also indicates where in our life we might experience shame or a feeling of being misunderstood.

Her energy is constantly at war with cultural projections of ‘what it is to be female’ and so Lilith in our birth chart indicates where we have work to do, what aspects of ourselves have we dishonoured or repressed in order to conform. For this reason, Lilith stands for the generational qualities that are considered ‘taboo’ ‘uncivilised’ or even ‘wild’.

In this reading I will look at the position of Lilith in your birth chart to see where this principle is fighting to come forward and how you can support it’s expression. This energy in our chart encourages us to look to areas of life where we may have given away our power, and where we’ve drained our resources through giving too much to others.

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Unleash Lilith in your Birth Chart

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Many women struggle to acknowledge Lilith within themselves. To invite such primal urges and to accept them as part of ourselves can be psychologically challenging. It requires honest reflection and often the undoing of outmoded concepts of being. Our femininity is fragmented. In our charts Lilith exists to lead us towards integration and wholeness.