Where’s Life Taking You in the Next Year?

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☆ Option 1: Overview – £9.99

Discover the key energies coming towards you, the area of your life in which they’re likely to manifest and receive guidance around how to make the most of this period. I will do this by looking at current planetary transits and how they aspect your birth chart.

You can expect 2 paragraphs.

☆ Option 2: Detailed – £19.99

In this reading I will cover the above in twice as much depth. I will also provide a detailed timeline so that you know when the energies are likely to manifest so that you can make the most of peak periods.

You can expect 4 paragraphs

☆ Option 3: In-Depth – £35.99

This reading is for people who are particularly interested in personal growth. In addition to all of the above, I will also analyse your progressed chart, which is an invaluable tool in predictive astrology that helps us to understand the deepest innermost changes taking place within us and which will serve to propel us forward towards certain situations.

You can expect 8 paragraphs

☆ Option 4: Specific area – £19.99

Interested in developments within a particular area of your life? No problem, I will do a deep dive into the incoming influences so that you know what to expect and when. I will also offer guidance around how best to manage the energies in terms of personal growth.
Suggested areas include: identity and personal development, relationships, mental health, career and vocation etc (just let me know what’s on your mind and I will work with you to shape this report)

You can expect 4 paragraphs


Shall we see what the planets have to say?

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Where’s Life Taking You in the Next Year?

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