What’s Your Authentic Parenting Style?

When it comes to parenthood there’s isn’t a one size fits all approach. Many of us hold a concept of what a good mother or father should be and if that runs counter to our basic nature then parenthood can feel like a constant up-stream struggle. Let’s not turn this wonderful and gratifying opportunity into a test of ‘how much of my true nature can I suppress’ – If baby needs Mum and Dad, then by taking care of yourself you also serve your little one.

You may have a predominance of Aries in your chart and be a bit of a ‘Warrior Parent’. If so, then singing lullabies all day is going to drive you mad, get your baby in the papous and get outside – you have all the natural qualities to raise brave and independent go-getters! Perhaps you have a lot of Pisces in your chart, you’re the ‘Inspired Parent’, naturally nurturing and an absolute champion as creative play. Don’t try and conform, you can turn an old sheet and drying rack into a magical kingdom! You have all the natural qualities to ignite your little ones imagination and raise innovative and creative thinkers!

By playing to our strengths we can be authentic and powerful role models to our children. In this reading I help you to discover the key placements in your chart that show your natural nurturing style and how you give love (in astrology there in no difference between how we need to nurture ourselves and how we are primed for nurturing our offspring – as I said they go hand in hand).

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☆ Option 1: Overview – £9.99

This overview I will focus on the key planets denoting your nurturing style and your highly personalised approach to forming bonds with others.

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☆ Option 2: Detailed – £19.99

In addition to the above I will also consider planetary placements by house position, and in aspect to other planets. I will also comment on how your style of nurturing may have been shaped by your early experiences of being cared for. This gives a greater level of perspective in terms of how parenthood serves our spiritual evolution and how we have the capacity to promote or break cycles.

You can expect 4 paragraphs.

☆ Option 2: In-depth – £29.99

In addition to all of the above I will take a much more holistic view of your entire birth chart into consideration in this in-depth reading. This helps me to build up an impression of you outside your role as a caregiver and to offer information and advice that may help you to continue to meet all of your diverse needs.

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What’s Your Authentic Parenting Style?

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The Moon and Venus are the two major feminine principles in our birth charts, they are receptive, nurturing and place emphasis on human connection. When these planets are in Aries in a females chart, the nature of the warrior spills out into their mothering style. Rhianna will be fiercely protective over her offspring, she will raise her child to be strong and to think for themselves...